20 July 2019

Reacting to Spree Killings--Progressively

(We are offline due to a much-needed research period this spring/summer, so we've decided to re-publish some earlier pieces you might have missed the first time.)

The recent Christchurch spree killer has claimed he was inspired by Dylann Roof, the young man who gunned down black worshipers at a church in South Carolina. This piece was published in the wake of Roof's massacre.

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Of the many things Progressives are known for, number one is being on the right side of history.

So in the wake of this latest U.S. spree killing, we turn to our leading leftist voices to help us make sense of the madness.

Having studied their recent corpus on the question of the spree-killer-for-a-cause, we believe we've found some progressive principles to light our way.

I. Do not make generalizations about his group