31 March 2023

Sweden: The Immigration About-face

We have chronicled Western Europe’s slow ethno-suicide for many years now (12 to be exact). The uncontested leader in the Great Replacement Olympics has long been Sweden. 


A reminder of the flavor of modern Swedish multiculturalism:

Western European politicians and bureaucrats tend to be postmodern multiculturalists – in Sweden, fanatically so. They feel a contempt for their own civilization and they regard this contempt as a mark of sophistication and virtue. 

They are especially fond of cultures that share their own contempt for the West, and hence there is no culture for which they show more deference than that of Islam. 

Svenne Tvaerskaegg on his home country:

Every major event and holiday in Sweden — Christmas, Easter and Midsummer — is greeted with mocking newspaper articles and television programs informing Swedes that these traditional celebrations aren’t Swedish at all but foreign imports, and the cultureless Swedes don’t really have anything they can call their own

According to Fredrik Reinfeldt, ex-prime minister, “The original Swedish identity was just barbarism, and since then all progress has come from the outside.”

Alice Bah Kuhnke, the daughter of an immigrant from Gambia, recently appointed the Pakistani immigrant Qaisar Mahmood as chief of Sweden’s Cultural Heritage Archive. Mahmood has said he has never studied archeology or culture. [...] 

The soil of Sweden is full of Viking artifacts, and building projects have often provided a rich source of objects for museums, but ... In the new, modern and multicultural Sweden, Viking amulets, bracelets and other historical objects are not considered worth preserving, so they are sent to metal reclamation centers and melted down as scrap.

But in September the country did an abrupt about-face, turning its back on decades of open-borderism by voting en masse for a nationalist-right party for the first time in modern history.

What has happened? And is this the canary in the coal mine for her neighbors?