29 April 2011

Eugenics II

[Eugenics Part I can be found here.]

You, the Chinese social engineer, have successfully turned Hunan Province into a region of dullards.


Did you coerce?  You did not.  You incited.  No forced sterilizations, no forced euthanizations.  No stick, just carrot.

Adolf Hitler coerced.

Tony Blair incited.

Fetal alcohol syndrome is no fun.  Neither are drug addict mothers, who have a nasty habit of getting pregnant in the same way they get earwax build-up, that is to say by accident, and treating both discharges with the same level of interest.

The sheer human misery created by these wayward women is staggering to calculate:

A judge has revealed that he has ordered 14 children from the same mother to be taken into care because of her addiction to crack cocaine and other drugs…. The 14 children from one family in London were ordered into care by the judge amid fears for their safety.  It is claimed the bill to look after the children is likely to exceed £2million.

…In another case, a heroin addict in Yorkshire had her first three children taken away, but then had seven more by at least three men. One by one they were taken away until she had lost all 10.

And if one could prevent some of this horror by paying these women to get a tubal ligation? Barbara Harris:

The sister of a drug addict here in Orange County pleaded with me to offer her sister this option because she had five or six babies and the family was torn apart…They're very grateful. We just got a call from this woman whose niece was an addict. She said, "Please make her an offer."…The family was willing to pay it.

In most cases it's not drug-addicted men who are getting these women pregnant -- it's johns that they prostitute with all day long for $5 a person. One of the women who came through our program had 14 babies. She doesn't know who the fathers are, and that's usually the case.

This kind woman, herself an adoptive mother of four drug-addicted babies, has been vilified as a 'eugenicist.'

Coercion?  Or incitation?  Hitler or Blair?

Is discouraging dysgenics the same thing as encouraging eugenics?

In any case, your Hunan Province Dysgenics experiment has been a smashing success.  But what about your colleague next door in Chongqing?  He was tasked with raising an entire province's IQs as fast as possible.   

Which he does.  Without euthanizing or forcibly sterilizing anyone at all.

All he has to do is climb into his time machine, fly fifty years into the future, wander next door into Hunan, and declare the following:

'Henceforth, all non-working single mothers will be denied any additional welfare payments of any kind after the birth of their second child.'


New Jersey tried it in the early 1990s and, quelle surprise,

We cannot, however, avoid the conclusion that women on welfare in New Jersey responded to a family cap in an entirely predictable way by reducing pregnancies and births and (temporarily) increasing abortions.

For eugenics to happen, no one need be forced into sterilization,  though popular candidates for just such a procedure are hardly lacking.   No one even need be coaxed into voluntarily tube-tying, though that too would be an enormous boon.  The fastest and easiest way would be to stop the Hunan policy that we currently employ--Mei's taxes pay for Ling's babies--and three generations down the road, voilà, eugenics.

So the next time you hear someone complaining loudly that the government should stop funding the lifestyle of people like this or this,...

Kelly Fannin, who has five children from four different fathers, could be sent to prison after she breached a two-year suspended sentence for stealing from shops in October 2009.

Miss Fannin receives monthly payments of £870 in housing benefit, £975 in child tax credit, and £303 in child benefit, giving her an income equivalent to a pre-tax salary of £39,000.  She told the magazine she had no plans to start working as she knows she would be financially better off if she did not get a job.

'What's the point? My mum worked all her life and she paid taxes so I feel I am getting what I deserve,' she said. 'Some people might think I am a scrounger. But I don't think me or my children should miss out on nice things just because I have never worked.'

...agree with him heartily and tell him that you, too, support sensible eugenics.

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