10 November 2015

Late posting this month

Due to some personal issues at Chez M.G., we shall be publishing a bit later than usual this month. If the fates are kind, a new article should be up by Thanksgiving. For those following the ongoing European migrant debacle, don't forget to keep an eye on Gates of Vienna, Gatestone Institute, and American Renaissance.  Happy belated All Saints' to all who observe it, and a Happy Veterans Day as well.  A bientôt.


Artur said...


Bonjour MG :

Wow that Canal du Midi picture surely is a refreshing break from the Hell that has been swirling all around us.

Not sure if I told you this but I spent a good amount of time sailing on the VNF aboard a péniche. (Fréycinnet 38 I think).

As a matter of fact - et ce qui explique pourquoi cette image bucolique m'a tant interpellé - I am organizing another canal boat trip for around April 2016, if we survive that long.

I think it would probably be a breach of Alt-Right protocol to shed my anon. status to say : "Please join us ! ", but please consider that the through crossed my mind.


Ref : Paris Attax :

As usual you have done a fine fine compil. Unlike me, your excellent analysis of things and your rigorous writing style - Putain your blog delivers information so smoothly that it feels like you must be getting paid to do this - have been rewarded by a steady uptick in the number of comments you get. I remember when you first started, it took like a year or two for your comments box to start filling up. Like mine. But then you zoomed right past me. (At one point I was getting up to 5000 comments a day - but then I realized that scammers in Africa and the Phillipines were probably causing the spike. Today, if I don't post often, I get about 500 views per day).

I love the links you provide, good stuff.

Please though consider putting Riposte Laique and the extremely erudite partidel'in-nocence to the list.

I must say that Renaud Camus's "In-Nocence" site is a joy to read, especially in the Forum section, where the writing is so good it feels like you are sitting among members of the Académie Française. I am constantly having to bust out my French-English Larousse pocket dictionary (ok google.translate), the vocabulary is that rich. (For fun : two new words for me today - "sapphic" and "sylvan" - from the NYT Arts section film review of some lesbian Lithuanian's film "The Summer of Sangaile," which I initially mistook for that practically identical 2013 French lesbian flic "Blue Is The Warmest Color" by Abdellatif Kechiche (hmmm. I thought it was a French lesbian who directed this state-sponsored pedophilia).

God knows that the antis (anti-everything but decay) have the entire system on their side, the anti-fas are the new Establishment... (but you already knew this).


Hey do me a favor : If you care to reply and I wish you would, please consider using that sneaky technique I talked about earlier :

Go to archives and select like one of the first posts on COTT, and comment there. That way noone will see it ; blogger puts comments at top, no matter how old post being commented upon.


I look forward to conversing with you in print in the near future, as this whole thing plays out.

Amitiés et solidarité,

- Arturo

PS : Au cas où vous n'auriez pas encore découvert Les Brigands :



Artur said...

Brigandes !