30 June 2023

Americanization of French ethnic relations continues apace

 A quick note to say that we'll be posting our next piece before the end of July. In the meantime...

...Tuesday morning: As is the case dozens of times a day every day in France, a car full of young Arab delinquents is stopped by the cops for driving erratically. When asked for his license (he's too young for one) and insurance  (he doesn't have it) for the 75,000€ car he's driving (his single mom is on welfare), this 17-year-old decides, as he's done many times before, to flee. 

Before he can lead a wild goose chase and run over a hapless pedestrian (which happens every day in France) or try to flee the cops (which happens three times an HOUR in France, yes you read that right) by running them over, the cop shoots at the car, accidentally hits the teen, and he dies at the scene.

Usually when a foreign delinquent in a car tries to flee a cop in France (which, as noted, happens once every 20 minutes, that is 25,000 times a year), it's the cop who gets dragged / run over / paralyzed / killed.  From just the last few months,  à titre d'exemple :

Saint-Denis: Motorbike driver fleeing traffic stop runs over, seriously injures policeman

Vienne: Driver crashes through police checkpoint, sends police commander to hospital

Cannes: Two policemen sent to E.R. after being hit by motorcyclist fleeing traffic stop

Villejuif: Urban rodeo broken up by cops, one of whom is plowed into by fleeing biker

Castres: To avoid traffic stop, he hits cop with motorbike, sending him to E.R.

Lyon: To escape traffic stop at tollbooth, man crashes into cop car, two policemen injured

Melun: Motorbike drives on sidewalk, cop attempts to stop him, gets run over

Cannes: Driver of Nissan tries to run over police three times, the latter open fire

Narbonne: Two teens plow into six policeman while fleeing a traffic stop in stolen car

Béziers: Car thief attempts to plow into police, who are forced to open fire

Metz: Malian in BMW hits a policewoman while fleeing, then crashes into parked car

Nemours: Policeman severely injured after being dragged several meters by fleeing motorbike

Villecresnes: Policeman run over by fleeing motorcyclist during urban rodeo

Nantes: Tunisian illegal alien steals motorbike, attempts to run over policeman

Thonon-les-Bains: Fleeing a police stop, he embarks on a police chase and plows into cops

Toulouse: Driver flees police stop, tries to run over cops, who end up opening fire

So France's millions-strong youth delinquent class was incensed to see that once, just once, things didn't go their way. 

In response, they are currently burning the entire country of France to the ground.

Friday night, French authorities reported 1350 cars set on fire, 266 buildings burned or vandalized (of which 26 were city halls and 24 schools), and 2560 fires set in the streets.

Leftists are wringing their hands about the evil police, Nahel's welfare mom (no dad in sight) is sobbing that he was a good boy who didn't do nuffin',...

...and soccer superstar Kylian Mpabbé (the French equivalent of Lebron James) has decried the loss of this young 'angel.'

(The 17-year-old angel, of course, already had 15 criminal charges including drug dealing, receiving stolen goods, resisting arrest, driving with stolen plates, driving without license or insurance...)

Nahel in happier times

Sound familiar?

Like in the U.S., the French imported an ethnically alien class to do the jobs they didn't want to do. Like in the U.S., they've proved unable or unwilling to send them back where they came from once their usefulness is outlived. And like in the U.S., this underclass has become actively hostile to the host population and today commits the lion's share of the country's violent crime. Including a pathological aversion to being pulled over by the cops.

Unlike in the U.S., however, France's Arab and African imports live high on the hog thanks to one of the most staggeringly generous welfare states in the world. Their housing is free, their health care is free, their bills are subsidized, they're showered daily with largesse from the French taxpayers whose cars they're currently lighting on fire.

So the notion that an 'underprivileged' immigrant class is pillaging Apple stores because they're starving to death is, to put it lightly, du grand n'importe quoi.

So France has its new George Floyd, and the Americanization of racial mores in France continues apace. More on this in the days to come. 

Stay tuned for our latest piece coming soon.


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the George Floyd situation we in the states had 3 years ago. France has indeed become troubled with the pursuit of racial diversity as ethnic aliens detect threat to their livelihood because they have no true identity with France, along with native French people aiding them in this fight against the boogeyman they call racism.

M.G. said...

Anon 9:30--

Exactly, the parallels are endless. (I've updated the post with some data supporting what you've said.)

But in the U.S., the black population has stagnated at around 12% for generations and is not going to get any higher. In France, however, the demographics are much more alarming. The borders are still wide open, and Arabs and Africans have many kids while native French do not. A tipping point is coming, and it is going to end in tears. Whose tears remains to be seen.

Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the black population has been pretty stagnant and is remaining stagnant due to the increase of hispanic and Asian immigrants who are much better than the immigrants Europe has gotten. The native French do not seem to have a collective identity and desire to reproduce anymore, so the future is brown there. A group of people who are highly ethnocentric and reproducing fast will shift demographics and this new ethnic stock will not be able to sustain an advanced civilization. A Dark age seems inevitable for Western civilization.

Andy said...

This contagion will spread to us in the UK soon. It's inevitable, those same people rioting in France are pouring across the channel to be dispersed all around the country in hotels and camps. One spark, struck by accident or intent, and up it goes! Then we will look back to Enoch Powell's famous speech and wonder why we took no notice.

Anonymous said...

"But in the U.S., the black population has stagnated at around 12% for generations and is not going to get any higher."

Besides not bringing in more black people, how did the USA accomplish this?
It might be a matter of religious demographic too, black Americans are christianized.
Muslim Africans have lots of children both in Europe and in Africa so much that Christian Africans worry too.

europeasant said...

Yes the black population in the USA is at about 12%. In actual numbers this means that there are 40 million blacks in the USA. In the year 1800 there were only 1 million blacks in the USA. They have prospered greatly. Many major cities are majority black. There are many no-go places where blacks are the majority. The blacks control many levels of government yet always cry racism. Who is instigating them? I don't know but I do have my suspicions.

levi2013 said...

"Like in the U.S., the French imported an ethnically alien class"
Here - fixed it for ya... Like in the U.S., the (((French))) imported an ethnically alien class...

Anonymous said...

I've heard for over 50 years about a "tipping point", and that something must be done now, but no one here wants to make the sacrifice. So, it's all virtue signaling.