22 December 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


You may have missed...

Economic analysis from the clear-eyed, the watchful, with a minimum of bollocks...

Geopolitical musings that would make the Pentagon spit out its coffee...

Immigration stories one is unlikely to read in the corporate-owned or government-owned press...

Social issues boiled down to their biological essence...

Racial co-existence analyzed without the sugar-coating...

Behavior and genetics from a scientific perspective...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all-- to those who can see, to those who cannot, and to those whose eyes are just barely beginning to open.

12 December 2011

Ghost in the Machine?

(from the archives...)

'Hope springs eternal.'

Truer words were never spoken of the inner workings of the Human Mind.

Polite fictions get us through the day.

'I'm still attracted to my spouse.'
'I enjoy my job.'
'I love all my children equally.'
'I'm special.'

We tell polite fictions to our children.

'With hard work, you can be anything you want to be.'
'You'll find true love.  There's someone for everyone.'
'When you die, you go... to a nice place.'

And so forth.

04 December 2011

Our Crimes, Ourselves, Part II

As we have seen, white people's criminality has varied greatly over time and space.  W.A. Bonger in the 1940s walked us through Jewish, Mediterranean, Alpine, Nordic, Ugro-Finn, and Dinaric (Slavic) crime rates from his time period.  Such differences, we've argued, are nothing to wring one's hands over, but a simple reality for policy-makers to take into account.

Similarly, for as long as Africans and Europeans have co-existed on North American soil, these two admittedly large and diverse groups have, in the aggregate, shown markedly different criminal tendencies.  The differences seem to be getting more and more marked, and it has become conservative dogma that post-1960s Great Society programs are to blame.

This is true to a point.  As we've seen, any human can be incentivized to be parasitic, be he the son of West Africans or Albion's seed.

But long before public welfare handouts were even a twinkle in LBJ's eye, Afros and Euros committed crime differently in America.  How differently?