22 December 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


You may have missed...

Economic analysis from the clear-eyed, the watchful, with a minimum of bollocks...

Geopolitical musings that would make the Pentagon spit out its coffee...

Immigration stories one is unlikely to read in the corporate-owned or government-owned press...

Social issues boiled down to their biological essence...

Racial co-existence analyzed without the sugar-coating...

Behavior and genetics from a scientific perspective...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all-- to those who can see, to those who cannot, and to those whose eyes are just barely beginning to open.


Unamused said...


M.G. said...

Illusion-exploding eggnog all around...

Artur said...

Hello MG :

I'm using this sneaky method to contact you out of earshot of your regular (and growing) readership.

I salute you for that, btw : the number of comments you get on TWCS has really gone up in the past few months.

It sort of reminds me (slipping a message through to you this way) of a little sneaky thing I do myself when flying commercial : I always make sure to be the absolute LAST person to board the plane, right before the doors shut.

That way, when everyone else is seated and buckled in, you get to choose the best empty seats available. It's even worked for getting in to First Class a couple of times (which btw I would only ever do if there were two empty seats in 1st class - would not want to invade someone's space by sitting next to them in a stolen seat in 1st class). (If you wait long enough, often times the very crew of the plane will usher you into a First Class seat in order to get the flight moving on time).

I remember one time I told my doctor in NYC about the benefits of this technique, and she accused me of being a selfish diva (her words, she's Swiss) who held up the plane.

That is not the case at all. It's just a smart way to fly in the modern age, obviously I am glad that nobody else does it ! (as far as aOI know).

I need to come to France for a couple of days in the near future. My friend Alex's father has an amazing house on the other side of the mountain from Les Baux - might be going down there for a few days.

I also have to get over to Vannes, in Bretagne, where my friend Rémy (the one with the péniche he just sold), has my Dutch electric bike in storage for me. Do you happen to know any good sea routes from Eire to, say, Brest ? (I was thinking about flying in to Dublin this time - you know I transferred through there on my return leg from Paris last year, I was shocked SHOCKED at the contrast between the Dublin International Airport and CDG (I read the Irish Savant for my news about Ireland - I bet you do too - and it was therefore shocking to see how incredibly non-diverse the staff at Dublin Int'l was, compared to Paris where whites were a very small minority of airport workers). In Dublin, they were all All ALL Irish, and seemingly unaware of their planned replacement).

Yeah, I am really, really depressed about what is happening in Europe right now, it turns me off to the idea of even coming over for a visit.


Artur said...

The thought of all these zerangi-spirited Moslems flooding into gullible do-gooder Europe, just breaks me from so many points of view.

How can the white man be so naive ?

Something intense is going to happen pretty soon, it's the only possible outcome. Something along the lines of Germany shutting down Schengen open border rules but multiplied by enormous factors of magnitude.

Was it you who pointed out that Frau Merkel - this atrocious, stupid, hateful anti-white nation-wrecking pathological feels-addicted altruist - is childless ?

Merkel has no children, therefore the sum total of her anti-racist feels towers above any concern she would have for her posterity, if she weren't an infertile spinster imposing the absolute worst kind of public policy on her countrymen with children / families / future-grandchildren.

What a sickening spectacle of modern european liberalism run amok.

I suppose the only good news is that the events of the past few months are almost certain to bring anti-liberal rightist parties to power throughout all of of Europe. One can only hope.

In the meantime, I'm going to be flipping depressed about it.

This is like a prescription from your doctor for suicide. One point five million *u*king Syrians?, of all people? Ninety% of whom are healthy, military-age adult males?

Sorry MG that was a bit of a rant.

Thanks for listening.

And thanks for TWCS.

- Arturo

New Orleans

ps : if you want to reply privately, please select a way-ancient post to comment upon. Nobody will see it but me.

ps 2 : I was wondering about this today : I spent a lot of time at my girlfriend's place in Montmartre, the address was 6 Place Paul Albert, right there on a delightfully picturesque square at the bottom of on e f the Big staircases to the Basilique.

Though I had a Vespa, the metro station closest was Chateau Rouge, right around the corner from the infamous rue Myrha, and the collective prayers in the streets, with the hind-sides of hundreds of moslems pointed skywards.

I thought nothing of it at the time (2002-2004), because at the tie I was not One Who Could See.

My question is : since moslems segregate by gender, what is the equivalent image of female moslems when they pray ?

Are they too required to pound their foreheads into the ground, in order to acquire the esteemed callous on the forehead known as the
zebibah ?

ps : One last thing :

If you want to get away from all this ugliness, and look at something absolutely delightful, I highly recommend this Most Excellent France 5 production (if you haven't already seen it ) :

Artur said...

The thing wouldn't let me post what I was reffering to :

go to youtube and type in :

à pleines dents

you'll see what I mean