02 January 2014

Research Period

Those Who Can See will regretfully be closing up shop for a period of research.  We hope to be back online as soon as possible.  Happy New Year to those who can see, to those who cannot, and to those whose eyes are just beginning to open.


Anonymous said...

Your posts are always worth the wait.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you too. Hopefully you'll be up again for Black History Month.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! This is one of my favorite blogs.

I don't get one thing though, I got an e-mail from MG before, and I think it said "Miles". Was some time ago.

But then someone said this blog is run by a woman?

Or is this blog run by several people?

Anonymous said...


Plenty of History. Too bad we as Whites didn't listen to those who knew where we were heading.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous" who says we are too cowardly to use our real names:) evolution works by ensuring organisms vary - individuals differ. environment acts over time to select for different traits among different population groups. people are not the same on all traits. there are even group mean differences. we do not want it to be so! but it's reality. magical thinking is when you wish (& pretend) everyone's the same - it's the nice thing to do, BUT it's NOT REALITY. Biology is not "fair" - that's tough. certain groups are underrepresented on basketball teams, b/c "equity" n stuff. duh!

Anonymous said...

"Jesus, what a pathetic site. My favorite part is that you people are too cowardly to use your real names".

Personally I'm just to lazy to register an account anywhere, I guess the same can be said for you since you are also "anonymous".

Maybe not as much "mocked and belittled" as "attacked and harassed", and not because we are wrong either, since you can't prove that the races are equal.

Artur said...

Putain quoi alors !

Je laisse presque bet mon propre blog mais le mien il vaut pas la millième du votre !

(La quantitie / qualité des commentaires en est un bon baromètre).

Please get back on it !

- Arturo

gayle said...

"Jesus, what a pathetic site. My favorite part is that you people are too cowardly to use your real names because you know your racism would get you mocked and belittled if it were out in the open. Please,take a single evolutionary biology course- just one! You'll see that you actually have no idea how genetics, evolution and natural selection work. Read a few history books while your at it."

What sweet irony, that you use the name "Anonymous."

Evolutionary biology, Anonymous, supports HBD, for God's sakes.

Have fun reading a liberal's new book, "A Troublesome Inheritance: Genetics, Race, and Human History."

As for scientists having to post w/out using their names, that period of our history is coming to a close.