02 February 2017

I Lift My Lamp Beside the Cold Hard Facts

Why, one may ask, have so many leftists gone ballistic over a short stoppage on immigration from 7 terror-prone states?  

Crowds are mobbing airports. Pundits, movie stars, sports players, foreign heads of state, all lifting their voices in horror….

As though such a banal, oft-practiced, and sensible measure were some kind of crime against humanity.

Headlines courtesy of Breitbart News

It is a question worth asking. An alien arriving from another planet might think Trump had just announced he was planning to rain down bombs on these countries for years. (Thus confusing Trump with his predecessor.) Such country-specific migration blocks are nothing new, and have been a favorite of Democrat presidents from Obama to Carter to old FDR himself. Yet our current hysteria continues unabated.

One can't be blamed for feeling as though one has arrived at Saint Anthony's 1700-year-old prophecy. Truly, has the whole world gone mad?

Though we're hard at work on our next piece, we're taking a quick break to provide a few links to those seeking some facts and data in the midst of this planetary pants-soiling. 

Some may wonder:

1) Have modern leftists gone off the deep end?

They have not. Modern leftists have the same wiring as leftists from 100 years ago, all of whom believed in colonialism, race science, and eugenics.

Today's progressive has the deck stacked against him from the start. As we saw in When Progressives Get Religion, his belief in Anti-Racism / Multiculturalism has metastasized into a religious faith. He is overwhelmed by the desire to preach, confess, show his piety, and fight heresy, and no amount of fact or logic can sway him from this dogma. But why?

In Why Do Progressives Get Religion?, we explore the causes of this curious state of affairs. To sum up, all ethnic NW Euros' out-group empathy has ballooned over the last few hundred years. But the born leftist, because of his wiring, is especially easy prey for the siren song of Equalitarianism. 

In the linked piece, we explore the biological and cultural forces driving the modern leftist Multiculturalist. We hope you may find it illuminating in the current hubbub.

2) Since when are Muslim immigrants considered essential to the very character of America?

'The world’s religions are a part of the very fabric of the United States':
Four pinocchios for Obama

For most Americans, since never. Immigration from Muslim lands into the U.S. was all but inexistent for most of the country's history. From the Washington Post:
Long before 9/11 and the war on terrorism, U.S. courts painted Islam as more than merely a foreign religion, but rather as a rival ideology and “enemy race.” In a notable 1891 case, the Supreme Court highlighted “the intense hostility of the people of Moslem faith to all other sects, and particularly to Christians.”
How the learned have forgotten...
Scores of Muslim immigrants were turned away at U.S. ports in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Christian immigrants suspected of secretly being Muslims were also excluded.   
... Ahmed Hassan — a native of Yemen and the first Arab Muslim to apply for citizenship — was denied naturalization in 1942, because, a court said: “It cannot be expected that as a class they [meaning Arabs, a term used synonymously with Muslims at the time] would readily intermarry with our population and be assimilated into our civilization.

Ted Kennedy et al's 1965 Immigration Act opened the doors wide to this population for the first time. From a trickle back then, we are up to over 3 million legal Muslim residents today, most of whom have arrived since the Clinton era, with nearly a million admitted under Obama alone.  Put another way, there are more Muslims living in the U.S. today than there were total American citizens in 1790.

Data sources: 1820-1997, 1998-2008, 2009-2016

So no, there is no 'tradition' of Muslim immigration to the U.S. It is quite a new phenomenon.

3) Should we be sanguine about Muslim immigration?

If the data from Europe is anything to go by, then probably not. In the U.S., we have a tiny percentage of Muslims in our population (less than 1%).  But in our homeland of Western Europe, the numbers are much higher.

The data have shown again and again that these Muslims are deeply uncomfortable in Europe, and that as their numbers grow, they are slowly trying to change the very fabric of the societies to which they are thought to be 'assimilating.'

(click to enlarge--lots more at Why We Culturally Profile)

In Why We Culturally Profile, we dug up a great deal of data on the question. Do take a look if you feel the current brouhaha is long on rhetoric but short on facts.

4) Are Middle Eastern refugees dangerous?

If they are the same 'Middle Eastern' 'refugees' as those flooding into Europe, then the answer, unfortunately, is often yes. In  Crashing the Gates: A Crash Course, we peeked behind the curtain at some hard data from local news sources about this flood of 'refugees' and the havoc they have wrought in Germany, France, Italy, and beyond. We invite you to take a look if you missed it the first time.

5) Is limiting immigration 'un-American'?

Limiting immigration is, in fact, as American as apple pie.  From 'securing the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity' in the preamble to the Constitution, to the first citizenship law limited to 'free white persons of good character' (1790), America's founders saw us as a colony of, by, and for Anglo-Germanic Christians.

As we saw in Were You Assimilable?, the type of immigrant Emma Lazarus gushed about in her Statue of Liberty poem was, in fact, anomalous and wildly unpopular. The 'wretched refuse of your teeming shores' turned out to be nearly indigestible to the American body politic. This led to an immense public backlash that shut down non-northwest-European immigration almost completely after 1921. (The Chinese had been locked out since 1882.)

Our historically challenged Meryl Streeps and Bruce Springsteens might be reminded that the decision to turn America into the 'It's a Small World' ride at Disneyland was only taken recently--and quite by accident. Ted Kennedy swore in the Senate floor debate in 1965 that 

'Our cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually [1.5 mill per year and counting]the ethnic mix of this country will not be upset [over 50% of babies born today are non-white].' 

*     *     *

We re-post these pieces in the sincere hope that those wading through all the noise seeking some hard facts will find them here.  Please bookmark anything you may find of interest and share it liberally. There is no stronger antidote for the fog of hysteria than a tonic teaspoon or two of cold, hard data.

Thank you, as always, for reading. Our new piece will be up shortly.


dc.sunsets said...

You could have stopped with "There is no tonic for hysteria."

Polarization is rising. People are losing any pretense of objectivity or open-mindedness, just as predicted by the Socionomic Hypothesis. Cold hard facts have absolutely no ability to penetrate the armored sphere that surrounds people's normal attachment to biases and premises.

These biases exist in their limbic system, and they are calling the shots. This is why a period of pathological trust and openness will inevitably be followed by a swing to its polar opposite, and the geographic shuffling together of various suits (races, ethnicities, religions, etc.) during the former will provide a target-rich environment during the latter.

Complaining about something that is this natural seems silly, so I try to avoid it.

Anonymous said...

FWIW I'm seeing this pants-soiling among Christian evangelicals in the American South as well. E.g., Baptists in Virginia are tearing their hair out over Trump = Hitler because the temporary moratorium while enhancing vetting is the same as 900 Jews on a boat sent back to the ovens.

Or something.

Hearing the same from Catholics.

Mrs. Biology Is Destiny

Anonymous said...

Woops, MG, meant to say seeing this pants-soiling among CONSERVATIVE (at least in their minds) Christian evangelicals and Catholics.

It's not just the libs over here, IOW.


Blake said...

Regarding the Ted Kennedy quote, I believe Hart-Cellar didn't actually increase immigration, certainly not anywhere close to a million annually, rather it was several later acts of Congress, the last signed by George H.W. Bush that gradually raised the annual legal limit to one million.

Anonymous said...

From whence comes this sudden liberal infatuation with the Constitution? There was none of this protest you see over "immigrants" when the government was trampling much of the Bill of Rights with the War on Drugs or Patriot Act. Nor do I see liberals protesting the suppression of free speech on campuses via speech codes and mob violence. Come to think of it, how much protest was there over the TSA grope-a-thon at the airports?

But the rights of Americans citizens count for little among liberal elites. If anything, the mass migration of Third Worlders into White countries is useful as a means to bring down the White middle class.

Our historically challenged Meryl Streeps and Bruce Springsteens might be reminded that the decision to turn America into the 'It's a Small World' ride at Disneyland was only taken recently--and quite by accident.

Good one about It's a Small World. Of course, if one were to be a Hollywood celeb, one's contact with Third Worlders is either other high powered movie people, or one's servants. They are not competing for jobs, university admissions and space on public transit with an imported and assimilable underclass. So they can entertain their delusion that they are creating a brave new E Ticket world.

But sooner or later it will catch up with them. Gated communities, private schools for one's own children, and limousines will be submerged in the Third World tide. The dilemma is that they are dragging down the rest of us with them.

Artur said...

Salut MG - this is Arturo, from New Orleans.

You know I have been in Paris for a while, am here right now actually.

I've been pretty business but mostly pretty fucking freaked out by the state of things what with Pizzagate then Mandela and how summer 2017 the "summer of unrest" ?

Would love to hear from you I know we've communicated in the past pretty directly can't quite remember how. I have been neglecting crimes of duh times dot calm for a while now - like I said busy, and freaked.

Hope you're well, contact me if possible.

PS : What happened to Jay, he of jewamongyou? Why is he not posting anymore? Do you know? He used to post on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Miss the guy.

All best,

- Arturo from New Orleans