29 June 2012

Dirty Little Secrets

Still on holiday, but wanted to take a moment to dispel a small myth.  From our day-to-day dealings as well as the media, many Euro-Americans are under the impression that the Afro community--affluent and ghetto alike--are all cut in the Jesse Jackson mold of endless mewling victimization and race-baiting.  Not true.

Of course we all know the few Afro rightists, the Sowells and Steeles and Williams, but their 'risky' remarks rarely diverge from 'ending the welfare state will fix what ails us.'  And even they are but lone surfers paddling furiously against the black victimization tide.

'I'd like to be a fly on the wall,' once said the White, 'while Blacks sit around the water cooler and talk amongst themselves.'  Happily, the arrival of the internet in almost every home means that today he can.  This amazing series of tubes has coughed up from its depths some dirty, hairball-covered secrets, and the anthropologically-inclined would do well to take a look.  Here then, a brief survey of some of the more surprising Afro honesty the internet has delivered us of late.

Secrets: Afro women

The Sojourner's Passport ('Lifestyle optimization for African-American women'), a blog run by an Afro woman dispensing advice to her co-ethnics.  What advice? For one, that black women living in black neighborhoods are crazy and should immediately seek to relocate to white areas:


Years ago before I had my own blog, I started warning African-American women to run for their lives and flee Black residential areas in the US. Almost four years ago, as a commenter on another blog, I said that we are 1.5 steps away from Rwanda. “Rwanda” has arrived among those African-Americans who persist in living in Black residential areas.

Despite the bad-faith denial and lies spoken by the “things aren’t so bad that we need to evacuate Black neighborhoods” type of African-Americans, the pandemic of sexual molestation, rape, and gang rape among African-Americans continues to ravage increasing numbers of victims:

[list of links to news stories of horrific sex attacks on black girls by black men]

At this point, nobody can honestly “play the nut role” and fail to know that large numbers of African-American males are inclined to engage in rape and gang rape. Or that large numbers of African-American female zombies will support Black male rapists and gang rapists.

I’m not interested in the empty, meaningless handwringing that is the typical response to these atrocities. We already know that the masses of African-American adults are not going to lift a finger to protect Black girls who are trapped living within Black residential areas.

In another post, our hostess informs her readers that White Male-Dominated Law Enforcement Is The Only Thing Standing Between You And Mass Rape In Black Neighborhoods:

Halima, blog host of Black Women’s Interracial Relationship Circle, graciously gave me permssion to quote the comment that a reader made during a recent conversation at her blog.

    Icon said…
    “Ungrateful American BW [Black Women] need to be thanking their lucky stars that the White man keeps Black men in control. B/C where there is no white male rule the Black men are running crazy and the poor BW [Black Women] and their kids who have to live near and with them are experiencing EXTREME suffering.” [Khadija speaking: Icon is quoting this statement from another reader in the same thread.]

    A tough pill to swallow, but a necessary pill to swallow nonetheless. If NOT for the white cops and prison system in America, where I’m from, there’d be total anarchy, public rape, shooting for not responding to harassment and/or “punishment by gang rape” etc., if black men were allowed to actually FULLY control and operate black American neighborhoods. If black men could, we’d have precisely the same “community” as the Congo and South Africa where repeated rape of everyone from infants to old women running rampant, drug wars and shoot outs by militias CONSTANTLY (where now, as soon as a shoot out occurs, someone calls the cops and it’s squashed), etc.

    I agree, we are EXTREMELY privileged as People of African Descent in Predominately White Countries (PODnPWC will be my henceforth abbreviation :-P ). And every black woman that walks around hating white men and defending black men should know exactly what our circumstances would be if not for WM [White Men] laws keeping black men in check. It is, truly, a hard pill to swallow.

[...] [Blog hostess:]  When it comes to any country that I’m living in, I pray that God NEVER allows Black folks (of either gender) to set any agenda whatsoever regarding domestic violence, rape, child molestation, etc.! It goes almost without saying that most BM [Black Men] don’t care about these issues. And most Black women are dangerously male-identified. Too many of us are the same as the Arab, Pakistani, and Afghan women who support so-called “honor killings.” Most BW [Black Women] support violence against other Black women and girls—as long as these attacks are committed by Black men (and not White men).

Not quite the same discourse one hears from Blackness Experts such as Sharpton, Gates, West, et al.

And Khadija Nassif and her blog readers aren't the only Afros airing out a bit of inside laundry on the internet. 

The author of the Black Female Interracial Marriage blog, a self-identified Afro-American woman married to a Euro-American man, spends her days encouraging her melanin-enhanced sisters to make the same choice she did.  She also takes the time to relate this glimpse into the mind of unhappy dark-skinned Afros:

I've heard dark-skinned blacks say some of the cruelest things ever about other dark-skinned people, as if they're not just as dark!! Usually more mid-tone people (like me) and lighter-skinned blacks don't say anything when the dark-skinned crew start up ripping other dark folks because it's really a disturbing situation and it can quickly become dangerous. It's as if the dark-skinned person doing the ripping has entered an imaginary world where s/he is no longer dark, and I personally have never been brave enough to remind any adult doing this that they are the same complexion as their victim.

When I was working, I did remind a dark skinned boy once that he, too, was dark because he ridiculed the dark skinned girls daily about their complexions. When I pointed that out to him, this boy actually tried to physically attack me! Luckily for me, there were attendants present who could restrain him because he was a big, stockily built boy, and furious. I can still remember the rage on his face as he lunged at me, bellowing and blubbering, "I'm not dark!"

Needless to say, I refused to work with him anymore, due to my safety. However, this is yet another issue among AAs [African Americans] that drives a lot of other counterproductive issues, but is swept under the rug.

Secrets: Afro youth

The magic of Twitter has also allowed the world at large a fascinating glimpse into the beliefs young Afro-Americans hold about their co-ethnics. Unamusement Park has delved into this rich repository, sharing with us the following, about a July 4th melee at Baltimore's Inner Harbor:

Let us apply our usual racist trick: search Twitter for “harbor, black” and other interesting combinations of words (e.g. “somebody got stabbed at the harbor”) to see what the mainstream media could not be bothered to report.

Here are just a few of the hundreds of relevant tweets I found from the night in question, not including re-tweets. I’ll keep it simple: name, race, time, and tweet. Notice how early people (well, black people) detected trouble (from black people). For comparison, the stabbing occurred shortly after 10 pm (ABC2) and first aired on the 11 pm news.

    _ViolaLoves, black, 8:57 pm: “At the harbor too many black ppl lls”

    TeamWonnyBitch, black, 10:02 pm: “Dannng! Black ppl never cant do/get nothing right… On my way up the Harbor turning all the way around because they shut it down. *Shrugs”

    Marleyy_, black, 10:03 pm: “Shit got wild down da harbor black people is wild cant have alotta dem inda same place“

    AyyLera, black, 10:06 pm: “The harbor is a coon fest…what is with this black mob stuff its crazy.”

    OozieBangz, black, 10:10 pm: “Damn, Somebody Got Stabbed At The Harbor Already ?! Smh [shaking my head] Black People <<<"

    Duh_Toy, black, 10:13 pm: “Somebody got stabbed at the innor harbor! #notsuprised“

    dozens of tweets (and retweets) almost identical to Duh_Toy’s, all by black people, such as TinyyTerror at 10:23 pm: “So somebody got stabbed at the harbor? Idk [I don't know] why people acting so surprised.“

    x__JuicyShaa, black, 10:23 pm: “Wow someone got stabbed at the harbor , too many black ppl there at once .”

    _SunnyMonroee, black, 10:25 pm: “somebody got stabbed at the Harbor , we cant have NO type of fun nowadays without someone dying“

    bubblecheekz614, black, 10:26 pm: “Seen 6 fights so far at the harbor wtf is wrong with black people

    Scuda3, black, 10:29 pm: “I hate black people dey dont never know how to get along ppl tryna [people trying to] have a good time at the harbor and you wanna jump and stab dem #smh”

    LoveIsDeadXo, black, 10:40 pm: “That’s so fckn sad , ppl getting shot up & stabed at the harbor that’s the result of too many black ppl in a restricted area -______-”

    MallyRe, black, 10:57 pm: “You cant do SHIT with black people young… niggaz gettin stabbed at the harbor and shit”

    FreedomWars, black, 10:58 pm: “Somebody Got Stabbed At The Harbor -____- Black People ! Smh [shaking my head]

    Yeahh_ItsMia, black, 10:58 pm (right on time for the 11 o’clock news): “@_LoveeBuqq its on the newss . . And someotha people got shot and stabbed black people for you“

    Kyraa_Sasha, black, 10:59 pm: “See First The Zoo,Then The Carribean Festival,& Now The Harbor. Why Y’all Black Kids Gotta Be So Ignorant! Smhh [shaking my head]” (re-tweeted by 14 other black people, mostly women)

    YouWitTheFace, black, 11:02 pm: “I’m LMAO At My TL Because Every Year Somebody Got Beat Up Or Stabbed Down The Harbor For Like 5 Years In A Row.”

    inked_skin_tone, black, 11:02 pm: “Smfh [shaking my f*cking head] I knew a damn 4 year old shoot wtf #black people don’t know how to act“

    ForeverrSimone, black, 11:26 pm: “ah 4 yr old boy got shot & somebody was severly stabbed at the harbor ? this is fucking ridiculous ! i hateeee black people ,” (immediately re-tweeted by three other black women)

    PieVSTheWorld, black, 11:34 pm: “Somebody got stabbed n killed, someone else shot, and my SON was down there smh. Baltimore can’t have shit w/o niggers fuckin it up

    IKeepAMistress, black, 12:14 am: “I see why white people think so low of blacks. Like seriously black people can’t just go to a nice place like the harbor and act right”

Others have caught wind of this modern anthropological archive, such as the editors at American Renaissance, who dove deep into the Twitter tide while reporting on an April 2012 black mob incident in St. Louis's Delmar Loop:

[All messages left by self-identified Blacks:]

“That's crazy.. RT @_CoolAsFck: I heard you gotta be 21 after 2pm at the loop now..smh [shaking my head], black people fck it up for everybody”

“@LightBrightChey: Black people fck up sht for everybody. What you at the Loop shooting for.?”

“Loop was wild… I thought it was a fckin black people march. They all got kicked out… Police had the dogs out, barkin & shit lmaoo [laughing my ass off]”

“I heard it was a Riot in the Loop last night smh Black people just can’t go nowhere and HAVE FUN …’ ”

“& the loop was on the news! SMH, black people aint about to get to do NOTHING!”

“Why are people are acting so surprised that the loop got shut down. What did you expect? Black people to be in one place and NOT Fight?

“smmfh [shaking my motherfucking head] black people cant ever do anything. im never going to the loop agin! scared shitless LBVS”

Chris Rock's 1996 'Black people vs. Niggers' comedy bit became an instant classic, allowing Whites cowed by thirty years of political correctness to once again laugh at Blacks' foibles.  For this reason, Rock now refuses to do the bit--Whites, after all, have no right to use the word 'nigger.'

Enter young rapper Greydon Square, who released a rap single entitled 'The "N" Word' on his 2008 album 'The C.P.T Theorem.'  In it, he encourages non-Blacks (specifically 'Whites,' 'Latins,' and 'Asians') to embrace the 'nigger'/'black' division, and not to mistake the latter for the former.

'Niggers hear Blacks talk and say that they "talk white", more ignorant than Michael Vick setting up dogfights...
'Sagging to the ankles, don't care if they walk right, they'd rather smoke and drink than see if their kids are alright...
'[...] Niggers use their skin as a crutch, as an excuse to be lazy as fuck, not to get off of their butt...

'This goes out to all my Whites and non-niggers, if they're acting like a nigger, you call their ass nigger.'

Secrets: Afro men

Many internauts are familiar with ATLAH (Harlem) World Missionary Church's Reverend David Manning, whose preaching has left the pulpit and hit the worldwide web.  He can be heard expounding on themes such as 'God is Sick of Black People,' 'Black People are Haters and Losers,' and 'Black People Will Remain Poor Forever,' or giving his opinion on the current resident of the White House ('Long-Legged Mack Daddy') or America's favorite Blackness Expert ('Al "Nappy Headed Hoe" Sharpton').  He even appears to share the opinion of our first two quoted blog authors on the qualities of Afro Men ('Black Women, Marry Yourself a White Man').

'A joke?' one may ask. Not at all, the good Reverend appears to sincerely believe he is on a mission to lead his co-ethnics into faith-based self-improvement through haranguing. 

'The only thing the black man has in full supply that he can use against the white man is hate. And he does a good job of that. Because he can't use his history, and say he's been a great man and done great things and built great nations...he doesn't have money, he doesn't have the intellect of the white man, the only thing the black man can use against the white man is hatred.  I don't care if the black man has a PhD, I don't care if he's Cornell West, I don't care who he is, he does not have the strength, the ability of the white man, and he confesses it every day when he says "The white man is holding us down and we've got to redistribute the wealth."'

Finally, we pass along an African reaction to Dr. James Watson's famous career-ending remarks on Afro intelligence ("...all our social policies are based on the fact that [Africans'] intelligence is the same as ours - whereas all the testing says not really"):

Nigeria my dear country is a prime example of the inferiority of the black race when compared to other races. Let somebody please tell me whether it is a manifestation of intelligence if a people cannot organise a free, fair and credible election to choose who will lead them. Is it intelligence that we cannot provide simple pipe-borne water for the people? Our public school system has virtually collapsed. Is that a sign of intelligence?

Our roads are impassable. In spite of the numerous sources that nature has made available to us to tap for energy to run our industries and homes, we have no steady supply of electricity. Yet electricity is the bedrock of industrialisation. When you agree with the school of Watson, some say you are incorrect because all these failures are a result of poor leadership. Why must it be us blacks who must always suffer poor leadership? Is that not a manifestation of unintelligence?

Anywhere in the world today where you have a concentration of black people among other races, the poorest, the least educated, the least achieving, and the most violent group among those races will be the blacks. When indices of underdevelopment are given, black people and countries are sure to occupy the bottom of the ladder.

God himself must be frustrated with his black children. They must be an embarrassment to him. He has given us everything he has given to other of his children; why are his black children not manifesting their own gift?

We should go on our knees today and ask God why we do not appear as intelligent as our other brothers. I am confident God will reveal to us what we must do, and urgently too, to change our terribly unflattering circumstances.
Idang Alibi
First published 10-25-7

Some food for thought as summer days arrive and race relations in America reach a pitch not seen for many years.  The ranks of Those Who Can See are, it would seem, more multi-hued than one might be led to believe.


Anonymous said...

I guess Chris Rock's Black People vs. Niggas routine would be another example, though he stopped doing it "Cause some people that were racist thought they had license to say n-----".


Artur said...

MG :

Sorry, I'm a little outraged.

How is anything going to change when you have EIGHT YEAR OLD african american'ts shooting at White women in New Orleans, and people are not completely going berserk? Marching in the streets?

Something has to snap, MG. Check out the photo of the "teenager". Hint: that ain't no teenager; it's not even a teenaper! It's a fresh-out of (gub'ment paid) diapers niglet !

(Sorry, I can't believe I just said that. I am actually rather offended by crude racial slurs, but some times I drink a bit too much Bushmills and I can't contain myself, when the whole dystopia that Those Who Can Not See comes into too clear perspective.)

If Uptown Messenger had let me post my thoughts (I've been blocked from there for obvious reasons), I might have spared you this.

Shocking, MG !

Have a lookey-look and do tell me what you think :



- Arturo

Artur said...

MG :

Sorry, I'm a little outraged.

How is anything going to change when you have EIGHT YEAR OLD african american'ts shooting at White women in New Orleans, and people are not completely going berserk? Marching in the streets?

Something has to snap, MG. Check out the photo of the "teenager". Hint: that ain't no teenager; it's not even a teenaper!

Shocking, MG !

Have a lookey-look and do tell me what you think :



- Arturo

M.G. said...

Yes, comedians are like the court buffoon who used to be able to say things no one else could get away with. In Rock's case, that classic bit was common everyday observation of Blacks on the part of Whites for 300 years, only verboten since the 1960s. Don't think Rock realized he'd stumbled onto a way for Whites to guiltlessly laugh at Blacks' foibles again the way they used to via minstrel shows. Which has now led him to censor himself.

Also don't know if you've seen this, maybe I should put it in the post: a rap called 'The N Word' by Greydon Square in which he encourages non-Blacks to make exactly the same distinction Chris Rock did ('blacks' and 'niggers'), and regales us with this in the chorus,

'This goes out to all my Whites and non-niggers, if they're acting like a nigger, you call their ass nigger!'

Fundamentally conservative--he's asking us to come back to pre-1960s mores. Wonder what he thinks about housing segregation.

M.G. said...

Since we live in the south of France, vacation time means we go up north--this year it's to the land of buckwheat crepes and cider and Celtic separatism. Lovely here. But I did used to live near Aix, that's a beautiful region.

Re NOLA: Haven't been there in over ten years, always wondered if Katrina had pushed out a critical mass of criminals onto Houston and points north. Seems things haven't changed that much though. The 'gunman' is more like a 'gunchild,' which brings me back to black comedians--did you ever see this bit by Dave Chapelle, 'Being taken to the ghetto'? When he gets to the part about the baby standing on the corner selling weed, the audience's hoots and howls reach fever pitch--it's that kind of laughter that says, 'this is so wrong, I don't want to laugh, but god yes, it's so true.' Maybe I read too much into it, but the audience reaction alone sounded like an admission--'Yes, our culture allows young kids to become terribly dysfunctional. So sick you have to laugh.'

Bref: A person who can't police himself need outside policing--and that's the Afro-Am community in a nutshell. Child soldiers in Africa, child carjackers in New Orleans, only a firm outside hand can stop it. The white man's burden continues.

Anonymous said...

"If black men could, we’d have precisely the same “community” as the Congo and South Africa where repeated rape of everyone from infants to old women running rampant"

The "liberal" media are truely evil for covering up the reality inside black neighborhoods and thereby allowing it to continually get worse.

It's always the weakest who suffer the most.

M.G. said...

Per B.B.'s comment, I've added a link to Chris Rock's classic bit as well as Greydon Square's 'The N Word' rap single.

HaroldC said...

Pretty sure white 'racists' don't need or want Chris Rock's permission to use any word in their vocabulary.

Anonymous said...

Great job MG!

Your blog is the greatest collection on global race realism. I sincerely hope you can compile it into a book for easy perusal. Your ideas on economics and government structure according to human biodiversity can easily rocket to the top.

I want to see you on the NYT bestseller list in 8 years. For an author to work with, I wanted to introduce you to an amazing Black blogger, named "Jayman".


"JayMan's Blog: The uncomfortable realities of human nature"

His incredible statistical graphs on black dysgenic fertility can be found here:

You sir M.G., with Unamusement Park, and JayMan, could bring down the current anti-diverse establishment.
Celebrate and cerebrate human diversity!

B322 said...

M.G. is a lady!

M.G. said...

M.G. is a lady!

D'oh! I'll take a compliment anywhere I can get it, sex be damned!

Thank you Premise Blog for your encouragement. I am in fact a fan of JayMan, and I've been trying to plug him. I quoted his black dysgenic fertility charts in this post a few weeks back, and I highly recommend everyone check out his last few analyses, which are excellent with plenty of original content. Unamusement will, of course, never fail to seduce you with his wit and kitties while one-two punching you with 'hate' facts. Those are two top-notch blogs.

Mr. Rational said...

I would bet that JayMan is a fan of the Rev. David Manning, who appears to have much the same attitude toward Black dysfunction.

Artur said...

Bonjour M.G. :

Your blog really is very educational, and I agree with Premiseblog : your writing on the subject of public policy and HBD-awareness contains the perfect formula for NYT bestseller list success. Let's hope however we don't have to wait eight years!

Thanks for linking to Jay Man's blog. He's definitely a big brain, with rather latently HBD-denialist comments such as this:

"In the case of IQ in Europe, I propose that a complex interaction between late marriage, the level of outbreeding, farming vs pastoralism, and climate during the Middle Ages gave us modern European intelligence."

At the same time, this dude can not be characterized as "black" (he's euro + asian with a dollop of african not big enough to cause too much harm, à la Tiger Woods). It's kind of funny to watch him do mental acrobatics to explain away european superiority.


- Arturo


Darayvus said...

Ohai MG! Glad you are still doing these posts.

One offputting comment in the rap video is that "ninjas believe in God, black people don't". In fact many of the stronger black conservatives, and even reactionaries like Manning, do very much believe in God. I don't see how anyone could lump Clarence Thomas (Catholic) with the ninjas without looking very, very silly. It would be more accurate to say that ninjas believe in black churches; the ones that clothe their self-pity, greed and resentment in the vestments of Christ.

And most ninjas are nihilists anyway.

M.G. said...

I think that rapper is a bit of an odd duck, he's an Iraqi war vet who's also studied physics and is apparently a militant atheist.

Completely agree with your analysis, there are sincere black believers out there and it's silly to denigrate them. He'd do better to mock those black entertainers who praise God in their Grammy acceptance speeches then go out and start gunfights in the parking lot.

Artur said...

Bonjour MG :

I hope you're having a good time on vacation in the Nord.

Please check out the outrageous 28-min vid on Amsterdam's new colonists in today's fdesouche.

It is so disheartening to think that when I first went to Amsterdam - in 1979 on a school trip - the people featured in this mortifying vid (200 ethnicities!) were just a tiny, teensy fraction numbers-wise of what they are now.

It's getting worse by the day. And I'm not even being alarmist !

Bien à vous,

- Artur


Shaunantijihad said...

The very act of BW moving with their kids to white areas, simply recreates the black areas in a new location.

Our concern must be for our own, hard as that may be to accept for those who have empathy for the black woman. Accept that or watch America and Europe become an Islamic Zimbabwe.

Anonymous said...

Posted on Kola Boof ‘s page by a black woman

JaeJae UppityN'HiFalutin Turner

I know I will be making biracial babies and I know I will not be reproducing blackness. We can not under any circumstances pretend that this is NOT what we are doing. However, I have no tribe and no male collective that is loyal to me therefore, I will breed out and sleep well. I adore all babies and black ones are my favs, but I'll damned if I birth them into dysfunction. They don't deserve. It
16 October at 05:07
this comment received 15 likes

Anonymous said...


It's very clear that you hate black people and view them as inferior. I don't understand why Jayman interacts with you. If part of HBD is about recognizing group differences shouldn't another part of it involve doing something about certain problems among groups? But considering you link to such "luminaries" as Amren, Counter Currents, Heartiste and Unamusment Park, it's quite clear that all you care about is getting your kicks over the innate inferiority of those damn Negroes.