01 September 2021

Unvetted Afghans: A Bitter Harvest

America has finally bit the bullet and left Afghanistan, the ‘graveyard of empires’, after 20 years of failed nation-building. The airport in Kabul has been swarmed with Afghans trying to flee the country ahead of the Taliban’s hardline Islamist takeover.


Thousands of Afghan nationals have helped the occupier these last 20 years and thus have targets on their backs. Collaborators have in all times and places suffered the same fate: public humiliation, prison, or death.


We are told we must immediately airlift these innocents to the U.S., as well as their families, and while we’re at it, any Afghan who’d like to hop on a military jet for a one-way trip through our golden door.

From the New York Times: 

There is no time for bureaucracy. The U.S. is now planning to take Afghans who are awaiting visas to third countries or U.S. military bases, but according to Varghese, it’s not clear what criteria will be used for vetting them. They should be as liberal as possible. We should not be consigning people to execution for lack of paperwork.

 And, of course, we should bring as many as possible here. Canada, which is about one-ninth the size of the United States, has announced its intention to take more than 20,000 fleeing Afghans. There is no way to justify America accepting fewer on a per capita basis; 180,000 should be the absolute floor.


Ms. Goldberg seems to have forgotten we’ve been here before.


In 2015, as ISIS marched through Syria and Iraq sending millions fleeing, Angela Merkel threw open the doors of Europe. She promised no vetting: The Million Muslim March was on. 


The entire global south was told it was ‘open bar’ in Europe, and they rolled in from Morocco to Uganda to Bangladesh. (We chronicled it in detail at the time.)

Afghanistan, caught in a slow-boil civil war between the U.S.’s puppet government and the Taliban, also sent their share of desperate refugees ‘looking for a better life.’ Floating over on dinghies, with no vetting whatsoever, these young men poured into every corner of Western Europe, who welcomed them with open arms.


How did they thank their rescuers? We’re glad you asked.


They thanked them by committing a dizzying array of crimes; against the old, the young, the well-armed, the defenseless, from theft to rape to battery to murder, from teeming cities to tiny village hamlets.

The round-up below is just the tip of the iceberg. These are articles we have stumbled upon and saved in the years since Merkel’s ‘Million Muslim March’ into Europe began. A targeted search would no doubt turn up many hundreds more.

Are there any lessons for U.S. decision-makers here?


Tour d’horizon…


 (If you would like to search crimes in a particular category, here’s a table of contents. Press “ctrl” + “f” to find what you’re looking for.)


1) Stranger rape
            a) Public transport
            b) Streets, parks
            c) Large gatherings
            d) Home invasions
            e) Luring
            f) Details unclear
2) Acquaintance rape
3) Rape in refugee housing


1) Strangers
a) Motive unknown
            b) Shopkeepers / employees
            c) Sexual motive
            d) Theft
2) Neighbors
3) Romantic partners
            a) Youth
            b) May-December
4) Other refugees
            a) In refugee housing
            b) Public fighting
5) Public Service Workers
6) Police

*     *     *



Thousands of young men from a culture where women are cloistered without an inch of flesh showing were suddenly thrust into the 21st-century West. The results, despite the media's bravest attempts to downplay them, have been devastating for Europe's women.

1) Stranger rape

Rape and sexual assault have followed Afghan refugees around like a virus. A sample:

a) Public transport

France: A 12-year-old girl was groped by an older man in the tramway in Montpellier. Later pointing him out to her father, the latter decided to follow him on foot, and ended up at the local police station. The groper, it turns out, had to report there every week as a condition of his probation for… groping young girls in the tramway. According to his Afghan roommates, the 32-year-old Afghan, ‘without employment’, spent his days harassing young girls on public transport.

Montpellier tram

France: An Afghan has been given 3 months in prison for groping a teenage girl on the bus on her way to work in the city of Morlaas, in the southwest.


Germany: “Hamid A.”, a 47-year-old Afghan refugee, has been sentenced to 4 years in prison for raping an 83-year-old woman in an underground railway tunnel in the city of Delitzsch. His asylum bid had been rejected years before, but due to Germany's "tolerance policy," he was allowed to stay.

Hamid A., rapist of elderly woman in tunnel

Belgium: “Irfanullah M.”, a 33-year-old Afghan, has been sentenced to 8 months in prison after he attacked a teen-aged girl in a train in Weisbeck, forcing himself on her and grabbing her breasts.


Austria: Over a period of four months, 14 women reported being followed and groped by a foreign man near the train station in Vienna. He would attack his victims from behind, grabbing their breasts and genitals and trying to drag them away. All the women were able to escape. The attacker, a 25-year-old Afghan refugee, has admitted the crimes and been sentenced to two years in prison.

Vienna train station

Germany: An 18-year-old girl and her father were waiting for a bus in Jüteborg when the girl was sexually harassed by three youths. The father tried to chase them off, but they began throwing stones and seriously injured him in the head. The police arrived and arrested the youths, three teen asylum seekers from Afghanistan and Syria.


France: A woman on her way home from work near Versailles was attacked by a group of knife-wielding men who tried to rape her in the train car. They were pulling off her clothes when another passenger intervened and helped her get off the train. The men are Afghan asylum-seekers who live at the local refugee center.

b) Streets, parks

France: An assailant of Afghan origin attempted to rape two different women on the street in the same neighborhood in the city of Aurillac. The prosecutor has asked for 18 months in prison.


U.K.: A 13-year-old girl was raped in a park near Hampton Court in London. She’d been followed from a department store by the attacker, a 24-year-old Afghan named Feroz Khan.

Hampton Court Palace, London

France: An Afghan man has been charged with sexual assault in two separate attacks where he approached and groped women randomly in the street in the town of Montévrain.

France: In downtown Beauvais, a man followed two women for 20 minutes, grabbing at their breasts and genitals. The owner of a bar came out to chase him off, and he knocked her out cold. The attacker, a young Afghan asylum-seeker, claims to have drunk an entire bottle of whiskey and doesn’t remember anything. He’s received a suspended sentence.

Beauvais, France

France: “Khodad S.”, an Afghan refugee, was sentenced to 12 years in prison for attacking a young woman walking home through a park in Vichy. He dragged her into the bushes and raped her twice.

Germany: In a case that scandalized the country, 11 foreigners were given long prison sentences for drugging and gang-raping a young woman outside a bar in Freiburg. The attackers were refugees from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Gang rapists, Frieburg, Germany

Germany: A young woman walking home at night in Munich was beaten and raped by a 29-year-old Afghan asylum-seeker. He is already under investigation for another sexual assault.


France: A 29-year-old Afghan has been arrested for two rapes in the city of Rennes. In both incidents, a woman smoking a cigarette outside her apartment building was attacked at night. The rapist’s DNA has also implicated him in a 3rd rape in the city of Brest.

Belgium: In the center of Liège, a young woman walking home at night was mugged for her mobile phone. As the thieves ran off, a young man appeared and offered to walk her home. But her “savior” ended up pushing her against a wall and sexually assaulting her. The man, an Afghan refugee, has been sentenced to 6 months in prison for the attack.

Liège, Belgium

France: Two young boys playing outside in the village of Croisilles were approached by a strange man, who sexually assaulted one of them. The Afghan perpetrator has been found and arrested.


France: An 18-year-old Afghan refugee has been arrested for 3 separate sex attacks in the park of the historical Chateau of Fontainebleau near Paris. He approached women and girls (the youngest aged 14) walking alone, groping them and trying to force himself on them. He is a resident of the local Red Cross refugee center.

Chateau of Fontainebleau

France: A 25-year-old Afghan refugee was in court for sexually harassing women in the small town of Chateau-Thierry. Three different women reported that he approached them in the park and, in broken French, instructed them “You suck me, I fuck you.” He has been given a four-month suspended sentence.


Austria: A 15-year-old girl in the city of Tulln was pulled into the bushes and raped by three foreign men while walking home. The police took the unusual step of DNA testing every refugee in the local housing center, thus finding the attackers: An Afghan, a Somali, and a 3rd unidentified man.

Tulln, Austria

France: A woman was sexually assaulted in the streets of Lille as she walked home. Her attacker threw her against a wall and groped her breasts. Afghan asylum-seeker Mustafa Rezai has been sentenced to two years in prison, due to the fact that this is his third such attack.  

            c) Large gatherings

Sweden: A 51-year-old Afghan refugee raped an 11-year-old Swedish girl at a public pool in Goteborg. He was sentenced to 2.5 years prison but will not be deported.

Sweden pool rapist

Switzerland: A woman was sexually assaulted at a swimming pool in Lausanne by a man who pushed his tongue into her mouth and grabbed her genitals. The perpetrator, a 39-year-old Afghan asylum-seeker, is to be deported. [Editor's note: Switzerland--not a member of the E.U.-- is the only country in Europe that systematically expels immigrants who commit crime on their soil.]

Public pool, Lausanne, Switzerland

Sweden: The Afghan pedophile, “Soltan,” who had previously been convicted of sexual assault against six girls in a water park, was sentenced in February to a short prison sentence and deportation for raping a woman on a nightclub dance floor. He grabbed her and penetrated her digitally against her will.

France: A 25-year-old Afghan refugee has been sentenced to 6 months’ prison for groping a 16-year-old girl in the portable toilets at the village festival in Mont-de-Marsan.

Madeleine Festival, Mont-de-Marsan

Germany: At a rap concert in the town of Wiesbaden, several girls complained of being sexually harassed by a group of foreign teens. A 14-year-old boy who came to the girls’ defense was beaten up. The police have arrested a 16-year-old Afghan and 11-year-old Syrian for the crimes.

Austria: The city of Wels has put in place a curfew of 8:00 p.m. for refugee minors. The reason? During the city’s recent beer festival, over 50 women complained separately to the police about being sexually assaulted by groups of young foreigners. The attackers were a group of Afghan asylum-seekers, aged 14 to 23 years old.

Wels Beer Festival

Germany: A mob of Afghans are reported to have chased a group of teen girls through a shopping mall in Kiel, filming and threatening them. Shopkeepers called the police, who were themselves attacked by the refugees.


            d) Home invasions

France: Several women in Brest have been followed home from nightclubs and raped in their apartments. The attacker, foiled by his DNA, is 23-year-old Afghan asylum seeker Fazel Tarakhail.


France: A couple in the town of Sables d’Olonne were terrified when a young man under the influence of alcohol broke into their home and started masturbating in front of them, shouting “Me German S.S., you Jewish, Kill!” The burglar, a 25-year-old Afghan, was also reported to have masturbated in front of two female passers-by in the street.

Sables d'Olonne, France

Austria: A 75-year-old woman was attacked in her home by a burglar who threw himself at her and groped her sexually. Four other women in the town of Schwaz have come forward to report similar attacks. The aggressor is an Afghan asylum-seeker who claims to be only 10 years old. Authorities are attempting to verify his age. He’s been placed in juvenile detention.


Germany: A 29-year-old Afghan brought to the hospital in Hamburg for alcohol poisoning was able to slip out of his room and attack other patients. He approached a 57-year-old woman who convinced him to leave her alone, then found a 15-year-old girl in another room whom he molested.

Hamburg, Germany

            e) Luring

Australia: A college student in Melbourne thought she was going to a hotel for a job interview, but the “recruiter” instead took her to a room and raped her for 6 hours. The young woman told the court she now suffers from panic attacks and is terrified of men. The perpetrator, Afghan refugee Mokhtari Alimadad, 42, not only showed no remorse, but his wife and children came to the trial to show their support.

Melbourne, Australia


Germany: A mentally disabled woman was lured into an apartment and raped by an Afghan refugee in the city of Linz. She was able to barricade herself in the bathroom and call for help from the window. The attacker has been arrested.

England: A teen-aged girl was lost and stopped to ask directions at a take-away shop in Ramsgate. But rather than helping the victim, the owner and his friends took her to a "grubby" room above 555 Pizza on Northwood Road and raped her multiple times.

Throughout the trial, prosecutor Simon Taylor told grim details of how "every single orifice had been penetrated by the group of men, while others watched, laughed and joined in themselves". … The men have each been sentenced to 14 years in prison.

Ramsgate gang rapists: Well-integrated, with businesses and families

England: A very young primary school-aged girl was lured away and raped in a brutal attack which has left her traumatized, testified her mother before the Teesside Crown Court. Hewad Shivzad, an Afghan man, showed no remorse for his crime. He has been sentenced to 15 years’ prison.


            f) Details unclear

Finland: A 27-year-old Afghan refugee has been sentenced to 5 years in prison for aggravated rape, sexual harassment, and child sexual abuse against 6 victims, of which one is a minor. The crimes took place in Tampere and Ylöjärvi, but details have been sealed.

Tampere, Finland

Sweden: An Afghan man who arrived in the country in 2015 and already has a long rap sheet has been charged with the rape of an 11-year-old girl. His asylum claim has been rejected and he is to be deported.


Italy: Abdullah Popalzai, a 27-year-old Afghan, has been arrested for the rape of a young woman in Lecco, in the north of Italy. He had fled to Poland but was found and arrested there.

 Rapist fled Italy, found in Poland


2) Acquaintance rape


High school girls seem to be a prime target of Afghani predation.


Sweden: A group of twenty-year-old Afghan refugees were charged with filming their rapes of high school girls in Västra Götaland, then using the videos to blackmail the girls into further sexual relations.

Swedish gang rape ringleader


Scotland:  Cops took down a huge asylum-seeker grooming gang in Glasgow - but kept it secret. The gang preyed on vulnerable young girls in the city, and had at least 44 victims. It's believed one may have been abused by 28 men, with another linked to 23. 

55 suspected members of the group were identified by officers, with 46 positively identified. All were asylum seekers from the Kurdish, Afghani, Egyptian, Moroccan, Turkish, Pakistani or Iraqi communities.


Germany: A young women in the city of Trauenstein has reported her rape by an Afghan refugee. The two are co-workers, and she had gone to his home to organize a work event together. While there, he tied her up and raped her.

Trauenstein, Germany

Germany: Many Germans have stepped up to lodge refugees in their homes. One such woman, a 20-year-old Cologne resident, welcomed a young Afghan into her apartment. He thanked her generosity by slipping into her room at night and attempting to rape her. He has been sentenced to 2.5 years in prison.



3) Rape in refugee housing


France: A cleaning lady in a refugee group home in Dreux was raped by an Afghan resident. The young man claims to have fled his country due to the Taliban. He is also implicated in another crime, a case of attempted murder.


Belgium: A 16-year-old refugee from Afghanistan has been charged with raping a cook at the refugee center in Menen where he was living. He cornered the young woman in the basement and attacked her. Personnel said the rape happened 2 weeks after he’d followed a training course on "how to behave towards women."

Menen, Belgium

Germany: A 4-year-old Iraqi boy was discovered in the toilets of the refugee camp in Boostedt with a 22-year-old Afghan resident. The boy told his family that the man had forced him to perform fellatio.

France : An Afghan asylum-seeker has been charged with sexual assault against a 5-year-old girl in the town of Avranches. She and her mother (also refugees) were sleeping near him in a shared refugee lodging when he woke her up and molested her. The perpetrator claimed before the court that it was the little girl who had initiated the sexual contact.

Avranches, France

Germany: Seven young Afghan asylum-seekers have been charged with the gang rape of an Iranian teen (himself a refugee) near Stuttgart, and also of filming their act.

France: Three Afghan refugees have been arrested for the rape of an interpreter working for TV channel France 5. The incident happened in the “jungle”, the sprawling refugee camp illegally pitched near Calais, where immigrants wait to try their chance at crossing the Channel into England.

'The Jungle', Calais, France



We have thus examined some notable examples of sexual violence, which seems to be a domain of special predilection for Afghan refugees.


But they have also perpetrated an outsized amount of physical violence on the populations who have welcomed them in. Let us now take a look at this side of the 'bitter harvest.'





1) Strangers

One of the scariest aspects of Afghan street violence is its completely random nature. So many of the attacks reported in the press seem to fall from the sky with no apparent motive.

A factor frequently mentioned in these crimes, however, is the consumption of alcohol or drugs. Afghanistan is one of 16 countries in the world where alcohol-drinking is illegal, and when young Afghans discover this forbidden nectar in Europe, things often go terribly awry.

            a) Motive unknown

Germany: A group of Afghan and Iranian asylum seekers between the ages of 17 and 19 confessed to beating 21 pedestrians indiscriminately on New Year’s Eve in the Bavarian city of Amberg. They blamed their behavior on having consumed alcohol and narcotics. Three of the youths received suspended prison sentences.


Germany: Monday evening two young men, 18 and 19, went on a rampage at the train station in Ratisbonne. Without apparent motive, they began attacking strangers by shoving and punching them: A 53-year-old man, a 49-year-old man, then a 75-year-old man who had to be hospitalized after the attack. The two arrested are Afghan asylum seekers.

Switzerland: Three Afghan men beat and hurled racial slurs at an Iranian outside a bar in Freiburg. He suffered serious head injuries.

Freiburg, Switzerland

Germany: A group of Afghans attacked several pensioners in a train in Munich, while another passenger recorded the assaults. The young Afghans groped an elderly woman’s buttocks, then tried to trip her (she was walking with a cane). They also threw an elderly man against the wall and screamed abuse at him. The attackers, in their early twenties, can’t be deported to Afghanistan because the court has determined conditions are “too dangerous.”


Austria: A 76-year-old nun was attacked on a bus in the city of Graz, so violently that her hearing aid was knocked from her head. The aggressor is a 19-year-old Afghan asylum seeker with a record of drug and battery offenses.


Switzerland: In downtown Zurich, a group of 5 Afghans asked a man for a cigarette. When he refused, the group proceeded to beat him up and one stabbed him in the back. All five Afghans, aged 16 to 23, have been arrested.


Austria: Austrians celebrating at a Christmas party near the castle in Graz noticed that a group of refugees had lit an open fire and were fueling it with plastic bottles. The locals asked them to put out the fire, for fear it would damage the historic site. The refugees responded by physically attacking them, causing a broken cheekbone, fractures, head wounds, and one woman suffering a concussion. Two of the Afghans were arrested. They claimed to be under the influence of alcohol.

Graz, Austria

Germany: A 59-year-old man out for a morning bicycle ride in Hamburg was randomly attacked by a hammer-wielding man, but survived. The attacker, a 31-year-old Afghan refugee, was found after following the blood trail back to his apartment.


Belgium: A 73-year-old man on a walk in the woods in the Limburg region was beaten into a coma by an Afghan refugee, for no apparent motive. [He later died.] The victim’s family is in shock: “Our father was the calmest person, he wouldn’t hurt a fly… It’s just incomprehensible, we never imagined this kind of thing could happen here.”

Murdered while walking in in woods, Limburg, Belgium


France: A woman was waiting for the bus Sunday in downtown Lille when a young man approached her and began punching her in the stomach. He then threatened other passers-by with a knife and tried to steal several handbags before being apprehended. He is a 25-year-old Afghan refugee named Hotak Pakhtoon.


Australia: Without a word, the Afghan man pulled out a knife in downtown Brisbane and stabbed a tourist strolling with his wife. Police opened fire and shot the assailant dead. They claim the man did not act from terroristic motives.

Aftermath of Brisbane attack

France: An Afghan asylum-seeker has been arrested for an attempted massacre at a subway station in Lyon. He pulled out a knife and a barbecue pick and started stabbing randomly, injuring 8 people and killing a 19-year-old man. He had consumed a large quantity of cannabis and was said to be hearing voices telling him to kill. He is under psychiatric observation.

Aftermath of Lyon subway attack

France: In a separate attack, a man armed with a knife was arrested before he could commit a planned massacre at the train station in Lyon. An Afghan asylum seeker, he had already been charged with attacking two policemen but had been given a suspended sentence.

Subway murder victim and his attacker, Lyon, France

b) Shopkeepers / employees

France: Fifteen Afghan refugees have been charged with a violent attack against a pizzeria owner and his employee in the southwest city of Pau. Four have been condemned to prison.

Pau, France

Germany: A 19-year-old Afghan attacked the employees in a bakery in Fulda, near the refugee housing where he lives. He beat several employees with a stick and also assaulted the police, who were able to neutralize him with their service weapons.


France: A restaurant server in Le Havre asked a client to put on his mask [due to Covid]. The client, a 29-year-old Afghan refugee, promptly pulled out a knife and stabbed him. The server survived the attack.

Le Havre, France

            c) Sexual motive

Germany: Two teen girls were being harassed by a drunk man at the bus station in Minden. A bus driver, without stopping, opened his doors to let the girls in, but the attacker pulled one of them back by the hair and she fell under the bus’s wheels and was partially run over. The assailant is a 22-year-old Afghan refugee.


Germany / Greece: Germany is in an uproar over the case of “Maria L.”, a 19-year-old who was raped, murdered, and thrown in the river in Freiburg. She was a volunteer at the local refugee center, and her father iss a high-placed E.U. official.

Maria L., the case that shocked Germany

Her killer is a 17-year-old Afghan refugee, “Hussein K.”, who had already been imprisoned in Greece, for robbing a young woman and throwing her over a cliff (she survived). Sentenced to 10 years in prison, he was released after only one year for good behavior, then making his way to Germany where he committed the murder of young Maria.


Germany:  A group of women were brutally assaulted in the streets of Hildesheim late at night while walking home. A group of teenage boys accosted them, demanding sex in broken English. When the women refused, the youths chased them and beat them up. Three male passers-by who tried to intervene were also beaten by the group, a band of Afghan and Iranian teen asylum-seekers staying at the local refugee center.

Hildesheim, Germany

            d) Theft

France: Several teenage girls have had their mobiles stolen at knifepoint near the local high school in Martigues, including one girl who was stabbed several times. The perpetrator is a 19-year-old Afghan refugee.

Martigues, France

France: A pregnant woman was thrown to the ground in the streets of Argenteuil by a young man attempting to steal her cell phone. The attacker, who does not know his age, claims to have fled the Taliban in Afghanistan and was desperate to call his mother back home. The victim, who fell directly on her stomach, is in good condition and her unborn baby is not in danger.


2) Neighbors


Germany: An Afghan, having threatened his neighbor with a knife, barricaded himself in his apartment in the city of Kehl and was taken out by a SWAT team.

France: A 79-year-old woman was stabbed nearly to death in her apartment in Orolon. The attacker is an Afghan who lived across the hall and acted with no apparent motive. He is being charged with attempted murder and is under psychiatric observation.

Iena, Germany

Germany: An 87-year-old woman from Iena has been stabbed to death by a young Afghan refugee neighbor whom she had been helping out. She gave him small sums of money periodically, but when he demanded 7000€ and a plane ticket back to his country, she refused, which provoked him to kill her and hide her body in a suitcase in the cellar.

'Ursula' and her killer 'Muhammed', neighbors in Iena

3) Romantic partners


     a) Youth

Germany: "Mia,"a 15-year-old girl, was stabbed in a drugstore in Kandel by "Abdul," an Afghan boy of the same age--her ex-boyfriend. She had broken up with the accused in December. On Wednesday they encountered each other accidentally. The Afghan followed his ex-girlfriend and stabbed her repeatedly in the store.

Mia and her sweetie/murderer

Austria: In the town of Steyr, a 16-year-old Austrian girl, “Michelle F.,” decided to break it off her with boyfriend, 17-year-old Afghan asylum seeker “Saber A.”. He reacted by stabbing her to death. He claimed the knife slipped out of his hand whilst handing it to her in the kitchen. He has been sentenced to 13 years in prison.

Michelle and her future killer

Germany: After a fight with his girlfriend, a 19-year-old Afghan tried to drown her in the river Havel in the town of Spandau. The 17-year-old was able to save herself; the perpetrator (a non-swimmer) sank in the icy water. Though rescued, he fell into a coma and two months later he died.


Switzerland: A woman, an ex-model, was ambush attacked with acid to the face in front of her building in Neuchâtel. The attacker was her ex-boyfriend, an Afghan refugee who was “well-integrated” and had a steady job. He could not accept that she had broken up with him.

Swiss acid attack victim

            b) May-December 

Sweden: A 70-year-old pro-migrant activist has been murdered by her young protégé, a 20-year-old Afghan with whom she had been carrying on a romantic relationship. He has confessed to strangling her to death in her home.

May-December murder, Sweden

Germany: “Najmudin J.” arrived in the town of Zwickau in 2015, in the wave of refugees Angela Merkel welcomed with open arms. “Almut P.”, a German volunteer 30 years his senior, took him under her wing—and into her bed. 

The May-December romance turned sour, however, when her young Afghan paramour decided she was spending too much time with her elderly father. So Najmudin snuck into the old man’s room at night and slaughtered him like a sheep. (He was reportedly a shepherd in his home country.)

The young Afghan was surprised by the long prison sentence awaiting him, stating in court that “In Afghanistan such things are taken care of by a pay-off.”

Najmudin and Almut

Germany: "Liane M.," a 40-year-old single mother of two was found dead, stabbed 37 times, in her apartment in the city of Preetz. The forensic doctor describes "17 different crush and tear wounds on the head down to the skull bones" and "defensive injuries on the arms". The woman died of blood loss and suffocation, he says.

The perpetrator, who confessed, was her Afghan ex-boyfriend, "Noorullah Z.". He is 21 years old but is now claiming to be a minor, in order to have a reduced sentence.

"Noorullah Z.", murdered his twice-his-age girlfriend

4) Other refugees

 Afghans have also committed an immense amount of violence against other asylum-seekers.

            a) In refugee housing

France: An Afghan in a refugee apartment complex stabbed his Afghan roommate to death during an argument in the town of Avranches. He has been declared unfit to stand trial by reason of insanity.


Belgium: Two Afghans in a refugee housing complex in the town of Theux got into an argument over the last can of Coke in the fridge, with one attempting to stab the other to death. The attacker is a 28-year-old claiming to be 16 [in order to get more refugee benefits]. He has been sentenced to 20 months in prison.

Theux, Belgium

France: Two refugee roommates in the town of Guéret got into a fight over playing music too loud. The Afghan stabbed the Ethiopian in the living room of their shared flat. The victim survived.


Germany: A Russian mother and her 5-year-old son were stabbed in a Bavarian refugee camp in the town of Arnschwang. The mother survived but her son died. The attacker is a 41-year-old Afghan, and the motive is unknown.

Arnschwang, Germany

     More info. about this attacker:

The man, Mostafa K., was a convicted felon who should have been deported years before.. In 2008, he had set fire to the apartment in which he and his wife were living, to take revenge on his cousin and to re-establish the family honor, according to the prosecution.

While in prison, he converted to Christianity specifically to avoid deportation when he got out. After his release, he was sent to an asylum facility for non-Muslims due to his status as an alleged Christian, and that’s where he went on his rampage.


Greece: A Greek court on Saturday sentenced four Afghan asylum seekers convicted of starting the fires that burnt down Europe's largest migrant camp on Lesbos last year to 10 years in prison each.

Lesbos refugee camp fire

Around 13,000 asylum-seekers, among them families with children, pregnant women and the disabled, had to sleep in the open for a week after the camp was destroyed.


            b) Public fighting

France: Two Afghan refugees came to blows in the center of Annecy, one stabbing the other and sending him to the hospital.

Belgium: A group of Afghan refugees were fighting in the center of Liège, two of whom ended up in the hospital with stab wounds.

Eritreans and Afghans brawl in Calais

France: A brawl broke out in the city center of Caen between a group of Afghans and a group of Mongols, all asylum-seekers. Intoxicated, they attacked each other with iron bars and broken bottles. Several were rushed to the hospital.


Germany: At the train station in Rastatt, a mass battle between Afghans and Turks was caught on camera. They were beating each other with bars and bats. This is not the first time the two groups have fought at the train station.

Afghans and Turks brawl in Rastatt

France: A massive brawl involving hundreds of refugees broke out near a food distribution point in Paris. Afghans and Sudanese attacked each other with sticks and iron bars. It took the police several hours to calm the situation.


France: A pitched battle between Afghans and Kurds ended in a fire that burned the entire refugee camp at Grande-Synthe to the ground. There are 3 million euros in damages and 1500 refugees to re-house.

Brawl  destroys refugee camp, Grand-Synthe

5) Public Service Workers


France: A group of firemen out on a call in the city of Rennes were attacked by two young men who punched and insulted them without the slightest provocation. In court, the defense attorney pleaded for clemency, claiming the two young Afghan assailants were traumatized after having fled the war in their country.


France: An Afghan has been charged with attacking the medical staff in the Rennes Hospital. Six people were needed to control the man as he beat, spit on, and insulted the staff, including punching an 8-months-pregnant doctor. He’s been sentenced to 6 months’ suspended sentence.

French firemen protest the violence they suffer from foreign criminals

France: Five Afghan refugees involved in a brawl in Paris brought their colleague, suffering from a stab wound, to the emergency room. Not happy being made to wait, the group physically attacked the doctor on duty. The men are aged 23 to 25.


Austria: A Red Cross worker in the refugee housing center in Wullowitz was stabbed to death by a resident. The killer, an Afghan asylum-seeker, then fled, killing a 63-year-old farmer who lived nearby in order to steal his car. The attacks have shocked the country, and the mayor has declared that the refugee center will be shut down.

Farmer killed for his car in village of Wullowitz

France: A charity in the north of France took a group of young refugees on a seaside vacation. While in the campsite’s lunchroom, a counselor asked a young Afghan to take his feet off the table. The 15-year-old jumped up, grabbed the counselor by the throat, and pulled out a knife. The man’s life was saved by his colleagues who managed to disarm the boy. The teen claims that such behavior is “normal” in his country.


France: A 58-year-old bus driver in the town of Aurillac was beaten with brass knuckles and sent to the emergency room. His attacker, a young Afghan, was quickly apprehended.


Germany: Having been tossed from a nightclub in Brandenburg for bad behavior, a large group of Afghan and Syrian asylum-seekers tried to stab the bouncer. He ran into the club and closed the door, which the group promptly tried to break down with machetes.

Brandenburg celebrates Islam

6) Police


France: Two policewomen in Montbéliard stopped a man who wasn’t wearing a mask [during Covid]. He made obscene gestures and then physically attacked the policewomen, sending both of them to the hospital. The man has been placed under psychiatric observation.

France: An Afghan being deported (not to Afghanistan, but to Germany) escaped from the Parisian prefecture by attacking a policewoman, biting her on the hand. It took several officers to bring him under control.

Wreaking havoc at the Paris prefecture

France: At the wheel of a car stolen in Switzerland and armed with a knife, the Afghan asylum-seeker in the city of Pontarlier attempted to run over three policemen, injuring all three. He has been charged with multiple crimes.

Switzerland: Two refugees, one Afghan and one Libyan, plowed through police barricades with a stolen car in the town of Chiasso, narrowly missing several policemen. Both were quickly apprehended.

Chiasso, Italy

France: A knife-wielding Afghan attacked several bicycle police without provocation in the town of La Corneuve. The police were forced to opened fire, mortally wounding their attacker.

France: In the town of Tulle, a brawl in a superette between two asylum-seekers ended with the police being called. The policeman was slashed in the face with a broken beer bottle by one of the men, a 35-year-old Afghan.


France: A group of refugees from Pakistan and Afghanistan attacked the Polish truck driver in whose truck they’d hidden. Realizing they were heading towards Belgium and not the UK, they tapped on his cabin for him to pull over. When he did, they attacked him and a policeman at the rest stop. The group were given suspended sentences.

Truck drivers under attack from marauding refugees

Germany: A riot broke out in a refugee housing center in the city of Altheim. The residents destroyed the inside of the building and, when the police were called, attacked them with broken bottles. One man was arrested, an Afghan.

Germany: Only wearing underpants, a young Afghan went on a rampage in Heimstetten in the middle of the afternoon. First he punched a 21-year-old in the face for no apparent reason, then he chased a 39-year-old from Haag, who was just able to escape into his car with his partner and daughter.

The federal police could not contain him: A 31-year-old officer was badly kicked in the chest, a 24-year-old suffered a ruptured eye socket and a 23-year-old complained of knee pain after the incident. The Afghan defended himself so strongly that paramedics had to calm him down with sedative medication. The man was clearly under the influence of drugs. He has been admitted to a psych clinic.

Heimstetten, Germany

France: A mass brawl between refugees in Paris turned into an attack against the police. One young Afghan attempted to stab two policemen with a broken bottle. He is being charged with attempted murder.


France: Policeman trying to arrest a human trafficker were nearly fired upon at the refugee camp in Tatinghem. Gulbaz Jankhel, a 34-year-old Afghan, pointed his pistol and fired, but the gun jammed and thus the policeman got away unscathed.

Tatinghem, France



Paradoxically, some of the men fleeing the Taliban have themselves become radicalized and gone on to attempt terroristic attacks in the name of Islam.

Germany: Twenty people were injured in a terrorist attack in a train near Wurzburg, most of them Chinese tourists. The 17-year-old Afghan refugee shouted “Allah Akbar!” as he slashed the other passengers with a knife and axe. He had been living in Germany for two years and had just entered a new foster home.

Wurzburg train attack aftermath

He had recently recorded a video lauding the Islamic State.


Netherlands:  Two American tourists were stabbed at the train station in Amsterdam by a Muslim who wanted to “protect the Prophet”, and chose Amsterdam because “Islam is insulted here”. [The infamous Mohammed caricature cartoons were originally published there.]  “Jawad S.”, a 20-year-old Afghan asylum-seeker, has been sentenced to 27 years in prison for the crime.

Amsterdam terrorist and police

Sweden : A young Afghan asylum-seeker attacked seven perfect strangers in the town of Vetlanda with a knife, attempting to kill them. He claims to have overheard someone (not one of his victims) say “God doesn’t exist,” which offended him so strongly he had no choice but to perpetrate a massacre. He has been sentenced to life in prison.

Vetlanda, Sweden

France: “Basit,” a young political refugee from Afghanistan, has been charged with making terroristic threats. He approached the police guarding the chateau of Fontainebleau and threatened to kill them, shouting “I am the Islamic State!” He also tried to destroy the front gate of the prefecture. 

He has received a one year suspended sentence. He will be taken into psychiatric care and receive instruction in French civic values.

*     *     *     

Thus ends our primer on Afghan refugee crime in Europe since 2015. Please note that we have highlighted only the most heinous crimes, choosing to ignore the petty theft, vandalism, drug dealing, illegal squatting, and identity fraud which could have lengthened this piece many times over.



The above, one may correctly point out, are only anecdotes. How can we be truly sure that Afghans’ crime rates are out of proportion to Europeans’? Where is the hard data?


Such numbers are hard to come by, for two reasons. 

First, both European governments and most media outlets are loathe to publish such figures. Preserving the open-borders narrative at all costs is imperative.


Second, even where such data can be found, it is rarely post-2015 (explosion of Afghan immigration) and rarely broken out by national origin. One more often sees categories such as ‘foreign-born’, ‘Muslim-origin’, ‘Middle Eastern,’ ‘Asian’, etc.


So we have scraped up the few sources available which can give an empirical glimpse into Afghan criminality in Europe since the 2015 immi-wave.

First Germany, whose data dates to just before Merkel’s Boner:

Image source, via Anatoly Karlin

From Denmark and Switzerland, early on in the mid-2010s refugee wave:

Data source

Data source

In addition, it can be interesting to compare general inerpersonal violence levels between cultures. Homicide is a useful variable:

Data source 

The data is sparse; but what there is seems to back up our library of anecdotes above. 

*     *     *


Afghans have been fleeing the Taliban for decades. America’s invasion after 9-11 pushed the Taliban out of Kabul, but they have been launching brutal attacks in that city as well as in the countryside for twenty years. This low-grade civil war has continued non-stop.


Afghans who have fled to Europe have in some cases assimilated, but in most cases have continued to live in parallel societies in total contradiction with the values of the countries that welcome them.

This is the best case scenario for an incoming wave of Afghan refugees.


The worst case is what we have seen since Merkel opened the doors to the boat people in 2015: The horrifying violent crime wave detailed above.


We repeat, and insist upon this point: Every criminal cited in the litany above was a refugee who claimed to be ‘fleeing the Taliban.’

The leftist fantasy of one million Afghans turning into microbrew-swilling, rainbow flag-waving Portlandians is not supported by the facts.


We at TWCS posit, based on the data, that this national group is in the best case culturally incompatible with life in a Western country, and in the worst case a source of exceedingly, insupportably high violent crime.


Will our policy-makers take note?

Thank you for reading.


Desdichado said...

I like Trevino's response in the introduction. Who's "we", amigo? You're not an American. Welcome him to YOUR country. While you're at it, go BACK to YOUR country and leave us alone.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your insightful commentary and thoughtful analysis. I always look forward to your new posts. I appreciate that you take the time to cite the sources and data behind your assertions. I'm sure you might feel like a "voice in the wilderness" sometimes, but I support you and let other people know about your blog.

M.G. said...

Desdichado—From Trevino’s website:


Rondell Treviño is the Founder and Director of The immigration Coalition—a faith-based non-profit providing clean drinking water to Immigrants and Migrants at the Southern Border and biblically balanced resources on immigration that show compassion to immigrants and respect for the rule of law. Rondell speaks on issues of Immigration and engaging in politics from a biblical perspective at Churches, organizations, and conferences around the United States. Rondell has written and been featured in several publications, including The Gospel Coalition, Christianity Today, and The Washington Post. Treviño received a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies from Belhaven University and a Master of Divinity from Capital Seminary and Graduate School.

He's convinced that God wants him to bring the entirety of Latin America to the U.S.; there’s no reasoning with someone like that.

M.G. said...

Anon 7:34—

Thank you so much for your kind words and support, they’re very motivating. I’m glad that you take the time to read here and that you find this data interesting and useful.

luke2236 said...

If trevino were actually a Christian, he would see that God sets borders and demands separation of the races. Read the Bible (((trevino))).

Anonymous said...

White men are a failure and need to be beaten until moral improves. This is ridiculous.

M.G. said...


Western Protestantism, like nearly every other institution here, has become profoundly feminized, and Trevino is the result. Religion based on pure emotion, devoid of logic or even common sense.

Anon 4:17—

Putting this piece together really drove home a sense that the West is, indeed, over. Imagine even a handful of these crimes happening in, say, the Caucasus or the Gulf or in any African country—all the Afghans would be promptly pogromed and/or thrown out en masse. All we in the West can muster is ‘Thank you sir, may I have another?’

luke2236 said...

MG - what you say is basically true, however, actual, true Christianity is NOT merely emotion based nor devoid of logic. This trevino clown is probably a (((plant))), or at best the result of the feminised 'judeo' Christianity [what an oxymoron!] so prevalent in our land. The Bible is plain about separation as well as helping your own kind, but of course these types have never read a Bible.
You are correct tho that the West is done for...unless we get off our butts and do something about it and heed II Chronicles 7:14 on the way.

exlib said...

Very informative article about the Mind Cancer that has taken control of mainstream normies throughout the West. They will start screeching like helldemons if you try to show them this.

Anonymous said...

Always insightful postings. And this is only the Afghans. Several other groups could get this same treatment, backed up by their own numerous examples of savagery. I’m so grateful to have such wise and benevolent people in charge of my society.

Anonymous said...

Considering how many grandchildren Osama Bin Laden has, that says a lot about who has been having a Clark Unz reproductive advantage in the muslim world.

Anonymous said...

The Brandenburg gate was illuminated with the Turkish flag as part of the whole 'Je suis charlie' flag solidarity between about 2014-2018 during the large scale Islamic terror wave in Europe. It was after the new year night club attacks in Istanbul.



It was eventually stopped for being silly. And for the fact that it could potentially cause political issues like the one referenced where questions were asked about why no Russian flag was projected on it after an attack in Russia.