20 April 2021

Hunting Asians for Sport: A Trans-Atlantic Tale


In an age more and more prone to mass hysterias, a new one is sweeping the U.S.: That East Asian immigrants are being violently attacked en masse by white supremacists.

From John Derbyshire:

The message we’re getting here from the Gods of the Market Place is, that because the sinister, evil Donald Trump told us that Covid-19 was a Chinese virus, his followers—who are, of course, all gap-toothed white supremacist persecutors of nonwhites—have been attacking anyone who looks Asian: sucker-punching them, shoving them under subway trains, and so on.

... But then, just as I was rolling my eyes and scoffing, along came a Great White Defendant, who for a moment looked as if he might rescue the Narrative. This was 21-year-old Robert Aaron Long, a white man from Georgia, who shot nine people at three massage parlors in Atlanta Tuesday night. Eight of the nine died, the ninth is in hospital, seriously injured but stable.

A Southern Baptist who watched porn all day and was in therapy for ‘sex addiction,’ Long had just been kicked out of his parents’ house. This caused him to snap, buy a pistol and go kill the ‘source of his temptation'--workers at the Asian sex trafficking parlors he'd frequented.


Steve Sailer has been following this moral panic closely. He quotes the New York Times’ “particularly shameless work of fake news”:

Confronting Violence Against Asians, Biden Says That ‘We Cannot Be Complicit’

The vice president offered little doubt about what she believed and whom she blamed for stoking the violence, alluding to — without directly naming — former President Donald J. Trump, who repeatedly blamed the pandemic on what he called the “China virus.”

“For the last year, we’ve had people in positions of incredible power scapegoating Asian-Americans,” she said. “People with the biggest pulpits spreading this kind of hate.”

…Anti-Asian attacks have soared during the past year, part of a pattern that Mr. Biden called “wrong” and “un-American” last week during a speech at the White House.

What, you may wonder, does a whore-monger murdering the Korean objects of his lust have to do with Donald Trump pointing out that the Wuhan Flu is Chinese? As it turns out, Trump’s words have pushed scores of Americans—mainly black ones, whom we know are his biggest voting bloc--over the edge into violence. On the West Coast:

In January, a local television station showed footage of a young man sprinting toward, then violently shoving to the ground, a man identified as Vicha Ratanapakdee, 84, who had been out for a morning walk in the Anza Vista neighborhood of San Francisco. He later died.

Another video shows a 91-year-old man in Oakland’s Chinatown neighborhood being pushed facedown into the sidewalk cement from behind in an apparently unprovoked attack.

 On the East Coast: 

Asian Woman Leaving Asian-Black Solidarity Rally Gets Punched (by a Black Man)

Later Sunday on the Lower East Side, police sources say a 54-year-old woman was smashed in the face with a metal pipe by a man who allegedly shouted an anti-Asian slur.

… Police are also looking for another man in connection to a similar crime. They say he yelled and punched a 66-year-old Asian man in the face on Allen Street on the Lower East Side on Saturday at around 9 a.m.

... Police arrested 36-year-old Marc Mathieu over the weekend, charging him with assault as a hate crime for a subway attack Friday afternoon. He allegedly punched a 68-year-old Asian man on the 1 train.

Blacks violently attacking Asians, which is an everyday occurrence in this country (as is Blacks attacking Whites, Hispanics, and each other), is suddenly being painted as Trump-inspired bigotry.


But it's tricky to make surveillance footage lie. 

The victims:

 The perpetrators:

But these are just anecdotes, after all. Surely the data show that Whites are indeed mowing down Asians left, right, and center?


From Andrew Sullivan, via Steve Sailer:     

But what about hate crimes specifically? In general, the group disproportionately most likely to commit hate crimes in the US are African-Americans. At 13% of the population, African Americans commit 24% of hate crimes.

But hate specifically against Asian-Americans in the era of Trump and Covid? … The best data I’ve found for 2020, the salient period for this discussion, are provisional data on complaints and arrests for hate crimes against Asians in New York City, one of two cities which seem to have been most affected. They record 20 such arrests in 2020. Of those 20 offenders, 11 were Black, 7 Hispanic, and 2 White. 

As far as Black-on-Asian versus Asian-on-Black crime:

In 2018’s Table 14, the BJS broke out the black vs. Asian offending rates. According to inadequate sample sizes, blacks aggressed against Asians 50,000 times vs. a little over 500 times that Asians attacked blacks, for an 89 to 1 racial ratio of total incidents. Because there are almost twice as many blacks as Asians, on a per capita footing that would be 46 to 1.


The data unequivocally show, then, that Asians are being massively victimized by Blacks. And yet certain members of the community are in complete denial of this fact:

When Ariel Hsu saw a graphic video last week of an Asian American senior citizen in San Francisco being pushed to the ground and the growing social media response around it, she said she was concerned — about both the victim and the outcry. 

Hsu, a chapter leader at the National Asian American Pacific American Women’s Forum, said that given that the suspect in the incident is Black, many in the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community, including herself, were concerned about anti-Black sentiment that appeared to be present in some of the online calls for justice.


For organizers like Hsu, seeing the actor Daniel Dae Kim offer a $25,000 reward for information on the suspect felt like a “bounty,” she said, and the increased calls for more police presence seemed like a backwards step.


“If addressing violence against Asian Americans entails furthering stereotypes about Black criminality and the policies associated with those stereotypes … we’ve misdiagnosed the problem,” said Janelle Wong, a professor of Asian American studies at the University of Maryland.


Is it denial, or a conscious effort to ape the current anti-white zeitgeist?


Hard to say. But this complex dynamic of Black violence, Asian victims, and White scapegoats… does it have parallels anywhere else in the world?


In fact, yes. There is a strikingly similar phenomenon at work in France. An indigenous white majority, a melanated predator class (mainly Arab, a bit black), and an East Asian minority of easy targets. Join us for a tour d'horizon...