17 November 2012

The Africanization of France: One in three newborns of non-European origin

'Before, Africa was yours--now, France is ours.'   T-shirt seen on the streets of Paris, 2012.

[Note from M.G.:  The following is an excellent piece on the current demographic suicide being committed in France, graciously shared with us by Falko Baumgartner.  It has also been published at  in English and in French at Alternative Right and in German at Politically Incorrect.  Further discussion at Hail to You and Gallia Watch.]

By Falko Baumgartner

Geographically one finds France in Europe, but demographically the country is swiftly drifting towards Africa as recent data indicates. France, unlike America, does not hold censuses on ethnicity, but follows instead its ideal of the color-blind republic. This, obviously, does not change one bit the ethnic reality on the ground, but it certainly helps to keep its citizens in the dark about it. No official figures exist on the size of the immigrant population and the native French – until now. Pertinent material has come from quite an unexpected source, medicine, and it has all the hallmarks of allowing us for the first time an adequately precise and unbiased look into the strong growth of the non-White population in France. 

Since 2000, the country has conducted a nationwide program of neonatal screening for sickle cell disease (SCD). SCD is a genetic disease by and large peculiar to non-European people. However, due to Third World immigration it has become the most common genetic disorder in today’s France. To provide early medical treatment for the illness, the French public health authorities have defined risk groups which are liable to screening. These comprise primarily people of African origin, from North and sub-Saharan Africa as well as ethnic Africans from the Americas. A second risk group consists of persons with a Near or Middle Eastern background (Turkey, the Arabian peninsula and the Arab lands in between) and from the Indian subcontinent. The rest is made up of migrants from a comparatively small coastal rim in Southern Europe, namely Portugal, Southern Italy, Greece and the isles of Corsica and Sicily. 

Newborn babies in France are defined as “being at-risk for SCD when at least one parent originates from a risk region” where the responsible gene is prevalent. This national screening policy based on the ethnic origin of the parents permits us to see the full extent of the rapidly expanding demographics of the non-white French population: 

In 2000, 19 percent of all newborn babies in mainland France had at least one parent originating from the regions above. This share rose to 28.45 percent in 2007 and to 31.5 percent in 2010 or, in total numbers, 253,466 out of the 805,958 babies born. In other words: within a decade, the number of (partly) extra-European babies has risen on mainland from about one fifth to almost one third. 

The medical survey provides us with even more data, namely a breakdown per region (see map below). We learn that in 2010, 60 percent of newborns in the Ile de France, essentially Paris, descended from non-Europeans. In Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, where Le Pen’s Front National is particularly strong, the non-White share was 43.2 percent; in neighbouring Languedoc-Roussillon 41.6 percent. The lowest share was recorded in the Bretagne, 5.5 percent. In every single of the 22 Metropolitan regions of France the portion of immigrant babies rose between 2007 and 2010. 

Screening of sickle cell disease in newborn babies in mainland France in 2010; the values are per region and in percent of the total number born that year. As this genetic illness is mostly confined to non-Europeans, primarily Africans, the ethnic origin of newborns can be derived from the data. (J. Bardakdjian-Michau, M. Roussey: "Le dépistage néonatal de la drépanocytose en France", July 2012, Issue 27-28, Page 315, Figure 3; for full reference see bottom) 

What can be said against the accuracy of these figures? Not much actually, they seem to hold water to all appearances. While the authors of the study point out that the screening of newborn babies is not applied universally, they regard missed cases to be “relatively infrequent”. These would, in any case, not reduce, but increase the share of non-White babies among the total population. This leaves the Southern European immigrants, who are not independently accounted for in the statistics, as the dark horse in the equation. How high is their share in the studied risk group? Do we have to significantly adjust the number of non-white babies downwards to accommodate their share in the risk group? I would argue by far not enough to blur the trend: although descendants from Italian people reportedly number into the millions in France, most of them have immigrated generations ago. The screening, however, was employed in my understanding only for babies whose father and/or mother had immigrated from one of the risk zones, thus covering recent immigration only. 

The authors of the medical survey themselves leave no doubt as to what they view the main cause of the rise of sickle cell disease. They squarely attribute it to the rise of African immigration or, in their words, “as a result of population growth in African-Caribbean regions of overseas France, and now immigration essentially from North and sub-Saharan Africa to mainland France.” 

Now my concern here is not with the spread of sickle cell disease as such, but with the sharp demographic decline of white France which these figures reflect and the impossibility to be allowed to talk about it in Europe’s current multiculturalist climate. 

Being a political scientist by profession I look with envy on how freely these medical scientists, biochemists and geneticists, not burdened by the expediencies of political correctness and apparently completely unaware of the huge demographic implications of their findings, can go on discussing to what presumably amounts to the profoundest demographic change of France since the Frankish conquest and the creation of the French state itself. 

It’s stunning: One only needs to substitute their discussion of the “screened babies” with “African-Oriental newborns”, take a look at the SCD prevalence maps of France they provide, and get a fairly complete picture of what enlightened France has been persistently denying to communicate to its people: that white France, the original France, the France which made France, is being phased out, making place for a hybrid Eurafrican society. Mass immigration has evidently become a self-defeat for La Grande Nation. One could argue that even for the immigrants themselves it produces diminishing returns: the more white France disappears, the less the country retains its character which had attracted all these immigrants in the first place. 

When I said fairly complete, this was not entirely correct. In fact, the demographic situation of white France is even worse for two reasons: first, the discussion has not touched so far its overseas departments which have always been home to an ethnically diverse population. Their newborns, the medical survey tells us, are in their entirety subjected to SCD testing. By including their numbers, 38,575 babies in 2010, the share of non-White births increases from 31.5 percent for mainland France to 34.6 percent in all of France (292,041 out of 844,533 newborns). Second, the screening figures do not cover all those extra-European immigrant groups to the mainland which do not have a genetic disposition to SCD, like East Asians and Hispanics. Adding their birthrates further reduces the white French share of the total by an unknown margin. 

The bitter irony is that these population figures suggest that France has been more radically changed by its former colonies than it ever changed the face of them. Unlike its maritime rival Great Britain, France was never a successful colonizer. Its only permanent settler colony of note is Québec to which it sent no more than 10,000 settlers. If there is a “revenge of the colonies”, as the White guilt trip of Western leftist thought has it, then France certainly gets more than its share back. 

France, like America, has always prided herself as champion of modern, “culture-neutral” Republican values to the whole world. Her historical achievement in spreading enlightment around the globe is undeniable. But her lighthouse role has blinded her for the negative effects at home: it never fully realized that the total propagation of these ideals also gave rise to a culturally and ethnically gutted citoyen, someone dispossessed from his own roots and denied the right to have them. It never quite understood that a strong sense of cultural and ethnic identity is not the enemy of democratic values, but rather its necessary and natural complement. It forgot that the French Revolution, its gift to the democratic world, was not created in an ethnic and cultural vacuum but by people with an identity and history – a white European identity. 

It may therefore be no coincidence that France, again like America, is among the first Western countries to fell demographic victim to its own negation of culture and ethnicity. In a way, history has come full circle: what France originally exported as an idea, the radically culture-blind republic, leaves her now helpless to come to grips with its own rapid de-Europeanization – the revolution devours its children, for good.


The plight of white France may be even worse as I found out only after publication of this article. The definition of the risk groups in the two medical sources quoted has changed some time between 2007 and 2012, but it is unclear whether this change already applies for 2010, the latest point in time we have data for. 

Two important criteria have been subjected to change:

1. Corsica does no longer qualify as a risk region.

2. Only newborns with BOTH parents coming from a risk region are liable for screening.

If these changes were already implemented in 2010, it would mean that the proportion of the non-white population in mainland France has risen even more sharply from its 28.45% in 2007 to 31.5% in 2010 because neither the Corsicans, white native people, nor babies with mixed ancestry are anymore included in the latter figure.

J. Bardakdjian-Michau, M. Bahuau, D. Hurtrel, et al.: "Neonatal screening for sickle cell disease in France", in Journal of Clinical Pathology, January 2009, Volume 62, Issue 1, Pages 31-33 (http://jcp.bmj.com/content/62/1/31)

J. Bardakdjian-Michau, M. Roussey: "Le dépistage néonatal de la drépanocytose en France" (Newborn screening for sickle cell disease in France), in Bulletin épidémiologique hebdomadaire: "La drépanocytose en France: des données épidémiologiques pour améliorer la prise en charge" (Sickle cell disease in France: epidemiological data to improve health care management), July 2012, Issue 27-28, Pages 313-317 (http://www.invs.sante.fr/content/download/40267/186491/version/2/file/beh_27_28_2012.pdf)


AmericanGoy said...

My comments are missing from previous threads - probably in the "spam" folder in blogger.

On topic: About 8-ish years ago, I was in Paris, visiting. It struck me as I walked about at 7PM that the city belonged to the non-whites (arabs and blacks), and that the native White Frenchpeople seemed to be interlopers, trying to get by.

It was the time of the "techno parade" and in the Metro I saw scenes not promoted by tourist brochures.

I saw crowds of youths, led by blacks, march in a phalanx in a metro tunnel, with all White people hugging the walls to let them through (this included myself).

I saw a black guy punching an arab guy dressed in tie, nice jacket, both were riding the escalator stairs - the black guy lazily punched the coming from work arab guy for fun, while the other tried to protect himself with his briefcase.

I was slapped by a white girl while her boyfriend, an arab, and his friends (arabs) laughed.

Paris, such a romantic city!

The lack of police (I saw one gendarme, smirking at a White woman who was bleeding and asking for help because a thief mugged her and took her purse) was telling - there were NO police during the techno parade that I saw, neither on the Metro.

Which is in stark contrast to the number of police deployed to quell the anti-austerity protests.

I assume the situation must have gotten much worse, and I do not envy the Parisians and Marseillains who are White.

M.G. said...

American Goy--
While I'll admit to battling mightily with the spam filter lately, I don't think I've missed any of your comments--your last ones were published on Five Year Plan in Four Years on Nov. 8, and on Bring Low the Enemy of Multiculturalism also on Nov. 8. That's where you linked to the speeches by Andropov and Bibi N. (and what different speeches they were!). I do my best to never leave such thoughtful commenters hanging. Was there another comment in there that I missed?

M.G. said...

Re: Paris--Yes, apparently it is getting really dangerous there. I don't live in that region, but I follow plenty of French ethnopatriot blogs, and the comments from Parisians are just jaw-dropping. To all who have been waiting to visit Paris--go quickly! Parts of it are rapidly becoming third-world. As Falko shows in this piece, the demographic future of the 'city of lights' is African all the way.

These limousine liberals, or "la gauche caviar" as they call them here, won't be able to run and hide forever from the hell they've created. It is not an accident that almost one in five French people voted Marine Le Pen (National Front) last time. With the economy tanking (and our new Socialist president determined to chase the last productive citizens over the border), France's near future is not looking bright.

fnn said...

How is Jean Raspail doing?

M.G. said...

If this article (French) from last year is to be believed, he's doing very well indeed. The leftist reporter is clearly traumatized by the fact that 'Camp of the Saints' is back on the best-seller list after 38 years:

(my translation) 'Tucked into his wooden armchair-cum-throne at the desk in his flat in the 17th arondissement, cigarette holder in hand, Jean Raspail, 85 but with the figure of a young man, savors it. "I'm having my revenge; events are confirming what I'd imagined," says the monarchist, who denies being a "far-rightist." "Ultra-reactionary," avers the former explorer with the colonial officer-style mustache,...'

It goes on and on like this, the journalist barely choking back his disgust at Raspail and his hugely successful (and prophetic) book. Read Front Page Mag's review of it here, Unamusement Park's here, and, why not, read the book itself online for free here. Or come on down to Mediterranean Europe the next time a raft full of Tunisian refugees washes up...

AmericanGoy said...

Sorry to say, some of my comments are still missing in action.

I wrote a good one in Emancipation Provocation, and some others.

Re: "I do my best to never leave such thoughtful commenters hanging".

Leave the sarcasm to Unamused, please... Unless you are drunk, like those innocent Somali girls who beat the crap out of this White girl in the UK and were let go because they explained that "they were not used to effects of alcohol".

That is an extenuating circumstance in European courts these days, n'est ce-pas?

After my visit to Italy, I have to ask - what are your views of italians? To me, comparing the italian mentality to the Anglo-Saxon one or Eastern European one... well, it's like they are on a different planet.

Planet Africa, in fact.

Off I go, I stirred the pot enough.

M.G. said...

American Goy--
No sarcasm at all, mais non mais non. I've just gone through a few hundred e-mails from Russians trying to sell me handbags, and I can't find any unpublished messages from you. Do you save yours in a word document before you send them? I started doing that for this very reason. If you still have them please do send them again, they're an interesting part of the post. I'm especially curious to hear what you had to say about 'Emancipation Provocation,' which is a very delicate subject for a lot of people.

Please, if ever you don't see something published here within twelve hours, could you try a second time? Blogger has me tearing my hair out over this.

Re: Italians--Most of my knowledge of them is second-hand, as I've never lived there or visited. I did some research for a post on Italy, where I found out that many Italians consider the North and the South to be two separate planets. I can tell you about the two places in France that have lots of ethnic Southern Italians, though--Corsica and Marseille. Intense familism, very intense, with all the good and bad that goes with it.

eah said...

Of course it's a disaster. If the French think they have budget and creditworthyness problems now, wait until the fraction of relatively more productive workers (i.e. native French) decreases, but the demands of a first world lifestyle on the wealth production capacity of the economy stays the same.

However, try getting an average French person to even discuss this, let alone admit the truth that a nation's economy depends on its people, and some groups of people are more capable of generating wealth than others. The racial aspect is still too much for a big majority of them.

In a couple of generations France will be saying 'Hello' to not only second- and third-worlders, but a second world lifestyle.


J said...

Regarding Prodigy's garlic-saturated elucubrations (see Cognitive etc. above): It is based on averages, that is average IQ and average GNP. But a country can be very prosperous with only a fraction of it population being "smart", and this smart fraction can have exceedingly high standard of living - thanks to the co-existence with a large non-smart majority. South Africa was and still is an example of this arrangement, as are all South American countries. Smart people are very wealthy in those shitholes, more than they would be in developed Western social-democratic countries. Prodigy is good in maths but never lived in say Argentina.

M.G. said...

Smart people are very wealthy in those shitholes, more than they would be in developed Western social-democratic countries.

That's a good piece from La Griffe, and yes, it's true that the 'pigmentocracy' in some third world countries leaves those on top living quite well. But the question becomes, how constrained are the more pigmented classes? South Africa under apartheid was very pleasant for the tiny Euro minority--I've heard many 'average joe' Whites even had maids and gardeners, something only our upper classes have access to.

But when apartheid/segregation is not enforced? That smart fraction has it a little tougher. South African Whites today live barricaded in their homes, gated communities (with armed guards) are huge in Brazil and Argentina. U.S. cities that were pleasant and prosperous under segregation have become war zones today. I still maintain that some type of enforced separation is the only way to make such a demographic situation liveable.

Joe said...

You appear to be making an arbitrary distinction regarding "whiteness". According to you, Greeks and southern Italians are "white" but Arabs and North Africans aren't? It's all a spectrum. These populations have all been interbreeding for millennia and are obviously more closely related to each other than any of them are to blacks or Chinese or Amerinds. My brother is more closely related to me than my cousin but I still call my cousin kin.

M.G. said...

These populations have all been interbreeding for millennia

Most certainly. If you read this blog regularly, you already know that we prefer geographical terms to tint-based ones--'Euro' and 'Afro' rather than 'white' and 'black,' for example. But in the context of a post about Western Europe, 'white' is meant to stand for 'indigenous European.' Not only ethnically but, since the 7th century, civilizationally, this is a quite distinct population from that of the Maghreb.

It's all a spectrum.
Indeed. But we cannot claim that because orange exists, red and yellow cannot be said to exist.

You appear to be making an arbitrary distinction regarding "whiteness".

Any such distinction can only be arbitrary. All populations bleed into other ones. The 'whiteness line' is drawn in different places by different people at different times. There are East Asians who consider themselves 'white,' ditto Pakistanis and Persians and Arabs. If we at Those Who Can See had our way, 'white' would be retired as a signifier in favor of geo-nomenclature (Euro, East Euro/West Euro/South Euro etc.). It is, as you point out, not an especially useful descriptor. Thanks for commenting.

Joe said...

Thanks for clarifying. I really enjoy your blog. You seem to have a realist perspective on ethnicity and the dialogue here lacks the venom and hatred that characterizes other pro-white forums. Very refreshing...

Falko Baumgartner said...

Update: Two month after initial publishment at Alternative Right, word is slowly spreading across the web:
Original article in English: http://www.alternativeright.com/main/blogs/hbd-human-biodiversity/the-africanization-of-france/
German translation: http://www.pi-news.net/2012/11/die-afrikanisierung-frankreichs/
Dutch translation: http://ejbron.wordpress.com/2012/11/15/de-afrikanisering-van-frankrijk/

French postings:

Falko Baumgartner said...

More French postings:

Falko Baumgartner said...

The original English article as well as faithful translations into French, German and Dutch have been recently (re)posted by Alternative Right:

- English: https://richard-spencer-xna0.squarespace.com/blog/2013/6/14/the-africanization-of-france
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