14 November 2015

Best news sources, Paris attacks

Best news sources for unfolding carnage in Paris:

In English:

Gates of Vienna

Gallia Watch

Daily Mail

In French:

François de souche

François de souche Facebook
(their regular site is overloaded from record traffic)

"Le Figaro" live feed

Sending positive thoughts to any Parisian readers. You are at war.


YIH said...

Thank God you're safe! I agree, it is war, the excess population has been driven from the Middle East to wage war on Europe.
Many cannot see that this is war due to their idea of war came from WWII and later, war can also be waged in a very low-tech way by sheer numbers - and that's exactly what's happening.
A so-called ''conservative'' recently read The Camp Of The Saints and despised it:
That is one of the main themes of Jean Raspail’s 1973 novel The Camp of the Saints, which I finished reading this weekend. It was a relief to reach the end of it. There is only one other book I can recall having finished, and having hated, but still being glad I read it, because I learned something from it: Sayyid Qutb’s condensed Islamist manifesto, Milestones.

The Camp of the Saints is a bad book, both aesthetically and morally.

But two weeks ago he had to reluctantly admit Raspail nailed it, his book has come to life.
When he finally wrote about what just happened in Paris, he went into his usual limp handwringing mode:
UPDATE.2: Some people on Twitter have their noses out of joint because I tweeted earlier saying that Angela Merkel’s generous refugee policy is going to guarantee much worse than what happened in Paris tonight in Germany. They had the idea that I’m blaming refugees for the Paris attacks. I am confident that refugees had nothing to do with this attack, nor do I expect that genuine refugees would carry out the same in Germany, or anywhere else.
Uh, OK, sure, whatever you say dude.

Jim said...

One thing to understand here. The West and Islam have been in violent conflict for over 1300 years. During nearly all of that time the West had a strong numerical advantage. So for most of this period an Islamic conquest of the West wasn't a realistic prospect. But this is no longer the case. The Moslem population adjacent to Europe has never been larger in relation to the European population. Also the Moslem population is much younger than the European population.

As a result there is now a very real danger than much of Europe may be overrun in the near future by the Moslem invasion. But Europeans appear almost oblivious to the current danger. Allowing large numbers of Moslems to emigrate into Europe was insane.

If Europe is to save itself it must prevent any further migration of Moslems into Europe and begin deporting the Moslems currently in Europe back to North Africa and the Middle East.

M.G. said...


Luckily I don't live in Paris, I'm in the South, though I do visit sometimes. But I have both family and co-workers there, everyone is overcome with shock.

Many cannot see that this is war due to their idea of war came from WWII

Exactly. War takes many forms, and this 5th column guerrilla style is surely one. I also consider the U.S. to be in a low-grade black-on-white race war at the moment. In fact these two situations have a lot more in common than they may seem.

Raspail nailed it, his book has come to life.

I'm sure he takes only grim satisfaction at having lived to see his predictions come true. Houellebecq, too, has been cited a fair bit since this weekend. The reason is that regional elections are coming up in a few weeks, and rumors were going around that Hollande was going to postpone them. In "Soumission," the second round presidential election is postponed because of Islamic violence.

Hollande has poo-pooed those rumors--but he's done several things one might do in a state of war: Declared a 3-month state of emergency (unprecedented since WWII), closed the borders, sent the army into Paris, and threatened to strip bi-national terrorists (ex: French-Algerian) of their French nationality--even those born in France! These are all policies that the National Front has been pushing for a long time, but of course were called 'fascist'--now all of a sudden our socialist president is sounding more right-wing than Le Pen! Strange, strange days indeed.

M.G. said...


But Europeans appear almost oblivious to the current danger. Allowing large numbers of Moslems to emigrate into Europe was insane.

Yes. This is the subject of the post I'm working on. NW Euros have truly advanced to late-stage decadence. Coupled with their new state religion, Multiculturalism (or Williams Syndrome writ large), they are sitting ducks for the more virile and fertile peoples to the South.

I become more pessimistic with each passing year, as it seems the West is well and truly 'abolishing itself,' as Theo Sarrazin put it. One can only wonder about those in ages past who watched the end of great empires-- Did they feel this same helplessness and disbelief as it all unfolded before their eyes? It's like being stuck on a roller coaster you can't get off.

Artur said...

Bonjour MG :

I gotta tell you something while the outrage is still bubbling within me :

I have been watching le petit journal every night as of late. (It was hard to stream before, now it's fast, no interruptions).

Anyway I don't know if you have noticed this, but Canal + has become extremely radical. It wasn't like that when I lived in France and Gildas was the host.

Even before the attacks the content that LPJ aired : I mean over-the-top negrophilia, with that smirky little jewish kid Mouloud Achour going out of his way to massage with his proverbial tongue the prostrate glands of the most repulsive american rappers out there. One example you might have seen it : Mouloud asks some sickening yellow-tooth rapper named young thug what French word he would like to learn.

Young Thug : "Suck muh dick" .

Mouloud helpfully told this horrible malignant tumorous growth known as young thug " Suce ma bite". The toothy black "recording artist" repeated after his jewish french instructor : "thooth mab eet" then snickered, then repeated it again to his homies off screen, they all had a good chuckle.

(Google Mouloud Achour young thug interview - can't embed here).

Canal + : After the attacks they had of course that vietnamese immigrant who was reminded by his 4 your old that the meanies had guns. Vietcong-dad famously replied : "Yes but we have flowers", thereby making the French look doubly stupid (A) for sharing this same suicidal philosophy and (B) for bending over backwards to accommodate the vibrant non-white newcomers to France, to accommodate them and only them (did you see how they took the side of the halal restaurant that got raided?).

The ceremony today at Les Invalides was a First-Class show, but again, there too Canal went way way out of their way to prove their anti-racist bona fides, by constantly featuring non-white interview subjects.

(Actually the French government sort of did the same thing, training their broadcast cameras on the non-whites among the personnel employed for the occasion : muslim musicians, african Garde Republicaine members, asian audience members, etc).

I am amazed and disheartened to see the French going down the same diversity worship road as the US.

One important difference I would like to get your opinion on :

The one area where the French noticeably diverge from diversity enforcement, is in ad media. Here's what I mean :

In the USA today it is impossible - repeat IMPOSSIBLE - to find an advertisement on tv or elsewhere, that does not automatically have a diversity quotient. You will never repeat NEVER see an advertisement with more than three people in it, that does not feature a diversity or two.

The French on the other hand, I have noticed, still broadcast tv commercials from time to time that have zero diversity. White only French tv ads are probably in the minority of all ads, but still, the zero-diversity commercials one sometimes sees in France are something become non-existant in the US.


These are some GD interesting times, wow. Something big is going to happen soon.

Please let me know what you think about these observations on Canal's certifiably insane LPJ.


- Arturo

ps : to reply in confidence, go to that safe space I told you about last time.