01 September 2021

Unvetted Afghans: A Bitter Harvest

America has finally bit the bullet and left Afghanistan, the ‘graveyard of empires’, after 20 years of failed nation-building. The airport in Kabul has been swarmed with Afghans trying to flee the country ahead of the Taliban’s hardline Islamist takeover.


Thousands of Afghan nationals have helped the occupier these last 20 years and thus have targets on their backs. Collaborators have in all times and places suffered the same fate: public humiliation, prison, or death.


We are told we must immediately airlift these innocents to the U.S., as well as their families, and while we’re at it, any Afghan who’d like to hop on a military jet for a one-way trip through our golden door.

From the New York Times: 

There is no time for bureaucracy. The U.S. is now planning to take Afghans who are awaiting visas to third countries or U.S. military bases, but according to Varghese, it’s not clear what criteria will be used for vetting them. They should be as liberal as possible. We should not be consigning people to execution for lack of paperwork.

 And, of course, we should bring as many as possible here. Canada, which is about one-ninth the size of the United States, has announced its intention to take more than 20,000 fleeing Afghans. There is no way to justify America accepting fewer on a per capita basis; 180,000 should be the absolute floor.


Ms. Goldberg seems to have forgotten we’ve been here before.


In 2015, as ISIS marched through Syria and Iraq sending millions fleeing, Angela Merkel threw open the doors of Europe. She promised no vetting: The Million Muslim March was on. 


The entire global south was told it was ‘open bar’ in Europe, and they rolled in from Morocco to Uganda to Bangladesh. (We chronicled it in detail at the time.)

Afghanistan, caught in a slow-boil civil war between the U.S.’s puppet government and the Taliban, also sent their share of desperate refugees ‘looking for a better life.’ Floating over on dinghies, with no vetting whatsoever, these young men poured into every corner of Western Europe, who welcomed them with open arms.


How did they thank their rescuers? We’re glad you asked.


They thanked them by committing a dizzying array of crimes; against the old, the young, the well-armed, the defenseless, from theft to rape to battery to murder, from teeming cities to tiny village hamlets.

The round-up below is just the tip of the iceberg. These are articles we have stumbled upon and saved in the years since Merkel’s ‘Million Muslim March’ into Europe began. A targeted search would no doubt turn up many hundreds more.

Are there any lessons for U.S. decision-makers here?


Tour d’horizon…