FAQ--Who is welcome

This blog is a space :

  • For heretics : the educated--autodidacts first and foremost--to debate sensible policy prescriptions of all kinds, in a world that resembles ours precisely but whose public powers have magically accepted the reality of Human Biodiversity.
  • For content.  'I disagree' is not content.  Anecdotes, proposals, challenges, links to relevant studies / articles / books / blog posts--this is content.  Let's shape a future.  Guest bloggers more than welcome.

This blog is not a space :

  • To lament the current situation.  It is untenable, it is absurd, it is orwellian.  We know this.  We are here to construct, not to beat our breast.
  • To debate the reality of HBD.  If you haven't yet crossed that fence, you are regretfully not welcome here. We'll see you when you get there.
  • To sling slurs of any kind.  Such environments are legion on the internet; this is not one.  Those incapable of speaking respectfully are respectfully asked to find the exit.