13 April 2017


Toutes nos excuses; the vicissitudes of life being what they are, we will be posting a bit late this month. 

Here at Those Who Can See we always try to provide both anecdotes and empirical data. For those who favor the latter, we're very pleased to announce a complete overhaul and update of our 'Tables and Graphs' page (link on the sidebar):

On this page can be found just about every graph, table, or map of interest that we've ever published here--about 200 total, most of them TWCS creations. All source material is cited and linked to, as well as the blog post in which the image originally appeared. (Some have not been previously published.) Categories are as follows:

Crime and Race, U.S.

Immigrant Crime in the Eurosphere

Education and Race,U.S.

Education and Race, World

Welfare and Immigration

Character Traits and Race

Islam: Muslim Opinion around the world

Societal Trust: Familism (clannishness) & Corruption around the world

Cultural Values in the global North

Cultural Values and Business Environment in the global North

Societal Indicators around the world

Slavery in U.S. History

Jewish American Achievement

The page is only searchable via 'ctrl + F,' so please use this tool to find what you may be looking for (i.e. 'corruption,' 'Sweden,' 'affirmative action').

'A picture is worth a thousand words'—We sincerely hope this pool of images can be of use. Please copy and share anything you may find of interest.

We'll be back to regular blogging shortly.

Thank you as always for reading.


Stephen said...

That last graph is a bit odd in using the lighter color for the higher concentration.

helena said...

Genius! Thanks for all your diligence.

Caviar Vending Machine said...

Extremely helpful. Grateful to you for compiling the data.

Anonymous said...

The incarceration statistics bear out that:
* Black incarceration rates have always been way above those of Whites.
* This has been so even in Northern states which were anti-slavery and pro-black.
* This has also been so in Southern states during Reconstruction when blacks and their White allies were in control of the legal machinery.
* This is so today even in cities which are run by blacks.
* The Civil Rights revolution was supposed to "solve" the "problem" of black criminality with a vast array of programs. Yet since the 1960s there has been a steady increase in black incarceration. Again, we might note that this is so even in regions which are "liberal."
* The spike which begins around 1980 is mainly due to the various wars on crime. It can be pointed out that three strikes and such policies have been placing many criminals in jail who would have gone free under the old "revolving door" system. Thus, the post-1980 stats give a true picture of crime.

All this reinforces what is known by anecdote and experience: blacks commit crimes at higher rates than other races. The crime contributes to blacks being imprisoned more often as well as to poverty, decline in public trust, food deserts, infrastructure collapse, and etc. These symptoms can be seen from Detroit to Johannesburg.

Of course, black criminality does not fit into egalitarian ideology, so these statistics would be dismissed or reinterpreted by Disingenuous White Liberals to fit that ideology.

This is why it is critical to keep telling the truth.

Californian said...

I entered the post which begins: "The incarceration statistics bear out that:
* Black incarceration rates have always been way above those of Whites..."

There was some rigamarole with the "Captcha" function which dropped the name block and substituted "Anonymous." Can you pleaaaaaaaase get rid of the Captcha thing, it creates all sorts of weirdness.



saanvi said...

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