13 September 2022

Who's Replacing Whom? Part II: Belgium, U.K., Germany, Sweden


As we saw last time, France has become the epicenter of what Renaud Camus calls le Grand Remplacement in Europe.

But what about her neighbors?


Bassam Tibi, a Syrian-born professor who teaches in Gottingen, Germany, says:

Between the middle of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century, the total number of Arabs increased from 80 million to 320 million. Today we can speak of about 400 million Arabs, of which 50% are under 20 years old. These only see a prospect for the future when fleeing to Europe. 
That’s why Bernard Lewis in the quoted interview has suggested that Europe will be Arab-Islamic by the end of the 21st century. Ye’or also states: “Integration has generally failed.” Instead, “Islamization” is taking place.


Pew Research has crunched the numbers on Muslim immigration to Europe, giving a projection in 30 years if the inflows stay high (and there is no reason to believe they won't):

So what exactly does the data say about the demographic situation of France's neighbors? Let us take a look. 

12 September 2022

Who's Replacing Whom? Western Europe: France

[This piece was originally published on June 30th 2022, but was erased due to a technical glitch. Happily, the Wayback Machine has saved our bacon. Here it is again.]

The recent presidential election in France saw a new face on the scene: That of Eric Zemmour.

His major campaign theme was that France's indigenous population was being replaced by outsiders who are culturally foreign, with the zealous support of the globalist right and the open-borders left.


The name of this transformation? 'The Great Replacement.'

This notion is endorsed explicitly by Eric Zemmour's Reconquest party, and implicitly by Marine LePen's National Rally. Together, these two parties gobbled up 30% of the votes, more than President Macron's centrist Republic on the Move party (28%).


The Great Replacement is an idea referred to as 'far-right' by the mainstream press, implying that it is somehow a marginal notion.


Yet opinion polls in France show that this belief is anything but extreme. No less than sixty-one percent of French voters think that it is a reality.


Are they right?


And what of the rest Europe? And the Anglosphere? 



11 September 2022

Who's Replacing Whom? Western Europe

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