30 October 2013

Back online soon

Please forgive our inability to post; seasonal health annoyances have severely limited our time and energy.  We shall be back to normal posting the first week of November. Until then, Happy Halloween et Bonne fête de la Toussaint!

25 October 2013

Please stand by...

The double whammy of human and canine illness has laid us low at Chez M.G. Please excuse our late posting; we shall be back on line as soon as possible.  Thank you for your patience.

13 October 2013

Meritocracy and Its Discontents

We've considered the dangers inherent in a multi-ethnic society.  One of them is a policy that deserves special attention, because it (1) is getting ever more popular, (2) can lead to disastrous outcomes, and (3) has actual merit from a race-realist perspective.  That policy is affirmative action.

We've looked before at its history.  Though unpopular amongst conservatives, there are two plausible arguments that could be made in its favor:

I. Natives should restrict foreign immigrant groups' ability to dominate certain institutions.

II. It is a social good to 'insert' members of lower-perfoming groups into roles where they can feel productive.

Our first argument is one for which there is much evidence, both for and against.