19 June 2012

Summer Excursion Time

Summer excursion is here, just in time for the solstice.  Enjoy the longest day of the year, and take advantage of the sunshine. But please have a thought for those whom the West has sacrificed these last several years on the altar of Multiculturalism.  The facts continue to pile up.

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 An Afro-on-Euro crime wave has been pummeling the West recently, particularly in the United States.  Writers have begun to compile lists of these attacks:

'Minority-on-White Crime': American Renaissance's excellent database of such incidents, all drawn from mainstream news sources, going back to 2004.

Violent Flash Mobs: A detailed list of all known incidents of violent black 'flash mobs' or 'wilding mobs' having hit the country since Obama's inauguration.
(list goes back to 2002, the phenomenon hits its stride in 2009)

Black Racism and Race Hatred: A new site with detailed archives of black-on-non-black crime.
Categories include street crime, workplace attacks, massacres, rape, and intimate partner homicide.

'Project Vanquish': Unamusement Park's new compilation, still in its infancy, of NAM-on-non-NAM crime.
Categories include Hate Crime Hoaxes, Minority Rape, Minority Violence Against Good Samaritans, Minority Violence at School and College, Minority Violence on Parade, The SPLC’s Anti-White Bias.

Violence Against Whites: Links to news articles on non-white violence against Whites in the U.S. and a variety of other Western countries. Tagline: 'Is multiculturalism worth dying for?'

The Big Lie on Parade:  Tagline: 'A daily roundup of the continuing and ever increasing intifada of black on white crime. Dispelling the Big Lie of the "Violent white racist America" one link at a time.'

*       *       *

The other country in which a large NW Euro population lives side-by-side with a large African one, South Africa, has suffered an even more gruesome fate since the 1994 advent of black rule.

Farm murders victim names 1994-2011: Censor Bugbear gives the comprehensive list of victims of the anti-Euro slaughter waged these last twenty years in South Africa.  Perhaps the biggest untold news story in western media history.

Afrikaner Genocide Archives: Another good source on anti-Euro violence in South Africa.

*       *       *

Other Euro countries are also struggling with racial violence directed at themselves by foreigners they have invited into their lands.  Near-universal faith in the multiculturalist religion has allowed the brutality to continue unchecked...for now.

UK Enrichment News (UK): 'Keeping you informed about the benefits of multiculturalism.'  Benefits include rape, armed robbery, assault, murder, gang attacks, identity theft, NHS fraud, and honor killings.  And that's just this week's postings.

Violence against white French (France): 'Violence Against Whites' has a decent section on the daily indignities suffered by indigenous French at the hands of their current colonizers.

François de Souche (France): Comprehensive source on the above subject, written in French.

Cavatus's blog (Sweden): News on the slow devastation of the native Swedish population by its more violent immigrants.

Cultural Enrichment Archives (Europe): Gates of Vienna's excellent archive of Europe's 'cultural enrichment' at the hands of its latter-day colonizers.  Touches on Scandinavia, U.K., Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Eastern Europe...All translated into English by their generous volunteer team.  A real-time narrative of the slow fall of the West.  A must-read.

Thank you to all the thoughtful readers and commenters who grace these pages; your insights help open the eyes of those who can't yet see.  And happy holidays to anyone lucky enough to get a little early summer break.  We shall be back online shortly.


Rufus T. Firefly said...

Also this newish site cataloging chiefly black on white crime. Little added content, just brief descriptions and links to original media:

M.G. said...

Thank you for the link. I've added 'Big Lie on Parade' to the list in the post.

Hope you're enjoying some sunshine, wherever you are.

Artur said...

Bonjour M.G. : Lucky for you that you're going en vacances? Are you going somewhere in the South of France by any chance? I have very fond memories of fun fun times at my friend Alex's father's unbelievable place in the hills behind Les Baux en Provence, "Baubesse." Right behind the carrières, if you know the area.

Hey remember that password I gave you to Java films? So you could watch that horrendous France 5 documentary on Detroit by a confirmed Those Who Can (NOT) See journalope? Well, go back to java films and check out the English version that Thierry did. It is horrendously bad, very unprofessional.

2012 is not 2008, people are waking up. The Elders cannot control the internet, interesting times ahead MG.


- Arturo

sykes.1 said...

Here is a recent research paper on the evolution of humans using the Y haplogroups:

Anatole A. Klyosov*, Igor L. Rozhanskii, Advances in Anthropology, 2012, Vol.2, No.2, pp. 80-86.

If they are correct, then Eurasians and Africans diverged 160,000 years ago. This would have happened very soon after modern humans first arose, and probably happened in Africa.

The paper is free on line.

JayMan said...

Off topic, but do you remember this map of yours about farming systems in Europe? You wouldn't happen to have more data, would you—say like what was going on in Eastern Europe?

M.G. said...


I'm still on vacay, so I'm separated from all my paper books, which is where all that Todd info. comes from. As soon as I get back I'll show you everything I've got.

I've also been wanting to comment on your last post, which brought up so many thoughts in me, but my internet time is super-short at the moment and so I can't comment on my favorite blogs. Take care.