24 June 2013

The Future of America: Brown?

Gregory Rodriguze (via Steve Sailer):

Latinos, whose history has been one of mixture and among whom mestizos are the rule rather than the exception, understand hybridity, a notion that America's discourse on race desperately lacks. ... Perhaps once we have fully adopted the concept of mestizaje into our racial dialogue, we will recognize that Los Angeles is well on its way to becoming a mestizo metropolis.

As goes Los Angeles, so goes the nation?  Rodriguez, and many like him, seem to be anxiously awaiting the future browning of America. Is it coming?

The model most bandied about is that of South America, specifically Brazil. Why Brazil and not Mexico?  While Mexico has West Euros and Native Indians, it is largely missing Afros. But Brazil has all three.  So does the U.S.  It is thus assumed that if the U.S. continues to let in tens of millions of mestizo (largely Indian) Mexicans, its demographic and, perhaps, political future will resemble that of Brazil.

Is this a viable hypothesis?  On what assumptions is it based?

I. Inter-marriage

13 June 2013

Trayvon Affair à la française

Trayvon Martin (left),  Clément Méric (right)

(Before getting back to regular topics, excusez-nous, a brief dispatch on France.)

Those in the HBD-sphere may or may not have heard about the new Dreyfus Affair gripping the French public.

Media version:  Cherubic lefty minding his own business is stomped to death in broad daylight by band of neo-nazi skinheads.

Witnesses' version:  Group of 4 violent "antifas" (anti-fascists/anarchists) challenge group of 3 skinheads to a rumble, in the ensuing mélée a young lefty hits his head so hard on the pavement he dies instantly.

To wit:

A security guard who was present...has pointed the finger at the four anti-fascist militants, one of them in particular.  According to him, this young man, very agitated, had boxing gloves in his bag and egged on the others to fight the skinheads. The latter were trying to avoid a confrontation and to leave quietly.

...The witness added that Clément Méric stated, in regards to the skinheads, 'These people shouldn't even be alive.'

02 June 2013

Back in the saddle

As our long and unexpected voyage draws to a close, just a heads-up that we will be back online shortly, sharing HBD data with any who may find it of interest.

Thank you to all readers and commenters for your patience.