20 April 2021

Hunting Asians for Sport: A Trans-Atlantic Tale


In an age more and more prone to mass hysterias, a new one is sweeping the U.S.: That East Asian immigrants are being violently attacked en masse by white supremacists.

From John Derbyshire:

The message we’re getting here from the Gods of the Market Place is, that because the sinister, evil Donald Trump told us that Covid-19 was a Chinese virus, his followers—who are, of course, all gap-toothed white supremacist persecutors of nonwhites—have been attacking anyone who looks Asian: sucker-punching them, shoving them under subway trains, and so on.

... But then, just as I was rolling my eyes and scoffing, along came a Great White Defendant, who for a moment looked as if he might rescue the Narrative. This was 21-year-old Robert Aaron Long, a white man from Georgia, who shot nine people at three massage parlors in Atlanta Tuesday night. Eight of the nine died, the ninth is in hospital, seriously injured but stable.

A Southern Baptist who watched porn all day and was in therapy for ‘sex addiction,’ Long had just been kicked out of his parents’ house. This caused him to snap, buy a pistol and go kill the ‘source of his temptation'--workers at the Asian sex trafficking parlors he'd frequented.


Steve Sailer has been following this moral panic closely. He quotes the New York Times’ “particularly shameless work of fake news”:

Confronting Violence Against Asians, Biden Says That ‘We Cannot Be Complicit’

The vice president offered little doubt about what she believed and whom she blamed for stoking the violence, alluding to — without directly naming — former President Donald J. Trump, who repeatedly blamed the pandemic on what he called the “China virus.”

“For the last year, we’ve had people in positions of incredible power scapegoating Asian-Americans,” she said. “People with the biggest pulpits spreading this kind of hate.”

…Anti-Asian attacks have soared during the past year, part of a pattern that Mr. Biden called “wrong” and “un-American” last week during a speech at the White House.

What, you may wonder, does a whore-monger murdering the Korean objects of his lust have to do with Donald Trump pointing out that the Wuhan Flu is Chinese? As it turns out, Trump’s words have pushed scores of Americans—mainly black ones, whom we know are his biggest voting bloc--over the edge into violence. On the West Coast:

In January, a local television station showed footage of a young man sprinting toward, then violently shoving to the ground, a man identified as Vicha Ratanapakdee, 84, who had been out for a morning walk in the Anza Vista neighborhood of San Francisco. He later died.

Another video shows a 91-year-old man in Oakland’s Chinatown neighborhood being pushed facedown into the sidewalk cement from behind in an apparently unprovoked attack.

 On the East Coast: 

Asian Woman Leaving Asian-Black Solidarity Rally Gets Punched (by a Black Man)

Later Sunday on the Lower East Side, police sources say a 54-year-old woman was smashed in the face with a metal pipe by a man who allegedly shouted an anti-Asian slur.

… Police are also looking for another man in connection to a similar crime. They say he yelled and punched a 66-year-old Asian man in the face on Allen Street on the Lower East Side on Saturday at around 9 a.m.

... Police arrested 36-year-old Marc Mathieu over the weekend, charging him with assault as a hate crime for a subway attack Friday afternoon. He allegedly punched a 68-year-old Asian man on the 1 train.

Blacks violently attacking Asians, which is an everyday occurrence in this country (as is Blacks attacking Whites, Hispanics, and each other), is suddenly being painted as Trump-inspired bigotry.


But it's tricky to make surveillance footage lie. 

The victims:

 The perpetrators:

But these are just anecdotes, after all. Surely the data show that Whites are indeed mowing down Asians left, right, and center?


From Andrew Sullivan, via Steve Sailer:     

But what about hate crimes specifically? In general, the group disproportionately most likely to commit hate crimes in the US are African-Americans. At 13% of the population, African Americans commit 24% of hate crimes.

But hate specifically against Asian-Americans in the era of Trump and Covid? … The best data I’ve found for 2020, the salient period for this discussion, are provisional data on complaints and arrests for hate crimes against Asians in New York City, one of two cities which seem to have been most affected. They record 20 such arrests in 2020. Of those 20 offenders, 11 were Black, 7 Hispanic, and 2 White. 

As far as Black-on-Asian versus Asian-on-Black crime:

In 2018’s Table 14, the BJS broke out the black vs. Asian offending rates. According to inadequate sample sizes, blacks aggressed against Asians 50,000 times vs. a little over 500 times that Asians attacked blacks, for an 89 to 1 racial ratio of total incidents. Because there are almost twice as many blacks as Asians, on a per capita footing that would be 46 to 1.


The data unequivocally show, then, that Asians are being massively victimized by Blacks. And yet certain members of the community are in complete denial of this fact:

When Ariel Hsu saw a graphic video last week of an Asian American senior citizen in San Francisco being pushed to the ground and the growing social media response around it, she said she was concerned — about both the victim and the outcry. 

Hsu, a chapter leader at the National Asian American Pacific American Women’s Forum, said that given that the suspect in the incident is Black, many in the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community, including herself, were concerned about anti-Black sentiment that appeared to be present in some of the online calls for justice.


For organizers like Hsu, seeing the actor Daniel Dae Kim offer a $25,000 reward for information on the suspect felt like a “bounty,” she said, and the increased calls for more police presence seemed like a backwards step.


“If addressing violence against Asian Americans entails furthering stereotypes about Black criminality and the policies associated with those stereotypes … we’ve misdiagnosed the problem,” said Janelle Wong, a professor of Asian American studies at the University of Maryland.


Is it denial, or a conscious effort to ape the current anti-white zeitgeist?


Hard to say. But this complex dynamic of Black violence, Asian victims, and White scapegoats… does it have parallels anywhere else in the world?


In fact, yes. There is a strikingly similar phenomenon at work in France. An indigenous white majority, a melanated predator class (mainly Arab, a bit black), and an East Asian minority of easy targets. Join us for a tour d'horizon...




1) Street Attacks


In France, just like in the U.S., East Asians are frequent victims of street attacks by the predator class. That class is made up largely of Arabs, and to a lesser extent Sub-Saharan Africans.


In France, as in America, journalists are very reluctant to point out the ethnicity of the attackers. One must read between the lines to catch the clues (most often, these attacks happen in towns or neighborhoods that are overwhelmingly Arab/African, or are the sort of pack attack that is the exclusive provenance of such peoples).


In the sunny southern town of Montpellier

Tuesday evening, a South Korean student crossed paths with a group of young people when he heard comments perceived as racist about his Asian origins. One of them used his fingers to imitate slanted eyes ... The group of three or four people surrounded him. The Korean student, feeling threatened, broke a glass bottle in defense.

The attackers then swooped down on him. Falling to the ground, the victim received a volley of punches, kicks and was struck twice with a blade to the back of the thigh.

Injured, he was taken care of by the emergency services. Three suspects, Albanian nationals, were quickly arrested and taken into police custody.

(Twist ending--France has few Albanian immigrants, but they punch far above their weight in criminality.) 


In the sleepy provincial burg of Bruay-La-Buissière:

Two artists who are currently exhibiting in the town of Bruay-La-Buissière, Anthony Dongé and Songlin Ji, were assaulted in the rue Hermant on Friday. One of them suffered bruises on his face and had to be hospitalized.

It was 6:20 pm when the two artists left the Temple, where they are currently in residence, when they were stopped by a group of people. They were subjected to racist remarks. Songlin didn't want to react, but Dongé told them off. The group jumped on him in a fury and beat him bloody.


In Vitry, a heavily Arab suburb of Paris:

This Wednesday evening, while three minors, suspected of having attacked 11 people of Asian appearance, were in custody at the Vitry police station, a woman of Cambodian origin was the victim of a mugging less than 500m away. 

These attacks have become par for the course as soon as the nice weather arrives. “Since the beginning of April, things have picked up again,” notes a member of the community. (...) "We have become a target", summarizes Sun-Lay Tan, departmental spokesperson for the "Security for All" association.

For these teens barely out of childhood, it's not even an assault. It is a rite of passage. To "get yourself a Chinese" is to show that you deserve to be part of the gang.

Spectacular attack in Aubervilliers (Arab suburb of Paris):

A trader was killed Monday evening at the motorway exit in Aubervilliers (Seine-Saint-Denis) during an armed attack by criminals disguised as police officers. They made off with 100,000 euros.

At around 8.15 p.m., a car with a flashing police light forced a van to stop at the off-ramp. On board, two sellers who ran an art and craft stand at the Japan Expo.

Five hooded men dressed in bulletproof vests marked "police" get out and robbed the two men at gunpoint, aided by two men on scooters.

The 40-year-old victim "resisted, and a projectile severed his femoral artery," according to a police source. He died overnight in a Paris hospital.

Some have compared the anti-Asian violence to the long-standing Arab attacks against French Jews:

Belleville, then and now

Caroline Chu, of Canadian and Chinese descent, recounts: "In 2015, I lived in Belleville. A working-class Parisian neighborhood I loved for its vitality and diversity." But the love didn’t last. Violently attacked and robbed, Caroline was the victim of "prejudices against Asians", she explains. "Asians are calm, discreet, not always able to express themselves well in French, especially the elderly. They are business owners, have cash on them. And it is these clichés which have led a part of the French youth to attack them, same as they attack the Jews."

I’ve been pointing out for years the similarities in the attacks against Jews and Asians,” continues Caroline. The fact that we hear the same clichés coming out of the mouths of the attackers, and that they are rarely named. "We must not appear racist. But the fact is that they are often young people, even minors, from Muslim communities, of African or North African origin. We are afraid to pass for racists." 

Attacks in Villejuif (Paris) and Marseille (Mediterranean coast):

On August 18, a 60-year-old Chinese woman, Ms. Hong, died at the hands of her attackers in Villejuif (Paris suburb). They attacked her for her handbag, believing it was full of cash. 
In August, in Marseille, it was an Asian man who had his skull smashed by those who wanted to rob him. In a coma, the victim is in critical condition. A GoFundMe was launched to help the family face the costs. All of which was met with crickets from the media.

This Parisian attacked Asians with an odd M.O.:

Already sentenced twenty-eight times, Armel Beded is charged with hiring a private driver to take him from the Paris region to the Troyes metro area. He prepared for his visits by selecting his victims from the phone book--all from the Asian community.

"He comes from the Paris region to commit offenses, by car with a driver so as not to leave any traces” claims the prosecutor, who is demanding a prison sentence of 3 years.

 Arab teens target Asians for fun, Vitry again:

Ayub K. and Abderrahmane M., minors, are well known at the Vitry police station. In May they were part of a gang of five minors arrested in a series of attacks against Asian women. No less than 144 incidents between the end of 2015 and summer 2016. All muggings were in the city center, with the bus line 183 as a common thread, as many victims were assaulted as they were getting off.


More teens targeting Chinese in Arab suburbs:

Sentences of twelve and eighteen months in prison were pronounced on Tuesday evening against two youths from Saint-Denis and Aubervilliers, convicted of mugging Asians to steal their Longchamp handbags. 

The two are implicated by a third minor who confessed "That’s right, as soon as we saw the Chinese, we grabbed them.”

The court followed the prosecution's requisitions to the letter, even though Mehdi and Issa have no criminal record. The younger, who holds a vocational degree and is eager to join the army [!], received the heaviest sentence, since he hit the policeman to free the thief.


 In Saint-Denis :  

An Asian mother and her son were assaulted by men on scooters Sunday evening in Saint-Denis, north of Paris, Le Parisien reported yesterday. One of the two-wheelers ripped off the bag that was on the woman's shoulder then took off, causing the woman to fall and be dragged for several meters. Her 28-year-old son received a blow while trying to defend her. Covered with "multiple bruises", they were both taken to the hospital. 

 A brutal anti-Chinese attack whose victim died:

Two youths from Aubervilliers (Paris) were sentenced to 4 and 10 years imprisonment by the juvenile court for unintentional homicide. Seven and fifteen years had been asked for.

The racist nature of the attack was recognized, as claimed by the Advocate General, in the light of comments reported by the victim, who had heard "money” and “Chinese". His death triggered an unprecedented mobilization of the Asian community, including in China, very concerned about the fate of its nationals in France.

Gratuitous attack in Aubervilliers:  

In October in Aubervilliers (Seine-Saint-Denis), a 29-year-old Chinese worker was assaulted by strangers who were after his cell phone. He was walking home from work when he received a blow to the back of the head. A friend who was walking with him saw five men flee. Seriously injured, the victim passed out. He suffered a serious head trauma and had to undergo surgery at the end of October.

Here is French Slate, in a fine example of 21st-century Multicult propaganda. A quick “ctrl+F” of the article shows not one instance of “immigrant”, “Arab”, “African”, or “Muslim”, the authors of all this anti-Asian violence. But the Slate writer does spend several paragraphs falsely insinuating it’s somehow indigenous white French people who are at fault.


'Anti-Asian Attacks, Dramatic Confirmation of a Racism amplified by Covid'


“Ching Chong!”, “Small cock!” or, more recently, “Covid, it's your fault!”. Jefferson Lin, 18, is almost used to these taunts. Despite the rising discrimination against people perceived as Asian since the virus appeared, this student would never have imagined being beaten for no reason--for the sole fact of his Chinese origins.

His assault follows a spate of calls for violence on social media. At the end of Emmanuel Macron's speech on October 28, which announced the new lockdown, several tweets inciting to “attack every Chinese” and “beat up” Asians in France were published. At the beginning of November, the Paris prosecutor's office opened an investigation for “public incitement to commit an attack on the physical integrity of a person, of a racist nature”.

'Students, tomorrow at school grab all the Chinese kids and kick. their. ass.' 

'Calling all my niggas and my arabs from the hood, whoop any chinese guy you see in the street'

Slate feigns ignorance that all of these tweets were written by Arabs or Blacks--note how they carefully block the names and photos of their authors.

Here is what Slate chose to hide:


… "An emotional distancing takes place vis-à-vis Asians," said Rui Wang, city  councilor in Pantin. “Attacking them or making fun of them seems less serious, easier. " Beyond violence, anti-Asian racism is expressed above all in the guise of sometimes contemptuous humor. The sequence of a 2002 documentary showing [conservative politician] Isabelle Balkany nicknaming her Cambodian employee "Rice grain" is a sad illustration of this.

Yes, a tone-deaf nickname given to a Cambodian intern by an obscure white politician 20 years ago is no doubt driving Arabs and Africans to beat up Asians in the streets of Paris today.

Humiliating words that can take the form of harassment. Resident in France for four years, Songhee Lee, a 28-year-old Korean, says that she experiences it every day: “Not a week goes by without being called out to me in the street with “Ni Hao ” or “Ching  Chong ”. [By whom?] It's oppressive, I have the impression of being reduced to a mysterious object from a distant and unknown world.”

... The recent attacks against Asians in France are certainly part of the context of the epidemic, but also that of a deleterious social climate of hatred towards others, of racism and stigmatization of people of immigrant background.


The people beating up Asians are of immigrant background. That not only is this salient fact not mentioned, but that Whites are implied to be the perpetrators, shows that 'Slate France' is as shameless a propagandist as its American counterpart.



2) Business Attacks

Not just random street attacks, but Asian businesses too are major targets, largely because they are reputed to do lots of cash trade.

In Mantes-la-Jolie, an Arab suburb of Paris:

The robbery of a tobacco bar in Mantes-la-Jolie paid off big for its authors. Three hooded and gloved men burst into the establishment on the rue de Gassicourt on Saturday evening, armed with a knife and tear gas. They seized 20,000€ in cash, but also lottery tickets and cartons of cigarettes, for an amount estimated at nearly 10,000€.

They also sprinkled the owner’s mother with petrol from a plastic bottle and threatened to set her on fire. […] As this bar is run by people of Asian origin, officials will try to establish whether the criminals are targeting this community.

In Essonne (Paris suburb):

Between fifteen and twenty customers of a Chinese restaurant in Essonne were robbed on Saturday evening by armed and hooded attackers, an attack for which four young men are in police custody.

Shortly before 11 p.m., the gendarmes received a call from a Chinese restaurant in Saint-Germain-lès-Corbeil, whose managers explained that they had just been robbed, as well as "around twenty" customers, by very aggressive, insulting, armed and hooded attackers: cash register, but also wallets, jewels, cell phones were carried away.

Even in far-away Draguignan, a provincial burg in the South, predators attack:

Shop owners on this street in Draguignan say that a small Asian business has been the object of harassment by local youths for weeks if not months. Last weekend there were two particularly turbulent arrests with large numbers of security forces on the scene.

The Asian shopkeeper reportedly defended himself against another attack, and the interior of his establishment was partially destroyed during the ensuing brawl. The youths then turned on the police who arrived on the scene before eventually fleeing.


3) Tourist Attacks


Much to the chagrin of the French tourism industry, which provides 7% of the country’s GDP, East Asian visitors have also been a prime target of the Arab and black criminal class.

They lurk in front of hotels:

Three Chinese tourists, aged 29 to 32, were robbed Thursday evening in Guyancourt (Yvelines) in front of their hotel by a gang of five youths.

Five people appeared and threatened them with pistols. The thieves hit one of the women who tried to resist and grabbed their three travel bags which contained cash, passports, bank cards and cell phones.

(...) Chinese tourists, and more broadly those of Asian origin, are the targets of attacks because they are known for their strong purchasing power and their taste for cash. Friday night, another member of this community was also held up in Pantin (Seine-Saint-Denis). The Paris police headquarters are carrying out awareness-raising actions among the community and tourists in an attempt to stem this phenomenon.

Val-de-Marne (another Arab suburb):

Several Asian tourists were robbed of their possessions in front of the Fresnes Hotel (Val-de-Marne) after being pepper sprayed by four men. The group was gathered in the parking lot of their 3-star hotel at 8:40 p.m. when they were sprayed with tear gas and robbed of their luggage. The 40-strong group of tourists was visiting from China.

Val-d'Oise, near the Paris airport:

Between five and ten individuals robbed a bus of Chinese tourists Tuesday morning near Roissy airport, north of Paris. At around 8 am, in front of the Campanile de Gonesse hotel (Val-d'Oise), individuals attacked 27 tourists who were loading their luggage.

"Several pieces of luggage and personal effects were stolen" by these individuals, the police said. Two tourists and the translator were slightly injured and taken to hospital. The driver was sprayed with tear gas.


 A horrific attack on a tourist bus which almost led to a fiery end:

The incident nearly ended like this--but the bus did not ignite

"They arrived in panic," recalls the hotelier, reached by phone, remembering the arrival of a bus of Korean tourists who had come to stay at a hotel in Bobigny (Seine-Saint-Denis). It was Saturday, around 8 p.m. The tourists had found themselves stuck in traffic following a protest in front of the Bobigny courthouse.

Five attackers had forcibly boarded the bus which was blocked in traffic. After slapping a few passengers, the criminals allegedly took anything of value: credit cards, cash, and even Eurostar train tickets.  Before fleeing, the attackers reportedly attempted to set the bus on fire, but the fire failed to ignite.

The bus driver managed to leave and reach the hotel. "We called the police and they asked the tourists to go and file a complaint, but they did not want to leave the hotel," said the hotelier. (...) Since then, the Korean embassy has advised against certain cities of Seine-Saint-Denis to its nationals, confides a native of Korea.

 One isn't safe even on the Champs-Elysées:

A couple of [Asian-]American tourists had a $100,000 watch stolen Thursday night by a team of criminals. The couple were assaulted by three men outside a restaurant on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées (8th arrondissement).

Around half past midnight, the man and woman, of Asian origin, came out of a restaurant. They were heading towards a bus stop. A hooded man appeared and boxed in the husband as two others grabbed his Patek Philippe watch, valued at $ 100,000. The trio fled before the victims even had time to react.


 Tourism professionals are trying to staunch the wound:

"We are warning the Chinese to divide their money and we also insist that they do not pay for a coke with a 100 euro bill", explains Jean-François Zhou, a Franco-Chinese travel agent in Paris. Likewise, he formally advises his clients against taking the metro or even leaving the hotel at night. [!] “Moreover, we no longer work with hotels located in Seine-Saint-Denis and if we go to the provinces, we avoid Marseille”.

In China, he explains, a blacklist of Parisian hotels-to-avoid is circulating on social media. Even if he’s seen "a decline in bad news for a month", this professional remains vigilant nonetheless. On June 23, for example, several Chinese seated in a restaurant had their luggage stolen from the trunk of the minibus on rue de Provence. […] "Before, Paris symbolized luxury, a certain art of living, for the Chinese. But when they arrive, the shock is brutal. Now it’s no longer an idealized destination.”


Seine Saint-Denis, now an almost entirely Arab and African colony just north of Paris, has  become a byword for danger:

After the attack on a bus of Korean tourists last Saturday on the sidelines of the demonstration in front of the Bobigny court, Asian travelers are likely to be even less willing to stay in Seine-Saint-Denis. The situation was already far from ideal. For months, hoteliers have noticed a drop in the number of visitors to their establishment. 

"Most tourism professionals no longer put their clients in Seine Saint-Denis, unless there are no places available elsewhere," confirms Jean François Zhou, president of the Chinese Association of Travel Agencies in France (ACAVF). "There is a real boycott of the department." 

France, desperate for that sweet tourist money, has sent its diplomats to grovel before the PCC: 

Visiting Beijing as part of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations with China, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs said: “France has a police force to take care of policing and we will do everything possible to make tourists feel safe. We will strengthen the patrols and the Interior Ministry will set up a special Chinese telephone number."

If the number of Chinese tourists continues to increase in France with 1.5 million visitors in 2013, concerns about their vulnerability are also growing, especially since last March, 23 Chinese tourists were robbed of 7,500 euros after a dinner in the center of the capital.


We would be remiss not to include this highly amusing video from the Paris Police educating Chinese guests on how to avoid being robbed, in which we see an inverted-reality France where white muggers and pickpockets cruise around divesting unsuspecting Blacks of their possessions.


In cafés, it is Blacks who are victimized by middle-aged white thieves:

In this inverse reality, the three-card Monte scam is carried out not by Gypsies, but by white boomers on unsuspecting black tourists:

The ‘false petition’ scam, in reality the work of bands of Romanian gypsy teens, is in this mirror-France carried out by white blonde women… against a hapless Afro, natch:

If the Paris police were trying to give Chinese tourists exactly the wrong idea about who to watch out for in the streets, they could not have produced a better video than the above.


4) Fighting Back


One big reason Asians are targeted is that they are perceived as passive, docile, timid. But some are finally banding together to fight back:

A classic summer evening. But half an hour later, it is dark. The alleys are emptying. That's when they come out. About ten Chinese, 40 to 50 years old, gather in front of the buildings, before going on patrol. Together, or in small groups, they will roam the neighborhood until midnight.

“We are very angry. The women coming home from work late at night have their bags stolen, along with money and ID. Some been knocked down, broken their hands. In April, a 75-year-old lady was attacked. It’s terrible,” explains Xu, 43. “We work, we pay taxes. We like it here, it’s clean, we don’t want to leave,” adds Cheng Chuan, resident of Créteil for 10 years.

What about the police? "We call them. But they stay in their car. In China, the police are much rougher,” notes the father.

These self-defense groups are becoming more common: 

Everyone knows someone who's been assaulted. It's terrifying to think that the next person to fall victim to it might be your mother, a friend, you. " Despite temperatures hovering around 0 degrees on this December evening, Yuange Zheng, 21, is stationed with some 20 men of Chinese origin at the foot of the Parc residence in La Courneuve. From sunset until midnight, they are there to make sure all residents return home safely. 

Armed robberies, beatings, sexual assaults, insults, humiliations… Racist attacks are the daily life of the Chinese community, particularly in Aubervilliers and La Courneuve.

“Now I'm completely paranoid. Wherever I go, I look behind me all the time to make sure I'm not being followed. The presence of neighbors reassures me and touches me, too. It's important to see that you're not alone in this,” said Hongzhu Lin with emotion, holding up her phone with pictures of her swollen face. Walking home with her husband, she was robbed and beaten up in this very spot. ... Feeling neglected by the authorities, community members have taken their safety into their own hands. 

They're now demanding politicians give them answers:

It is a population that is often referred to as "silent". But not anymore. Members of the Asian community were received at the prefecture of Val-de-Marne earlier this week to talk about the violence they have suffered for several months. This interview with the prefect and the police, as well as two members of parliament, recalls others.

It included relative of an Asian woman who was violently assaulted in the street in Villejuif, and died shortly after. One attack among many.

During this two-hour meeting, they learned, for example, that in Val-de-Marne “one armed robbery in six has an Asian target,” this spokesperson said. But this figure is too low, because it only takes into account victims born in an Asian country, not French citizens of Asian descent.


Things are starting to look like war: 

For the past ten months, violence against the Asian community has continued to increase. Faced with this phenomenon, the inhabitants decided to react by occupying the common areas every evening.

"Every evening, we take up the guard", explains a resident of the passage de la Croix-Blanche who wishes to remain anonymous.

He tells us :

The young people started targeting us with mortars. There were about fifteen of us downstairs. We decided to counter-attack. We ran after them with self-defense sticks. A friend of mine was hit with metal bars. "

At Six-Routes, the climate is just as explosive. “They were throwing mortars blindly. One of them exploded next to me. I had an ankle injury," said a man who spent part of the night in the hospital.

Since the start of the 2015 school year, numerous meetings have taken place with the town hall, the police and the services of the Prefecture. Thursday afternoon, Gilles Poux, the mayor (PC) of La Courneuve again came to meet them:

"I understand your anger," he explains to them. But when there is a problem, it is better to call the police. It is not for you to deal with this violence. This is only likely to make the situation worse. "

In recent months, the state services have met on several occasions with representatives of the Asian community to dissuade them from taking justice into their own hands: "We encourage them to systematically file a complaint," the Prefecture indicates. “We also encourage them to no longer walk around with cash on them, which makes them ideal victims. "

Pressure on politicians is mounting:

Insecurity is infuriating the Asian community in France. At the same time as the meeting in Paris of 57 associations and more than 400 of their representatives, on May 28, a petition having gathered more than 25,000 signatures (less than the 50,000 hoped for) was sent to the government, accompanied by a letter to Prime Minister, the Interior Minister, and the mayor of Paris.

Under the banner “Live in harmony! Against violence!”, The authors of the document denounce “the critical situation in terms of public security, a situation that our community is confronted with on a daily basis.” The initiative was inspired by Jiaqing Wang, executive president of the Association of Chinese Nationals in France and Taki Zhang, vice-president of the Representative Council of Asian Associations in France (Craaf). The letter is also co-signed by Tao Sun, president of the Association of Chinese Lawyers in France.



It is interesting to see the similarities and differences in this anti-Asian violence on both sides of the Atlantic.

In France, much of it seems to be crime of opportunity--Asians are seen by the Arab predator class as docile, passive, and full of cash.

In the U.S., in addition to the above, there is the added joy that Afros seem to take in violence for the sheer fun of it. (See some of the linked surveillance footage for examples.)

91-year-old Asian drop-kicked for fun (this time by a Hispanic)

The recent Covid unpleasantness has added a layer of germ-inspired xenophobia to many of these attacks, on both sides of the pond.

*     *     *


We have seen that multiculturalism is giving us real-time, society-scale social experiments on both sides of the Atlantic.

A sun people predator class preys upon an ice people victim class—but all concerned, in France’s case, are immigrants.


In America, the predator class is homegrown. But one minority attacking another minority leaves the press flustered as to how to spin the narrative--when the only bad guys are supposed to be Whites.  

The strongest parallel is that in both countries, the colored predator class has been brutalizing Whites daily for many years--to crickets from the media. 

It is only when the melanated turn their sights towards another 'victim group' (Asians, Jews) that the violence draws any mention--but without ever naming the ethnicity of the attackers.

And in the most twisted of turns, certain Asian-Americans have tried to pin this relentless black predation on ... Whites.


This ‘coalition of the fringes’ (as Sailer calls it) will, we predict, continue to turn against itself as Democrats tighten their hold on power these next four years. Will Asians choose to ally with their fellow victimized Whites, or will they try to curry favor with their colored aggressors?


This spiral of minority-on-minority violence mixed with jockeying for victimization pokemon points is fascinating to behold. For those who have long warned of the fissures inherent in Multiculturalism, this may turn out to be a depressing and bloody vindication.



Thank you for reading.

Image sources, photo montages of Asian victims and black criminals:



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Thanks for your comment. Yes, it's pretty flagrant and is sure to get a few more Chinese robbed on the streets of Paris, but as you say, they're beyond shame.

Andy5759 said...

We are all being set against each other. Classic divide and conquer tactics. Left and right, black and white, Christian Jew and Moslem, all are irrelevant to those who plan. We who can see can do little more than see. Thank you for your work, you have a fantastic team here. I pop my head around your door regularly in the hope of another post. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the case from Ireland of the Japanese student/call centre worker who was killed by an 'Asylum seeker', an 18 year old Egyptian, Mohamed Morei (100% Mohammed coefficient) whose entry into Ireland was unclear after claiming asylum in two other countries and arriving from Britain after having his asylum appeal rejected. The attack was only notable since Morei claimed to be engaged in Jihad (It would have been the first in Ireland and occurred at a time when they seemed to be happening every week in Europe) and attacked three other people, actual Irish men of similar age to the Japanese.

There aren't too many Japanese in Dundalk, (Perhaps the victim, Yosuke Sasaki, was the only one) but Mr Morei found one and killed him. It's the meekness, short stature, middle classness, even among other East Asians (Of which there are plenty) and sense of them being a non-core ethnicity (In the recesses of their minds they still fear the natives coming after them) that invites the attacks, but you can't say it. It must go double for blacks versus East Asians, particularly Japanese.

There is a reason of the heavy overlap of r/short and r/aznidentity.