30 November 2021

2020 Census: Who's Fleeing Whom?

Nearly ten years ago, after the 2010 U.S. Census results came out, we did a deep-dive into the shifting ethnic make-up of America's cities.


Delayed due to Covid, the 2020 Census numbers are finally out. So here’s our ‘Who’s Fleeing Whom?’ series, updated for 2020.

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Why did we write this piece? Though black criminality in North America has always surpassed that of Euros, separating oneself from Afro neighbors was not difficult for the first 350 years of British North America / the United States.  Even in the North, segregation in housing was permitted de facto where it was not de jure.


The 'Great Migration,' waves of Afros moving from the South to the North, began in earnest in 1910, with its second wave after WWII (1945).


However, the flight of Euro-Americans out of the cities did not truly begin until Blacks were free to live where they pleased-- the 1960s.  Since then, a sort of merry-go-round has ensued:  Whites, suffering under Afro dysfunction, flee to suburbs, only to be pursued by the Talented Tenth fleeing same.  The latter are followed, as night follows day, by the Untalented Nine-Tenths, who promptly re-create the urban chaos they left behind. Euro-Americans are forced to pack up, and the musical chairs begin again.


We can in fact watch the flight unfold before our eyes via U.S. Census numbers. 

1910: Before the Great Migration got underway: Our first figures (where available).

1960: Just before the end of Segregation.

1980: Fast-forward twenty years to see what the first wave of 'White Flight' has wrought.

2020: Finally, the most recent figures. Enter en masse Hispanics, who did not even exist as a census category two generations ago, and Asians, who have flooded in recently.


So, one-fifth of the way into our new century : Who's fleeing whom?



 1. The Midwest

We start with the Midwest, industrial center and destination of choice for the Great Migrators:




Detroit is the largest American city to be 80% black. It has the nation's third highest murder rate (among big cities)  as well as the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history.

Chicago hemorrhaged citizens the first decade of this century. The teens have seen a slight uptick in population.



Once-peaceful Cleveland was in 2019 ranked 7th in the U.S. (large cities) in murder rate, 3rd in rape and 2nd in robbery.

One of the few majority-white big cities in its region, Indy's Euro population has nonetheless fallen from 59% to 50% these last ten years.


St. Louis had the highest murder rate in the U.S. in 2019 (all cities) by a very large margin. It was #3 in both aggravated assault and robbery.


Milwaukee is #5 in the nation in aggravated assault and #7 in robbery (large cities).

Des Moines is now 16% Hispanic and 7% Asian, while its white share has fallen from 71% to 65% since the last census.

K.C. has the 6th-highest murder rate in the nation as of 2019 (large cities).

Racial strife-ridden Minneapolis is now 19% black, 10% Hispanic, and 6% Asian.



 2. The East Coast

The great cities of the East Coast tell us their demographic story:


The great push by Whites to gentrify NYC by pricing out minorities... is it working? Blacks have fallen from 25% to 20% of the population since 2010.


Newark was decimated by white flight after the 1960s riots. Blacks and Hispanics have now almost completely succeeded in pushing out Whites.

After Chicago, Philly is #2 in murder rate for cities over 1 million residents.


A huge gentrifying push is underway in D.C., with the black population falling from 51% to 41% these last ten years.


Baltimore consistently ranks in the most dangerous U.S. cities: Currently #1 in robbery, #2 in murder, #5 in burglary (for large cities).

Boston is down to 45% white in 2020, but black share has fallen from 24% to 19%.

We've included two far north-eastern cities, considered some of the 'whitest' in the country.  Will these enclaves stay that way?


 Both hovering at around 80% white... for how long?

 3. The South

The South has lived a different racial story since colonial times.  Home to plantation slavery and thus to most of the U.S.'s Blacks before 1910, she lost millions in the following decades to the industrial centers of the North.


The demographic (and crime) differences between the two Tennessee cities below have been remarked upon.

Memphis is 2nd ranked in aggravated assault, 5th in robbery, 8th in murder (large cities).

Nashville is just over 53% white, and its black share has fallen from 28% to 24%.


Since 2010, Charlotte has gone from 45% to 40% white, and from 35% to 33% black. Hispanics from 13% to 16%, and Asians from 5% to 7%.




Atlanta is the 'black mecca' and concentrates much of the wealth of America's old-guard Afro elite. Paul Kersey has well covered the racial merry-go-round between city and suburbs in this 'city too busy to hate.'


In 2011 Birmingham underwent what was then the biggest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history. In 2019, it was the 3rd most murderous U.S. city (all cities).



The Big Easy had the 4th-highest murder rate in 2019 and was #1 for rape (large cities).


 Though technically a Southern city, Miami has become more Latin American than heritage American, currently standing at 70% Hispanic.



 4. The Great Basin

Home to some of the last real 'Whitopias' in the country, the Great Basin states are nonetheless diversifying in their way, especially due to Hispanics.


Omaha's Hispanic and Asian populations have crept up to 16% and 6%, respectively.

How far will the hispanifying of Denver go? The city stands at 28% Hispanic as of 2020.

The Mormon capital's Hispanic population has jumped from 13% to 21% these last ten years.

 Big Sky Country remains largely ethnic-Euro, with vanishingly few Afros but a growing Hispanic presence (7% and 9% for Billings and Boise).

5. The Southwest

The Southwest is of course under immense demographic pressure from Latin America.  This region lives its own story, with parts of Anglo-America perhaps already extinct here.  (As the 'Hispanic' census category did not exist then, all pre-1980 'White' figures must be assumed to contain Hispanic presence.)



Alongside the Hispanic incursion, these two cities are undergoing waves of Chinese and Indian influx. 

Texas is clearly on its way to becoming a part of greater Latin America, whether de jure or de facto.

The white population of Las Vegas has fallen from 48% to 40% these last ten years.

Whites and Hispanics now neck-and-neck in Phoenix.

Little change in Albuquerque since 2010, though Whites are down 4 percentage points.

 6. The West Coast

The West Coast is home to a centuries-old Asian presence which seems to have jumped after the 1965 Immigration Act.  What will be the fallout if current trends continue?




Will the ethnic cleansing of L.A.'s Blacks by its Hispanic gangs continue apace?


San Francisco and San Jose: Headed for a Euro-Asian overclass and an Afro-Hispanic underclass?

Wealthy Whites and Asians are said to be fleeing the city by the bay due to leftist mismanagement... Is it true? Since 2010 Whites are down 3%, but Asians are up 1%.


Silicon Valley's capital, the richest city in the U.S., seems to be pricing out Blacks almost entirely.



The black percentage of Oakland has dropped from 28% to 21% these last ten years, as the gentrifiers creep in.


The Whites of the Pacific Northwest have long sung the praises of people of color, from afar. Are the objects of their affection finally moving into their cities? 

Seattle's white population has fallen from 66% to 59%, while its Asians have jumped from 14% to 17% since the last census.

 Portland's white share has fallen from 72% to 66% these last ten years.


 *     *     *

A nation is not a stretch of ground; it's a people.  The demography of the urban U.S. is changing faster than it ever has.  Housing policy, criminal justice, immigration policy have all brought us here. Will the face of the nation change irrevocably in this century?


Has it already ?


Thank you for reading.



Unknown said...

I am not racist, but I choose safety and order for my environment, no matter who is the reason for bad statistics of murder , burlgary and rape. Statistcics prooves, whaich minorities bring them up . What can we do ? Low and order is the answer, no any priviligies to any minorities, who clame they are victims of "white supremacy " .

sondjata said...

Always enjoy the posts.

Anonymous said...

I like to call the post-2000 immigrants to the West 'Ikea people', they are mostly dour coming from from very low trust societies and all seem to wear ugly black puffer jackets like extras in a dystopian sci-fi film. Unfriendly, of low social economic, social or genetic value. The real mediocre people. They aren't rugged individuals coming to live in a foreign place, they are clannish narrow-minded people who have read guides and stick to strong diasporas and watch media from their own country.

They never had contact with or existed in their new host nations when they were truly vibrant, when they were full of their native peoples being able to confidently lay claim to their social spaces and express themselves and their national pride. And they don't want to.

The irony of the modern world, if you want to see lots of the natives of a city or place in the West, go to the airport, for they will be more likely to be taking recreational trips. If you want to see a world of immigrants, go to the Ikea.

Words and terms matter. One term I came across in the burgeoning field, mostly populated by progressives, of over-tourism is 'social pollution' whereby despite not being their intent, tourists pollute and undermine the social spaces for the locals, effectively spoiling them. Despite it not being their intent, these progressive academics seem to think it's acceptable (As do I) to therefore limit their right and freedom or otherwise through altered incentives to these spaces. (The local government in Amsterdam for example is taking steps to disincentivise tourism due to it's social and housing effects but, of course, would never say a word about immigration)

Of course, these same academics would never tolerate the term 'over-immigration' or 'social pollution' being used there but the process is the same, just the tourist goes home, the immigrant doesn't. But that's what mass migration is (In addition to other things), social pollution that robs the natives of their natural right to a social space they own and control.

luke2236 said...

Only problem, early on in the article, is that there is NO "talented tenth". In the case of the african, its more like 'talented one tenth of one percent". What you get early on in the black migration out of the urban centers is that growing number of africans that have been placed in positions beyond their abilities and given a significant salary solely due to their skin colour. Many of these are decent people and actually show up for work with regularity, so they are promoted - because they are black - and they accumulate 'stuff'. A few actually look around and decide that they would rather act somewhat White instead of ghetto also. But mostly, they move to protect their stuff from da bruthas. Then 'dey cousins' and such come and 'be stayin wiff dem' for awhile. 'Den dey cousin' get a job , because they are black and because they know the decent black employee, and move out [getting a home loan they cant qualify for except the obamanation decreed they would and you and I pay for it...] to be near the good cousin and hitch a ride with him. Eventually, they either quit, lose the job, or having spent all their income on dope and new tennis shoes, another cousin hasta be movin in to pay the bills...and their presence goes up exponentially from there. Ive seen it all first hand - dont tell me it isnt true. Same thing with 'hispanics' The neighbourhood gets noisy, crime begins to rise, the ill/un maintained houses start falling down and the area becomes all renters. Those who can, move further out, and those of us who cannot afford it dig in and ammo up.
The only answer to the problem is wholesale, forced Emigration back to where they come from, repatriation of blacks and shaking our selves loose from the bonds of jewish power and servitude. I mean, if Whitey is so awful and mean and terrible and rayciss an sheeit like we're told by all of them, we'd be doing them a favour, wouldnt we?

Rev. T said...

We must realize that the numbers show the true nature of the world we are living in. And might I add, heading into rather quickly. But despite the (controlling force's) efforts and whimsical narrative of oneness and love, sugar-coating the truth by hiding the true information from the masses of asses, we must do our part to keep pushing the real truth.

Or how about the recent realtor websites removing crime and demographic data based on it being "racists". So, telling the actual truth and giving the real data is a "racist" act. Especially, if it shows that the true violent nature of POC could cause you and your family serious harm?

I always get tickled when someone starts out with, "I am not racist, but..." Well, I don't worry about that as I don't accept the ideology of 'race'. That is a made-up concept put forth to create the narrative of competition and to set Humans as superior above other species. Frankly, in the Animal Kingdom, they appear to be a heck of a lot more advanced than we are as they know how to keep to their own kind. There is one Human species made up of a variety of subspecies. And I truly have issues with other subspecies who can not maintain civility and respect for the others they share space with. It's really simple. We are not alike period. The numbers clearly show this!

Why would anyone choose to dwell and function within such dysfunctional societies freely? There are many in my own subspecies, which I will openly admit is Caucasian/white, who seem to have the same mentality and lack both emotional & cognitive intelligence. I refuse to put up with their BS as either, even if they are my own kind.

In a town that I grew up in, I have seen the direct degradation of neighborhoods by POC moving in and literally trashing up the entire area. They bring down property value. Have no self-respect for themselves, their homes, or their properties. The crime has gone through the roof, making everyone feel unsafe to walk down the street! And yet, I am labeled a 'racist' for calling it out and literally advising people to pick another neighborhood!

But if I do the same for when the "white-trash" meth-heads move in doing the same thing, it is perfectly okay? That is completely ignorant....absolutely has no sense of reason or logic at all.

Why have we allowed this level of dysfunctional thinking to cripple our nation?

Oh, that's right...if has been force fed to us. We're indoctrinated. Time to wake up!

It's all by design folks!

Anonymous said...

It came tumbling down with the fall of the WASP Elite in the '50s and '60s! They were replaced by you know who!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all of your hard work. This is a great site.