17 February 2017

Progressives: the New Race Realists

One hundred years ago, progressives referred to people of color as 'backward races,' 'degenerate and unprogressive,' 'non-adults.' Today's leftists, of course, believe no such thing. They think all humans are equal, as they tell us at every available opportunity.

Don't they?

Careful: TWCS is noticing a sea change.

The rhetoric and the actions emanating from the left as of late show that they have perhaps taken a U-turn—a salutary one.  People of Color, they are now saying, in fact have little agency, are near-prisoners of their instincts, and thus can't be held to the same standards as other ethnies.
In other words, today's progressives have become de facto race realists.

On what do we base such a claim?

1) Education

a) White Liberal Flight

Leftists are quite aware of Afros' lower cognitive abilities...

...Which translate to lower test scores:

[One may assume leftists believe in the power of IQ tests, of course, because they use them to get criminals off death row, argue that righties are duller than lefties, and get their kids into the ritziest Manhattan kindergartens.]

And progressives also know that Afros have higher sociopathy and behavioral disorders:

Data source (click to enlarge)

Which translate into higher discipline rates:

We know that progressives are well aware of the intractability of these differences, because they will go to absolutely any lengths to keep their kids out of Diversity-rich schools:
A study by researchers from the Stanford University School of Education … reports that nearly half of the almost 500 school districts that were under court order to desegregate as of 1990 have been released from judicial oversight during the last two decades, resulting in a slow but steady re-segregation, as compared with districts where judicial oversight continues.

This is the case for even the most leftist enclaves, such as New York City:

The nation’s most segregated schools aren’t in the deep south — they’re in New York, according to a report released Tuesday by UCLA's Civil Rights Project. That means that in 2009, black and Latino students in New York “had the highest concentration in intensely-segregated public schools,” in which white students made up less than 10 percent of enrollment and “the lowest exposure to white students,” wrote John Kucsera, a UCLA researcher.

In one of the nation’s most liberal cities, where people say they prize diversity, parents mostly choose schools where the other children look like their own. That has led to one-third of the district’s elementary schools becoming racially isolated, composed of at least 60 percent of students of one race. 

Or Seattle:

Nearly three decades after Seattle Public Schools integrated almost all its schools through busing, that racial balance is long gone. It, like many districts across the nation, has slowly, steadily re-segregated. “We like to think of ourselves as these enlightened, liberal folks,” says School Board member Harium Martin-Morris. “But the fact is our schools aren’t the way that people really think they are.”

Et tu, White Progressive? 

Leftists, you may argue, believe these disparities come from outside oppression, not The Diverse's own make-up. But progressives are just as aware as anyone that white kids from low-income households score higher on SAT tests than black kids from the wealthiest families:

Or that per-pupil spending for black districts has in many places surpassed that of white districts… to no effect on test scores:

Data sources: Number 1, Number 2

This 're-segregation,' then, shows that our leftists are well aware of the long-standing behavioral and cognitive differences between groups... and act accordingly.

b) Lower expectations

One hundred years ago, progressive Euros openly affirmed that Afros were less able than their white peers, and that we should thus have compassion for our colored confreres. Today, finally, they seem to be coming back to this position.

Can't follow rules

Anti-racism educator Heather Hackman, for example, recently claimed that students of color just aren't capable of being as rigorous and disciplined as white children—so these standards should be dropped:

'The racial narrative of White tends to be like this: Rugged individual, honest, hard-working, disciplined, rigorous, successful,' she said. 'And so then, the narrative of U.S. public education.' 
Hackman described these as specific cultural traits chosen and emphasized to favor whites to the detriment of non-white groups, who are forced to assimilate white traits such as good discipline and goal orientation or else be left behind.
... She predicted her [more lax] approach will triumph, and the sinister force she dubbed “Super-Whitey” (and compared to the Eye of Sauron) will eventually be swept aside.
Can't be disciplined

Black educators, surprisingly, are saying the  same thing.  In a clear call for re-segregation, they're admitting their kids simply aren't equipped to learn in a 'white environment':

'This is a hard truth that teaching staffs all over the country have witnessed. With black students, the black teacher just doesn’t have anywhere near the discipline problems as white teachers.  Disproportionate African-American suspension and expulsion rates lead to only one fatal conclusion, that is, if you’ve got the guts to go there. White female teachers cannot, as a rule, handle black male students, much less educate them.'

Can't meet testing standards

Black activists harangued Washington for years about 'The Gap,' that stubborn gulf between white and black kids' test scores. GW Bush finally gave in and passed the 'No Child Left Behind' Act, mandating equal testing scores for all kids by 2014. 

But how to square a circle? Afro teachers were well aware their kids weren't cognitively up to the task. They saw only one way out--massive cheating:

[Beverly] Hall, the former superintendent of Atlanta Public Schools, and 35 other educators have been indicted by a Fulton County grand jury in a cheating scandal that involved large, unexplained test score gains in some Atlanta schools back in 2011. They were ordered to turn themselves in by Tuesday, April 2, 2013.

This cheating by black schools became a full-blown epidemic, from Dallas to Detroit to St. Louis to Washington, D.C.,to Philadelphia to Chicago to  Atlanta:

'No Child Left Behind has created a culture in which people will do anything to keep their jobs,' says Diane Ravitch, an education historian at New York University and a leading critic of corporate-inspired school reform. 'There are states that have gamed the systems, there are districts that have gamed the system, there are people who have gamed the system.'

Solution: re-segregation

As time has worn on and Gaps have not closed, some black educators have begun inching back towards re-segregation:
The KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program) charter, which opened last fall in Jacksonville and has 96 percent black enrollment, recently received accolades from Gov. Rick Scott for helping minority students achieve academically.  That's justification for grouping students by race or ethnicity in charter schools, supporters say.

"I would not call it segregation," said Patricia Levesque, executive director of former Gov. Jeb Bush's Foundation for Florida's Future, a lobbying group. "Charter schools may target minority communities because they want to provide those students with options."
Slowly, ever so slowly, it is dawning on educators that different ethnic groups need different rules and standards in order to thrive.

Solution: Lower standards

Progressives have also embarked on a little-known but thoroughly race-realist policy of different testing goals according to ethnic group:

Data sources: Virginia, Florida, New Jersey

Noel Roycroft of the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights:
Imagine you are the parent of an African American student and that your child’s teacher has just informed you that if your child scores a 75% on a test he or she will receive the same grade as a white student that scores 87% or higher. Would you be comfortable with this? Would you accept the implicit message that your child is somehow inferior and is expected to achieve less than others based solely on their race?

At last we are getting somewhere. Yes, Mr. Roycroft, we are cognitively affected by our ethnicity. Bravo to our progressive educational leaders for seeing it. By far the more cruel position is that of conservatives, who insist that we all, no matter our ethnic make-up, can 'pull ourselves up by our bootstraps' and attain the same level.

c) College  

Fifty years after de-segregation, the leftists who run academia seem to have accepted that no matter their socio-economic background, People of Color simply cannot meet the same standards as other groups. They have thus put their thumb on the scale and created a system by which the Diverse are held to much lower admission criteria.

Espenshade and Radford, in the most detailed study of its kind, analyzed admission records for 245,000 students at 8 top universities (who asked to remain nameless) over 4 years.

This is also true for medical school:

As well as for law school:

The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education admits bluntly
If these institutions were to choose their students solely on test scores and college grades, it is clear that in the intense competition for places at medical schools in the United States, African Americans would be at a severe disadvantage ... Under these circumstances no blacks would be admitted to the nation's most selective schools of medicine.

One outcome of this 'thumb on the scale' approach can be seen in Bar Exam results:

Data sources: California, New York, Texas

As well as on general educational mismatch:
Jareau Hall breezed through high school in Syracuse, N.Y. Graduating in the top 20% of his class, he had been class president and a successful athlete, and he sang in gospel choir. He was actively recruited by Colgate University in rural New York, one of the nation's top liberal-arts colleges. 
None of Colgate's recruiters mentioned to Mr. Hall that his combined math and verbal SAT scores were some 250 points below the class median—let alone that this would put him at great risk of academic difficulty.
Arriving at Colgate in 2002, he quickly found himself struggling in class, with far more rigorous coursework than he had ever faced. ... Shaken by the experience, Mr. Hall dropped out after his freshman year. 

It is clear, then, that leftist academia fully understands People of Color's lower capabilities, and has adjusted its admissions policies accordingly. Unfortunately, the first to suffer are the Diverse themselves, who, due to educational mismatch, are often left hopelessly out of their depth and in life-long debt.

2) Employment

The job market is another domain where progressives have come to accept that the Diverse have lower abilities.  In particular, they've conceded that Afro-Americans find it very challenging to obey the law, graduate high school, or pay their bills at the same rates as other groups, and so hiring criteria must be strongly massaged. 

Because of the above reality, the Supreme Court in 1971 ruled that companies can't give intelligence tests to potential hires (Griggs vs Duke Power Co.). Chief Justice Burger made the curious, rather race-realist choice to draw on Aesop's Fables in order to communicate Afros' lower ability:
Congress has now provided that tests or criteria for employment or promotion may not provide equality of opportunity merely in the sense of the fabled offer of milk to the stork and the fox.

(For those who've forgotten, the fox offered some soup in a wide, flat dish to his friend the stork, who with his long beak couldn't swallow a drop.)
On the contrary, Congress has now required that the posture and condition of the job seeker be taken into account. It has -- to resort again to the fable -- provided that the vessel in which the milk is proffered be one all seekers can use. The Act proscribes not only overt discrimination, but also practices that are fair in form, but discriminatory in operation. 

In other words, giving a black person an IQ test is like asking a stork to drink out of a flat bowl--Nature has just not equipped him to handle it.  

Similarly, because of the above disparity in graduation rates, the EEOC has threatened disallowing use of high school diplomas by prospective employers.

Due to Blacks' inability to obey the law like other groups do (see above), the EEOC is also trying to forbid the use of criminal background checks by prospective employers.

Since Afros' lower future orientation hinders their ability to pay their loans back at the rate of other groups (see above), the EEOC is also trying to ban the use of credit checks in hiring.

Civil service exams serve as a kind of proxy IQ test.  But because the results keep coming out 'wrong,' Obama's Dept. of Justice has tried to force police and fire departments to 'simplify' their tests as much as possible. 

The U.S. Department of Justice, led by Attorney General Eric Holder, rejected the results of Dayton's Civil Service examination because not enough blacks passed. The DOJ has ordered the city to lower the passing score.... The DOJ-approved scoring policy requires potential police officers to earn the equivalent of an "F" on the first part and a "D" on the second.

Our federal equality-rain-makers have done the same not only in Dayton, but in (among others) Boston, Chicago, Virginia Beach, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Blacks themselves appear to agree that they are not up to the task:
An amicus brief for the International Association of Professional Black Firefighters declared flatly that it was "widely known and accepted that cognitive examinations, such as used here, have a demonstrated adverse impact on blacks and other minorities."
...Well, not all of them:
Keith Lander, chairman of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and Dayton NAACP president Derrick Foward condemned the DOJ actions. Mr. Lander said, "Lowering the test score is insulting to black people," adding, "The DOJ is creating the perception that black people are dumb by lowering the score." 
Mr. Foward agreed ... "If you lower the score for any group of people, you're not getting the best qualified people for the job."

Indeed. But this is a feature, not a bug, of our 'affirmative action' regime--you may have the best qualified, or you may have racial parity, but not both.

There is one last reason we know that leftists believe these cognitive differences to be deep-seated. The reason is that at its birth back in the 1970s, affirmative action was meant to be temporary--allowing Afros to 'catch up.'  As Richard Kahlenberg, in The Remedy: Class, Race, and Affirmative Action, reports:

Congressman Robert Drinan (D-Mass.) called race and gender preferences "an interim strategy," and Eleanor Holmes Norton, chairman of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission under President Carter, acknowledged that "there is a general consensus in our society" that affirmative action "ought to be temporary." 
Most proponents did not specify a time limit, though a few did. Whitney Young, Jr., of the National Urban League called [in 1962] for "a decade of discrimination in favor of Negro youth, " and Justice Blackmun said he hoped that affirmative action programs would be unnecessary "within a decade at most." 

Yet today, forty years later, all such fantasies have burst. No one is more keenly aware of this intractable cognitive divide than our mulatto elite. Eric Holder again:

'Affirmative action has been an issue since segregation practices,' Holder said. 'The question is not when does it end, but when does it begin ... When do people of color truly get the benefits to which they are entitled?'

It's a startling admission: Short-term 'leveling of the playing field' couldn't do it--some groups really do have lower future orientation and general cognitive ability, and so for them exceptions must, and always will have to, be made.

3) Crime

Data sources : Bureau of Justice Statistics and Bureau of the Census reports 1926-198619791984,   1990199520002005,2010.

Fifty years after the end of Jim Crow, faced with the grinding, endless reality of high crime rates from People of Color, progressives have finally thrown up their hands and admitted that 'They just can't help it'—race realism in a nutshell. How do we know?

a) Blacks lack agency

The 2013 Trayvon Martin affair showed it amply.  

We all know the story: A black teen out casing houses at night is approached by a neighborhood watchman. Rather than explain himself, the teen decides to jump the watchman and beat his head into the concrete, at which point the watchman pulls out his gun and saves his own life by ending his assailant's.

But as has become the norm, American leftists entirely removed the young man's actions from the equation. This take, from the 'Chair of the Department of African and African American Studies at Harvard University,' is typical of the genre:

'The most elemental facts of this case will never change. A teenager went out to buy Skittles and iced tea. At some point, he was confronted by a man with a gun who killed him. There is no universe I understand where this can be declared a noncriminal act. … America is racist at its core. I used to doubt this simplistic claim. Today I cannot. A jury in Florida failed us.'

This rather open-and-shut case, which would have never made it out of the local police blotter if the two had been of the same ethnie, was somehow blown up into the race trial of the century.  The lesson to be learned, leftists made abundantly clear, is that Blacks are utterly unable to control their impulses, and thus must be avoided like wild animals on the savannah.

We see the same sentiment in this revealing comment from a judge in Chicago:
A California college girl was arrested at the airport [during a psychotic break], then released into the deepest and most dangerous ghetto in Chicago [Robert Taylor Homes]. Soon after her release, she was attacked and thrown out of a seventh-story window.  Her family sued.

During the trial, a Harvard professor testified that if a white person walks through a black neighborhood, people can reasonably expect some very unreasonable violence to be visited on that person. …[Judge] Easterbrook said the situation was so transparently dangerous that Chicago police “might as well have released her into the lions’ den at the Brookfield Zoo.” The City of Chicago settled for $22.5 million.

A resounding admission of the many stubborn behavioral challenges the black underclass faces.

Recently, four white 18-year-olds kidnapped and tortured a retarded black man for hours, yelling 'fuck black people' (while live streaming). The local white police chief shrugged it off, saying 'Kids make stupid mistakes… whether or not we seek a hate crime [depends if] this is sincere or just ranting and raving.' A white NBC pundit agreed that 'kids can make some really poor decisions from time to time,' a white CNN journalist adding 'I don't think it's evil… these are young people, and they have bad home training.'




Unbelievable? Of course. Reverse the races of everyone above, and it happened just as described, last month in Chicago.

No agency: Blacks just can't help themselves, say Chicago Police Chief, NBC pundit, CNN pundit
(torture victim at left)

As is always the case with these crimes, if a white person does it, he is held to highest standards of responsibility; if a black person does it, well, he has no agency and just can't help himself.

When a 300-pound black teen being stopped for jaywalking decided to punch a Missouri cop and lunge for his gun, and ended up shot for his trouble, NYT columnist Chuck Blow did not chide the youth for his stupid decision, but rather lamented
'the criminalization of black and brown bodies–particularly male ones–from the moment they are first introduced to the institutions and power structures with which they must interact.'

Translation: We are bodies, not brains, and can't be held accountable for our actions, so white society must let us commit crime at will.

b) White victims and 'battered wife syndrome'

On the same 'Afros lack agency' theme, those brutalized in random black-on-white attacks have taken to excusing their aggressors, with the seeming recognition that they simply cannot control their impulses.

After being punched in the face by a random group of laughing (and filming) black teens, Washington D.C.'s Phoebe Connolly said:
'I’ve moved past it and I really have no hard feelings about what has happened. And I just see it as another reason why we need to better support our youth with activities and youth programs, which is actually what I do for work, and it’s great to see teenagers do incredible things when they’re supported and empowered.'

A white Baltimore bicyclist was pulled from his bike and beaten by a black mob just for fun, the helmet cam catching it on tape. His reaction?
 'I wish they had something to do, maybe they could come out and join us.  If they asked any of the cyclists if they want to come out on a bike ride they’d probably say yeah, I’ll help you get a bike, we’ll do this.'

A truly gruesome case from the Twin Cities:
The 27-year-old was walking home in his neighborhood on St Paul’s East Side when he was attacked by a group of 30 to 50 [black] juveniles and young adults. He was hit in the head with a ‘can in a sock’, stomped on, had his pants ripped off him and was robbed. Widstrand has already undergone two surgeries for brain swelling and skull fractures. … [it] left him in a wheelchair and unable to perform basic tasks.

In sum, an unprovoked lynching. His reaction?
‘That was just a freak accident,’ Widstrand, who is now 27, told the Star Tribune.It was just young kids lashing out. I was a young kid once. I lashed out.’ He added: ‘I’m indifferent towards them. I wish them the best. But I am recovering and I’ll be back soon enough.’

It is interesting to see well-meaning liberals excuse their own attackers because, well, 'they just don't know any better.' This precise argument—that Afros have lower impulse control, higher aggressiveness, and lower out-group empathy (i.e. are like children in adults' bodies)—has been made by race realists for hundreds of years.

c) Europe: Our new Diversity has no agency

Europeans have only recently begun importing Diversity in large numbers, and they too have come to realize that some populations are simply not able to be held to the same standards as White Europeans.

In Germany, an Eritrean tried to rape an 18-year-old woman in public:
He was already half undressed and had bitten the young woman on the face and the neck multiple times. There was blood everywhere.  …  He won’t be deported, and he doesn’t have to go to jail. The Eritrean was sentenced to thirty hours of community service and therapy for alcoholism. 
Why so lenient? Local criminology Professor Frommel attributed the crime to 'lack of money, lack of affirmation and appreciation, and lack of access to sex.'

In one of the now infamous swimming pool incidents, a 30-year-old Afghan was accused of groping several children (aged 5 to 12) in the Offenburg poolBut the trial was stopped:

What really upsets the mother is that she sees the state’s attorney’s argument twisting the facts. There it is claimed that the children stimulated the man to touch them by fooling around. 'No way!' says Sicre. Her daughters were shocked when she read them the prosecutor’s letter. 'Mama, that makes us look like the guilty ones.'
 The vibrantly diverse in Europe are, it seems, considered to be more child-like than actual children.

In Norway, a politician who was raped in his home by a Somalian refugee regretted his role in sending the monster home:
Hauken, who describes himself as a ‘young Socialist Left Party member, feminist and anti-racist’: ‘My life fell into ruin, but now I feel guilty about him being sent out of the country. … I was the reason that he would not be in Norway anymore, but rather sent to a dark uncertain future in Somalia.'

An especially piquant example of the infantilization of our new Diverse, from the U.K.:
A gang of Muslim women who attacked a passer-by in a city centre walked free  from court... The group – three sisters and a cousin – allegedly screamed ‘kill the white slag’ as they set upon Rhea Page as she waited for a taxi with her boyfriend.
Miss Page, 22, was left ‘black and blue’ after suffering a flurry of kicks to the head, back, arms and legs while motionless on the pavement. … Judge Robert Brown gave them suspended jail terms after hearing mitigation that as Muslims, the women were not used to being drunk. 

Once again, we see progressives grappling over how to handle a colored community wracked with natural low impulse control and high aggressiveness. While conservatives claim that People of Color simply must dig in and make an effort to behave like everyone else, leftists have correctly sensed that these folks are operating on a different biological playing field, and thus need special consideration.

4) Governance

In the last ten years or so, and especially with this new migrant crisis, progressives have begun to make some startlingly race-realist observations on governance by People of Color.

For example, a 'heroic' Frenchman, Cédric Herrouwas recently profiled in the New York Times:
A local hero to some, a scofflaw to others, Mr. Herrou, who was arrested in August, had helped his guests — all [economic] migrants from Africa — to cross the border into France illegally. He planned to sneak them to a train station so they could continue their journey. Some might stay in France, but most wanted to get to Britain or Germany. 
Early the next morning, cool and foggy in the mountains, Mr. Herrou and some volunteers in his underground railroad traded tips on which Riviera train station would be best to slip through.
A powerful comparison—and strongly reminiscent of 19th century colonialists, who believed (even the leftists) that colored peoples were so incapable of ruling themselves that the only way to truly help them was to let them be governed by white people.

And here we are, coming full circle. The modern leftist believes that forcing, say, a Gabonese to live in a country ruled by other Gabonese is akin to a crime against humanity. Thus any denizens of the third world who wish to enter ethnic-Euro countries and be governered by Whites must be allowed to do so.

It's a welcome surprise to see such race realism from our progressive brothers. We agree with them that the 3rd World, especially Sub-Saharan Africans, have an especially hard time governing themselves in the modern context. But comparing Afro governance to slavery, as our NYT writer did above? On what is this based? 

Perhaps not just hyperbole. As it turns out, basic electrification is still outside their grasp:

Of the little electricity they have , 75% of it is provided to them by Arabs or Euros.

Fifty years after independence, Africans still farm at such a primitive level that foreigners are begging to come in and be allowed to cultivate the land profitably:

The basics of human development still seem out of their reach:

Government corruption there is rife:

More evidence of leftists' little faith in Afro governance is that they seem to believe that as colonialism (i.e. white rule) recedes farther into the past, African rulers need more and more aid every year:

No surprise, then, that Africans themselves are race realists and would like very much to be governed by someone other than themselves:

In view of the above, it is little wonder that leftists have become so pessimistic about Colored People's ability to govern that they have more or less invited the entire 3rd world to come be ruled by Whites again.  As the recent Women's March manifesto put it,

'Rooted in the promise of America’s call for huddled masses yearning to breathe free, we believe in immigrant and refugee rights regardless of status or country of origin … We recognize that the call to action to love our neighbor is not limited to the United States, because there is a global migration crisis. We believe migration is a human right and that no human being is illegal.'

While the progressive's take on African rule is harsh--that they are incapable of governing themselves properly, and so we must take in as many as would prefer white rule--we must admit it is a rather race-realist one.

5) Historical Accomplishment

Although it is in fact an older tendency, since the month of February is upon us, we will briefly mention another realm in which the liberal consensus is surprisingly race realist-- that of historical accomplishment.

'Black History Day' was born in 1926, then expanded to 'Black History Month' in 1976 by President Gerald Ford, who urged all Americans to 'seize the opportunity to honor the too-often neglected accomplishments of black Americans in every area of endeavor throughout our history.'

'Black Americans'? 

Here again, we've been surprised to see  that our progressives have so little faith in actual Afro achievement that every February they've no compunction in trotting out 'Black' icons who are of three-fourths (or more) European blood.

As a gentle reminder for those who have forgotten what 'Blacks' actually look like, we've added some statesmen from West Africa (U.S. Blacks' homeland) for comparison.

Housing minister (Nigeria), Supreme Court justice (Ghana), regional governor (Cameroon), army general (Ivory Coast), foreign affairs minister (Senegal)

As for statesmen, so for men of letters:

First 'black' cardiologist, 'black' American Surgery Board member, 'black' man to earn a B.A., 'black' man to earn a Ph.D.:, 'Black' to graduate Harvard

And as for 'Black' men, so for the women:

First 'black' woman to earn a Ph.D., 'black' female college professor, 'black' female federal judge, 'black' female State Supreme Court justice, 'black' female bank president

The liberal consensus, then, is to feel no special embarassment in claiming that to be a 'Black' at the top of the historical heap often involves having mainly European blood.

Not that this observation is anything new. From his nearly 400-page doctoral investigation 'The Mulatto in the United States' in 1918, E.B. Reuter concluded:   
According to the strictness or the looseness of the definition of full-blooded Negro that is used, and the high or low degree of superiority that is accepted as the test, the twenty per cent of mixed-bloods among the American Negroes have produced eighty-five per cent or upwards of the race's superior men.

6) Athletics

Athletics is a virtual showcase of the liberal consensus on Human BioDiversity. Though they're vexed by black under-representation in the wine industry, art history departments, and NASA, leftists are strangely unmoved by massive black over-representation in professional sports.

Data source: NBA, NFL

From John Entine, author of Taboo: Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports and Why We Are Afraid to Talk About It: 

While everyone readily accepts that evolution has turned out blacks with a genetic proclivity to contract sickle cell and Jews of European heritage who are 100 times more likely than other populations to be afflicted with the degenerative mental disease Tay-Sachs, it is widely perceived as racist to suggest that blacks of West African ancestry have evolved into the world's best sprinters, Asians among the best divers, East Africans the premier distance runners, and whites the top weightlifters. 

Yet the science is quite clear and the empirical evidence consistent and overwhelming. A look at the ancestry (or home country) of runners holding the top 100 times in eight distances, from the 100 meters to the marathon, makes it clear that African domination is deep as well as broad:

No activists demanding why Whites, or Hispanics, or Asians are so woefully under-represented in basketball or football. No push for affirmative action in order to 'close the gap' in sprinting or distance running. No complaints that the NBA is 'hideously black.'

There are few domains where Afro speed and jumping superiority are on such blatant display as pro sports.  And yet the liberal consensus seems to be, Nothing to see here--these particular 'performance gaps' don't need closing, so let's all just move along.

College sports programs are a particularly egregious example of the new barely-concealed race realism.  The only way to stay competitive in running or jumping sports, it is thought, is to recruit genetically superior Blacks.

But the way to retain top Afro sports talent, it would appear, is to lower student-athlete academic demands to almost remedial levels, and to prop up each jock with an army of tutors.

U. of Georgia:     
Georgia’s $1.3 million budget for academic tutoring for its roughly 600 athletes is the same amount that the university spends on its centralized campus tutorial program for its 25,000 undergraduate students
Georgia’s center for athletes, which was built in 2002, features rows of computers, plush furniture and an electronic check-in system to make sure athletes put in their minimum study hours. The center has 17 full-time staff members and more than 60 tutors.

Despite this astronomical spending on tutoring athletes, the 
Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sports finds the same Gap rearing its ugly head:

Kudos to schools for graduating their jocks at higher rates, but still that stubborn gap:

Data source

'Diversity Report Card' writer Richard Lapchick captures the schizophrenia around Afro athletes when he writes,
'The most troubling statistic in our study is the continuing large disparity between the graduation rates of white basketball student-athletes and African-American basketball student-athletes. The gap remained a staggering 24%.'

Staggering. Yet in this very same report, Lapchick notes that the NCAA Division I basketball player roster is 27% white and 56% black. That is, Whites are present at 42% of their percentage in the U.S. population, while for Blacks that number is... 467%! 

A tenfold difference. Try as we might, we could not find even one example of Mr. Lapchick lamenting this 'terrible' and 'unacceptable' disparity.

Are we creeping towards acceptance of Human BioDiversity via Afro dominance in sports?There are promising signs.

7) 'White Privilege'

Contrary to some of our confreres in this corner of the internet, we believe progressives have indeed tapped into a deep truth here. And we applaud them for it. We salute their efforts to get ethnic Euros to recognize their 'White Privilege,' and we hope they will soon go all the way and add the missing word: 'White [Genetic] Privilege.'

It does seem that leftists are beginning to grasp, however fuzzily, that natural selection has not treated us all the same.

a) Doctrine: Whites are Blessed
Our college campuses are finally recognizing the 'we're all the same' trope is nonsense:
Student leaders of this year’s freshman orientation at James Madison University were given a list of 35 things they should avoid saying. “I don’t see color,” “I’m colorblind” and “I don’t see difference. We’re all part of the same race, the human race” were all advised against.  
Similarly, at Purdue:
A business class (Management 301) at Purdue University teaches students the phrase “America is a melting pot” is a microaggression, according to class handouts, as well as “Everyone can succeed in society if they work hard enough” and “I believe the most qualified person should get the job.”
Data source #1, #2 (click to enlarge)
These phrases are problematic because they promote the “myth of meritocracy” or represent “statements which assert that race or gender does not play a role in life successes,” the handout stated.

We at TWCS very much agree that race and gender play a role in life success, as we've explored in Meritocracy and Its Discontents. We're thrilled to see the leftist intelligentsia recognize 'the myth of meritocracy' (however foggy their understanding may be). Our ethnic heritage does indeed affect our life success, right down to the genetic level.

According to the university website, 'The Privilege of Whiteness' workshop was designed for white people to 'reflect on and name the ways their privilege impacts their beliefs and behaviors by gaining the skills to identify the historical roots of White privilege and how it manifests today.' 
This is very promising. Replace 'historical' with 'genetic' and we're just about there.

No less than the U.S. Army has dipped a toe into the race realism waters. From Georgia's 67th Signal Battalion 'white privilege' briefing:

In the PowerPoint presentation, the troops were instructed that 'invisible “powerful forces” conspire to keep hard working black Americans down' and stop them from being valued by the rest of society. According to the presentation, it is in fact white privilege alone that creates a 'yawning divide' in income and general prosperity.

We are quite near the truth here. Whites' genetic cognitive superiority does seem, from Blacks' perspective, an 'invisible powerful force' that does 'keep them down' no matter how hard they work.

Even primary schools are inching towards reality:

Anshu Wahi, teaching white Manhattan grade schoolers HBD
An elite Manhattan school is teaching white students as young as 6 that they’re born racist and should feel guilty benefiting from 'white privilege' … Parents say white kids are being brainwashed into thinking any success they achieve is unearned. Indeed, a young white girl is seen confessing on a Bank Street video: 'I feel guilty for having a privilege I don’t deserve.'

Ethnic Euros don't 'deserve' our genetic blessedness, it is true. Her guilt is understandable.

A leaked slide from one of Wahi's PowerPoints lays it all out:

Bravo to Ms. Wahi.  This link between 'ancestry and privilege' is right on the money if looked at from a genetic standpoint:

b) More than skin deep?—Skating close to the truth

Progressives can't seem to figure out why 'White [Genetic] Privilege' is so persistent. It seems they're sensing that it's biological at some level, but not exactly which level.

Presenter at the White Privilege Conference in Philadelphia Heather Hackman is inching toward the truth:

'The intention of Skin Deep is to use critical race content and somatic (body-based) exploration to uproot ideologies of white supremacy and systems of white privilege in our lives. … White conditioning begins when white bodies are preverbal ... This work is about literally becoming a different kind of person from the cells out.'
This vague sense of a biological origin to the problem is a good sign—and it's spreading. A frustrated Andrew O'Hehir at Salon:

'But the most insidious power of white privilege, the albatross effect that makes it so oppressive to white people themselves, is the way it renders itself invisible and clouds the collective mind. It’s like a virus that adapts in order to ensure its own survival and perpetuation, in this case by convincing its host it isn’t there.' 

O'Hehir is so very close to the truth here--genetic advantages do indeed 'survive and perpetuate,' albeit via normal sexual reproduction.

We also have the inventor of the famous 'invisible knapsack,' Peggy McIntosh:

'I think whites are carefully taught not to recognize white privilege, as males are taught not to recognize male privilege. So I have begun in an untutored way to ask what it is like to have white privilege. 
'I have come to see white privilege as an invisible package of unearned assets that I can count on cashing in each day, but about which I was "meant" to remain oblivious. White privilege is like an invisible weightless knapsack of special provisions, maps, passports, codebooks, visas, clothes, tools, and blank checks.' 
This is an excellent metaphor. Future orientation, strong impulse control,  high out-group empathy, abstract reasoning ablity... The many genetic blessings of being descended from Western Europeans can indeed feel like so many 'codebooks' and 'maps.'

Her 'knapsack of tools' is a groping-in-the-dark way of trying to grasp the innate nature of these genetic gifts.  We applaud her for venturing so close to the truth.

*     *     *

As we see, progressive thought has reached an important turning point. Though the Civil Rights era is half a century behind us, the behavioral and cognitive struggles of many People of Color, especially Afros, continue unabated.

Testing gaps, from grade school to college to medical and law schools to civil service exams, remain persistent. Violent and property crime rates stay stubbornly high in the black community. In Europe, waves of People of Color have placed an immense burden on their hosts via higher crime and welfare use.

Never more than 13% of the population, Afros are from 18% to 58% of the Billboard Hot 100 in any given year.

However, Afros continue to utterly dominate in running- and jumping-based sports, as well as weigh heavily in their other natural strengths of comedyactingsinging, and music.  Ethnic Euros and East Asians continue to reign in the intellectual domain (with the latter finding themselves even more penalized than Whites by affirmative action).

Meanwhile, our erstwhile champions of equality, those who twenty years ago were insisting that 'There's only one race, the human race,' are now watching their children decry this slogan as itself racist.  This is a promising development.

Racist micro-aggressor Atwood

Afros do have lower levels of impulse control, future orienation, and abstract reasoning ability than other groups. This is not a criticism but an observation: it is the genetic heritage tropical Africa has left them. It explains their particular life outcomes everywhere on the globe, from Detroit to São Paulo to Addis Ababa.

These disadvantages were once blamed on 'racism,' then on 'institutional racism,' and today, as we edge ever closer to the truth, on 'white [genetic] privilege.' 

We are thrilled that progressives are getting so close to reality on this thorny issue. We wish them all the best in their continuing quest for the truth behind ethnic groups' diverse life outcomes.

Thank you for reading.


Unknown said...

You killed it. White privilege basically means high IQ

Anonymous said...

Truth Jones

rogerhicks said...

I have a theory which I think goes some way to explaining liberal (mainstream) attitudes towards race.

It began as an understandable overreaction to Nazism and the Holocaust. Post-racial multiculturalism is, effectively, the exact but equally extreme and insane opposite of Nazi racial ideology. If the Nazis embraced it, we deny and demonise it: for example, eugenics, euthanasia, ethno-nationalism, racial differences.

When I say "we", I mean especially academics, who are the modern heirs and counterparts of the medieval clergy, who are more intelligent than average and looked up to as moral and knowledgeable authorities, not just the man in the street, but also by politicians, whose profession requires them to claim moral authority for themselves. We are a very moral animal, easily intimidated by accusations of not living up to the moral standards set by our assumed moral superiors.

Post-racial multiculturalism has, in effect, become a secular replacement for the power-political role of medieval church ideology, whereby "original sin" (disobedience of divine, i.e. priestly/state authority) is replaced by "racial prejudice" (the natural human inclination - like original sin - to identity with members of one's own tribe, race or ethnic group, which was made responsible for the Holocaust and equated with the evils of Nazi racism), which only submission to priestly/academic/political/state ideology and authority can save us from eternal damnation for, not as heathens and heretics, as in the past, but as "bigots" and "racists".

I elaborate further on these ideas in my blog: http://philosopherkin.blogspot.co.uk/2016/10/political-implications-of-evolutionary.html

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Red Pill information.
It's sad that we've wasted decades in the US attempting to make everyone equal.

james wilson said...

Alexis de Tocqueville, 1835

We encounter in the hearts of men a degenerate taste for equality which...reduces men to prefer equality in a state of slavery to inequality in a state of freedom. Democratic communities have a natural taste for freedom, but for equality their passion is ardent, insatiable, incessant, and invincible: they call for equality in freedom; and if they cannot obtain that, they still call for equality in slavery.

M.G. said...

Anon °1--

Thanks for taking the time to express your frustration. Unfortunately, per the FAQ, the comments section at TWCS is not open to blank slatists:

'This blog is not a space to debate the reality of HBD. If you haven't yet crossed that fence, you are regretfully not welcome here. We'll see you when you get there.'

But thanks for stopping by, and good luck on your journey.

M.G. said...


Very interesting piece at your blog. From your September article:

'Multi-ethnic society has been imposed on us by the state using lies, deceit, force and intimidation'

'Post-racial multiculturalism now serves the state as an instrument of socio-political intimidation, rewards, punishments, manipulation and control, just as medieval church ideology once did.'

Your points are well taken. But I do take a different view on the state's role. I still feel Multiculturalism in the West has been more of a bottom-up affair than, say, Communism in the East, which was truly imposed from the top down from the get-go. Multicult started in academia, of course, then percolated through the lower schools, popular culture, Hollywood, journalism, etc., before really hooking its claws into the State (talked about this here and here).

Though maybe the U.S. and U.K. have really diverged in this sense? In America, our free speech laws remain very robust, and while 'wrongthink' can get you fired, or boycotted by your advertisers, or screamed at by editorialists, it can't get you jailed. The U.K. really seems to have slid into a more Soviet style, with police knocking on your door for saying the wrong thing online.

In sum, I guess you are seeing intention where I'm seeing accident. You talk about the state purposefully using Multicult for 'divide and conquer,' where I see more of a mass hysteria type phenomenon, an ideology that's swept through every institution like a virus, quite by chance, and could sweep out again at any time.

Very thought-provoking comments, thanks for sharing them. I've also added 'Philosopher Kin' to the blogroll under 'Food for Thought.'

jeppo said...

Great essay, MG. We really need to hit this message hard, that what shitlibs call 'white privilege' is in fact genetic in origin. Maybe with a widely circulated hashtag, like #WhitePrivilegeIsGenetic or something.

The Leftards, in their neverending quest to blame black dysfunction on white people, are actually pushing the Overton Window in our direction with this 'knapsack of privilege' gobbledygook.

Our response to this nonsense should be what Heartiste calls the "Agree and Amplify anti-shit test counterinsurgency." Yes, white privilege is real because European people are, on average, more intelligent, more disciplined, more cooperative, more law-abiding and more future-time oriented than blacks.

Maybe after thousands of years of selective breeding you too can enjoy the undeniable benefits of 'white' privilege. But until then, if you want to succeed in our modern technological society, then start 'acting white' (to the best of your limited abilities).

YIH said...

I see you've noticed the trendy new exotic pet for celebrities. Africans. Compared to other exotic pets such as tigers, octopi, or a chimpanzee they're relatively easy care for - and don't require specialized (and more costly) hired help to care for them.
The reason celebrities get them is, of course, they're the latest fashion accessory - the new dog in the purse!
The reason they go to Africa (or more often, just send a flunky) is because pet Africans can be bought quickly and easily - usually about $10k, including the required bribes to do the paperwork and airfare. Plus, they can have their new pet in less than a week. The reason they don't buy the plentiful Africans in for example, Tampa is, for one thing, all the US red tape, the other issue is the fact that if Madonna bought a pet African or two from Detroit, sooner or later one or more of it's relatives will show up looking for a handout. Buy one from Africa and not only does the parents not miss it (more often than not, it's not an orphan), they're too poor and too far away to come be a future problem.
What's tragic about this is non-celebrities mimic the behavior of the stars, but without the financial resources and hired help to care for exotic pets. I feel sorry for the White kids in this situation because they have no idea of the danger their good-hearted but empty-headed parents put them in.

Bilejones said...

I've been using the phrase "White Heritage" since the day after I first saw "White Privilege".

Mmatters said...

Clearly, the elephant in the room you chose not to discuss, based on the three-column table you presented, is "Asian privilege."

This is especially relevant because there are far more Asians in the world than whites.

What has created that clear set of superior features?

Mmatters said...

I must also note that the IQ figure in the table for blacks of 65 does not tie to your source.

RUSHTON (Page 9)

It says it's 85 and 70 for "purebreds in Africa."

Unless Rushton updated his stats sometime before he died, evidence of which I could not find, that's a pretty big bust in a very important statistic.

Discard said...

My response to anyone mentioning "White privilege" is to say, "No, it's White virtue".

High Arka said...

Genetically speaking, and historically speaking, it wasn't until relatively recently--as compared to the existence of humans on this planet--that this particular facet of whiteness (e.g., bringing other species in and encouraging them to harm us) found systematic expression in European societies. M.G., you're so interested in genetics. Can you think of a genetic reason that could explain this sudden change? Inherent Euro flaws can't be the answer, or things would've always been this way.

What can explain this recent trend? As a scientist, you'll surely not shy from pursuing the answer. For example, if there were a parasitic species that had always used different types of humans against each other, and said parasite had begun infecting Euros at some point--hypothetically speaking, maybe around a couple thousand years ago?--maybe that could explain this comparatively recent upsurge in Euro behavior?

What concerns me about this question is that it is very popular on the internet right now to discuss the genetic reasons for, say, Somali or Arab behavior. And even the genetic reasons for mestizo crime and Euro inventiveness. But I keep wondering, what brought all these people together in the first place? Could there be a genetic explanation for why mixing different strains of people suddenly became so important?

M.G. said...


Indeed, this 'white privilege' thing really is a step forward in my view.

'Racism' was the culprit for a long time, but most people really weren't racist anymore, and so that couldn't stick. Then it was 'institutional racism'-- but as it became clear NAMs were benefitting hugely from quotas just about everywhere (wrote about it here), that didn't fly either.

I love the 'white privilege' rhetoric because it is so close to the truth. We need to stop fighting it, and instead do just as you say and 'agree and amplify' it, because it is, in essence, true, and leads directly to the door of HBD.

M.G. said...


Yes, it is so obviously a fashion trend, and like you I feel sorry for the white siblings, but for the colored kids as well. From the testimonies I've read from inter-ethnic adoptees (Korean, Indian, black, you name it), it's not an easy road for them. They never really feel they fit in anywhere, and many grow up quite resentful of their adopted parents.

There's a strong neo-colonial streak in this Hollywood buying of African babies, and I think that's how future generations will see it. Uber-leftists like Madonna and Angelina Jolie will be looked back at with contempt by tomorrow's progressives, much like people today look back at Australia's 'stolen generation' (aboriginal kids taken from their homes). The impulse is very similar.

PinochetsChopperPilot said...

I know an upper class, well-bred, high IQ white woman, married to what I would describe as a former Alpha, who had twins (probably was using fertility drugs) then went and got a Down South Pet from some allegedly college educated black couple--this gal of course, paid for all the health care and all that, took the child at about a month old. All the things that relieved the burden for the brilliant black, college educated parents who decided one day, that "maybe our sweet Dindu should be raised by a white family". It was set up as an open adoption...you know where this is going...Anyhow...

A few months later, I asked her how things were going, and she said they were going good and that Said Pet's momma had decided that "we can all be family"...and since my friend is a white female guilt-ridden cuck (she's even Catholic-turned-Episcopal, LOL), she was cool with Momma Pet "gettin' all involved" with her bio-pet and coming around to see how he was doing with his two white older brothers, and Polar Bear parents and all that. [of course, we know Momma Black is checking out the house and evaluating future exhortation operations against the family] My friend is oblivious to what's being set up here and I don't know her THAT well, and in the context of how I know her, I couldn't really warn her--as it would generate a "that's raciss" complaint against me. I'm just watching the slo-mo shakedown in progress, taking notes.

PinochetsChopperPilot said...

A few months after that, I asked her how things were going (she has never suspected I'm trolling her for BAD news) and she body language and tone had changed...she told me how Momma Pet had ramped up her visits (and implied others were coming along, which tracks completely with Negro-logic), and that "her" (Bio-black) family insisted on calling him (Pet) by his name, but pronouncing it 'the black way'. My liberal friend chose to name her Pet let's just say, a name like Darren (stupidly)...which his bio family now insists on pronouncing "DarrON". My friend didn't seem too happy and because she is actually sweet person (unlike most libs, she isn't full SJW) and because she is fully cucked, she went with it, and everything else. She was kinda like, "oh well, everyone calls him that, so I guess we will..."

Now, my prediction is this: when this kid hits peak value, around 8-10 years old, Mother Black is going to demand (and/or file for) actual half custody basically. You might think an adoption is locked tight, even an "open adoption", but I argue it's like a pre-nup, there's lots of room for gaps and "changes" and misunderstandings, nullification, etc. My guess is Bio-Mom keeps it ambiguous enough for my white woman friend to keep paying for stuff, until the target it reached of about 12, then the entire Black family will start with the "son you are BLACK, you need to be with BLACK kids, your family, etc" (which would be true). They will start planting this narrative with white woman friend around the same time, and ala Kapernick, it won't be hard, because after all, it WILL SEEM VERY STRANGE to this dark black kid to have a lilly white family...the rest will follow…

PinochetsChopperPilot said...

As to my friend, when this happens--and it will happen, bless her heart (although yes, this whole act was a subconscious virtue signal)...she will cry and be upset and tell her husband "maybe we didn't do enough" (she's the type that will buy "soul food" for this kid). Beat herself up, probably offer money and stuff to "keep"the kid. etc etc etc

Now, if this Mother Black actually IS educated and half-way street smart, she will play this for years and milk my friend (and by default, her cucked husband) for YEARS like cancer patients paying millions for the "latest cure from Mexico", all the way to 18 and/or beyond. The irony is, not for us, but for liberals like my friend, as SOON as this kid doesn't have a $value$, or gets shot or whatever, Momma Black will GZF about him, and the only person that will cry is this white virtue-signaling woman who shoulda bought a puppy instead.
I'll keep you posted on what happens. It may happen a lot faster than I predict.

M.G. said...


I must also note that the IQ figure in the table for blacks of 65 does not tie to your source.

I'm so glad you pointed this out, as I've been posting it for years (it's an old copy that's been sitting on my hard drive for ages). Yikes! I don't know where I first lifted it from--did Rushton's 1995 version of his book put it at 65? I don't know, because I can't find a copy of it online. All I can find is the 1997 version, which says "85", and the 2000 version you posted, which says "70" for Africa and "85" for the U.S. In any case I've updated the post with the most recent version.

I confess that IQ studies are not a major interest of mine, so this is not the kind of error I'd have likely caught.

Clearly, the elephant in the room you chose not to discuss, based on the three-column table you presented, is "Asian privilege."

I've written a whole post about it, in fact:

'Overcoming our Asian Privilege'

What's to discuss? There are twenty graphs, tables, and maps posted above which include data on Asians. The numbers speak for themselves, no? Asians out-perform every other group including Euros (excluding Ashkenazis). This only furthers the HBD point, which is that natural selection has favored different groups in different domains. East Asians in the U.S. faced real discrimination in the past (much moreso than, say, Hispanics), many came here as penniless coolies--yet they have risen in the ranks just as they have all over Asia. They are clearly genetically favored.

If you have other points to add about East Asians, by all means do so.

M.G. said...


Your friend sounds like she's in for a world of hurt. I confess I've never heard of such a case, a college-educated black couple giving up a baby to Whites? The more details you give, the shadier it sounds. Effectively, a child-support scam, but couple-on-couple instead of woman-on-man. Very clever on their part if that is the case.

The more typical story I've heard in this scenario is of the Kapernick variety, where the kid goes all black-power and resents his white family, or more simply where the egghead wealthy white parents don't understand why little Jamal never liked reading as much as them, he grew up in a house full of books after all...

I feel this is one of those social experiments that will quietly go the way of the dodo and be looked at with embarassment a few generations hence.

(Also I hope you don't mind I re-posted your comment with a racial slur removed--don't think you meant anything by it, but those are the house rules here and I'm a dragon about it. Thanks for your understanding.)

John Derbyshire said...

M.G.: Your headings and subheadings are messed up. We get 1, then (a), then (b), then (1b). Wha? That (1b) should be (c).

sondjata said...

Similarly written about here:


and here:


and here:


M.G. said...

High Arka--

Inherent Euro flaws can't be the answer, or things would've always been this way.

'Inherent' in what way? If Cochran and Harpending are right, selection pressures have been speeding up, not slowing down. I'm on board with HBD Chick's basic theory (summed up here by JayMan) on the 'special path' of NW Euros, especially the English, leading to our current extreme atomization and affection for outgroups.

For example, if there were a parasitic species that had always used different types of humans against each other...?

I think Kevin McDonald has done excellent work on the question of Jewish influence on Western history, if that is what you are referring to here. But much as Whites' 100 IQ can make us look all-powerful to those one standard deviation below ('those white devils stole Africa's former glory and are still keeping us down today'), Ashkenazi Jews' 115 IQ (+ intense nepotism) can lead us to attribute to them powers they don't really have.

Diaspora Jews, in order to not 'stand out' and be picked on, have long agitated for immigration of alien groups into the countries hosting them. This is fairly obvious, and a sensible strategy from their perspective. But due to the selection pressures on NW Euros for the last several centuries, I still firmly believe that if no Jew had set foot in the West in the last thousand years, we would still be on largely the same ethno-suicidal course.

M.G. said...

John Derbyshire--

One can always count on your eagle eye to right the ship of my woeful numbering. Mille mercis, it's fixed.

Anonymous said...

Hello, thanks very much for the very interesting read! However, I think there are some differences between race realism and progressive policies on race that make assimilating the positions tough and which allow the latter to drive enough of a wedge between himself and the detested (by him) former. For example, white privilege is supposed to be some benefit whites accrue independently of anything else. So, consider a white guy whose IQ, sociopathic tendencies, etc. are below the black average. The progressives would say that this guy, despite all he has going against him, still has his white privilege as one huge advantage over every single living black person. They would say, for one example of how WP is supposed to manifest, that our loutish white guy still doesn't have to worry about getting shot by a cop. But the race realist would deny this. Of course, the knowledgeable race realist would probably deny that blacks are more likely to get shot by cops in the first place. But if he didn't deny it, then he'd explain it by the increased aggressive tendencies of blacks over other races. But since our white lout has exactly those tendencies, he doesn't get any "white privilege" at all from being white. And, similarly for the opposite case of a black who has intellectual and social tendencies above the white average.

Anyway, I did find the post very interesting despite my worries (wouldn't have bothered to comment on them otherwise). This is the first time I've happened upon your blog and I will check out more.
Andrey B

MrTea said...

Interesting aspects regarding the sports stats involve blacks/whites at different positions. It looks like the norm in the NFL and increasingly in top-level college ball is the all-black defense, almost no white running backs. Whites play on the offensive line, or catch/throw the ball. It's good that QB (and coaching) jobs have had successful blacks for so long now that hardly anyone even notices anymore. However:

it looks like there has never been a black field goal kicker. There was once a Pro Bowl punter, Reggie Roby, but that's about it. And if you watch when they kick the field goal (or punt) the guy snapping the ball is white and so is the guy holding the ball for the kicker. Why?

In track and field--another anomaly is how while the East Afros win the distance runs and the West Afros (gene pools) win the sprints, the world record is still held (since 1998, an extraordinary length of time for a record to stand) by a North African Arab, as were the previous holders going back to 1985; the last time a Euro white held it (although in 2015 an Ethiopian woman broke through as the first black female record holder).

On the subject of education in general, the poster child for the most extreme form of liberal educationism must be the schools in Berkeley, CA where children have been assigned to their school sites by racial quota since 1968. The curriculum has been left-wing doctrine as extreme as it can be driven; there exists an historical document, the PBS video "School Colors" produced at the half-way point between then and now in 1992. As it demonstrates (and nothing has changed) the consequences have been exactly the opposite of what was desired: self-segregation by race and chronic underachievement by the groups the policy was supposed to benefit. There is even a monument to the liberal mentality in the form a a mural at the high school with the tag "white silence=violence".

High Arka said...

M.G., it's strange that you brought up Jews, but since you did, it sounds like you're saying that Euro behavior in 2017 would be roughly the same as Euro behavior in an alternate non-Jewish history where Christianity, central banking, and the international slave trade had not affected Europe. But for Semitic religious templates--including centralized fiat banking and transporting Sub-Saharan Africans into all potential territories--I can't see Europeans developing into the way they are now, in this Judaized version of their history.

Rabbi to M.G.: "Stop diversifying yourself! Stop diversifying yourself! Stop diversifying yourself!" Unlikely. What a stupidly unbelievable story.

Now, if you're one of the post-Moldbugian bloggers whose mission is to focus whites only on the more visceral symptoms of diversity, I know I won't get anywhere with you. If you're a decent-hearted free agent, though, you should ask yourself how, if all of the philosophies that have had a part in shaping our current problems originated from Jews--communism, early Christianity, third-world immigration, political-correctness--what are the chances that any of these things would have occurred without Jews, e.g., have been generated by a wholly European population? As far as scientific evidence goes, zero: there is zero evidence that this would have happened without Jews, ergo Jews, not the intrinsic flaws of "modern Euros," are the explanation.

Altruistic, outbred, community-focused Europeans had no problem holding their borders and defending their families until a mysterious Jewish religion popped up and began getting them interested in uplifting savages and establishing central banks. Euros may be particularly vulnerable to the predations of Jews--the evidence certainly would show that--but it never, nowhere, shows them developing these kinds of behaviors without first being affected by one or more mass neurotoxins.

I'd also believe those I.Q. figures for Europeans versus Jews if I tended to see Jews, rather than Euros, inventing civilization and its comforts. Instead, I think that "1/8 Cherokee, 1/8 black" faux-Euros, and "White Hispanic" faux-Euros (and also, say, 1/4 Algerian faux-Euros in France, and 1/8 Turkish Slavs in East Asia, etc.), have their I.Q. results blended together with the total of all Euro results, whereas permissibly identified Jews are selected from the right side of the total available Jewish bell curve. If we ran I.Q. tests based on groups determined by strict genetic testing with purity rules, you might see numbers that correlated I.Q. with major achievements, and demonstrated pure NW Euro levels of ~125 and mixed-Euro levels of ~100. Lump all of the carefully ignored "Orthodox" and "self-hating" Semites in with the wealthier western Jews, and you'd see actual Jewish results drop closer to the level of Arabs.

Santoculto said...

I believe more or less all human populations have the same variations of types: the ''nerd'', the ''popular'', the ''artsy'', ''the left''/stupid with energy and 'good intentions'' etc. Just like homossexuals. Homossexuals there are in most of human populations, but share universal similarities with other homossexuals as strong trend to the sexual androginy. But they also share particular similarities with the ethnic group they belong, for example, homossexual negros tend to be more agressive and even more promiscuous just like heterossexual negros ''tend to be'' in more disproportional way.

So i don't think lack of cousin marriage result in new left because this theory implies basically that it's a spontaneous north euro- dead end. And it's not... period.

I believe yes individualism-prone is higher in Europeans, namely in northern-and-less degree in western europeans but i don't believe that causally speaking individualism-prone cause massive suicidal mode of current europeans even because are not most of them either white americans, canadians, etc who are libs.

This a different type of mono-causal theory to the western decadence. We have the most popular mono-causal theory: jews are only responsible. The bi-causal theory, more reasonable: jewish problem (agressive parasitism) + euro vulnerabilities. And now we have a hbd-mono-causal theory: lack of cousin marriage make ''westerners'' more individualistic and more prone to their own unique challenges... without jewish problem there.

Santoculto said...

''But I think that is a bred behavior, not originally intrinsic nor polluting all remaining Europeoids. ''

What i said. i believe there are more artsy people among europeans and diaspora and many them are been used to destroy the west of course, what we have is a change in narrative epicenter, from the conservatism to the unconversatism or better decompositionism, and we have a cultural schism just like happened with the emergence of protestantism against catholicism supremacy.

Self-criticism instead be destructive can be the path to the real evolution and seems europeans and diaspora are losing this window.


Jewish astuteness and mentalistic big picture instead their parasitic nature (destroy themselves because excessive greed) are winning again.

Santoculto said...

I think jews are intellectually superior in their capacity to understand AND to manipulate facts as well to focus in the backbone of the reality: themselves (self knowledge), other-selves (To know more about others than themselves) and perpetual existence of their race.

Parasitic wasps (more mentalistic/ understand people/beings versus understand things) versus spider (mechanicist), Which one is smarter?

Anonymous said...

in relation to Sweden comment, someone beat Trump to it by years.

M.G. said...

High Arka--

M.G., it's strange that you brought up Jews

No need to be disingenuous--you of course brought them up first, in coded language.

I know I won't get anywhere with you.

On this you and I wholeheartedly agree. I don't mind discussion of Jewish (or any other group's) influence on Western history here. But I (and other readers who shall remain unnamed) find your approach to the subject comes off as monomaniacal and derailing. While I thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts, your feeling that you 'won't get anywhere' here is absolutely correct. I have thus chosen to remove your last comment. While I understand that this subject interests you very much, out of respect for other readers, I ask you to please refrain from posting on it again at this blog. Thank you.

M.G. said...

Andrey B--

I think there are some differences between race realism and progressive policies on race that make assimilating the positions tough

You're right of course, and there's a fair bit of tongue in cheek here. Leftists certainly don't think of themselves as race realists, though their actions very often betray them.

One example of how WP is supposed to manifest, that our loutish white guy still doesn't have to worry about getting shot by a cop.

If he's lunging for a cop's gun, he sure does. White sociopaths like the one you describe are shot by cops all the time, but we don't hear about them because there's no White Lives Matter holding marches about it.

The knowledgeable race realist would probably deny that blacks are more likely to get shot by cops in the first place.

Indeed, the data shows no discrepancies--Blacks and Whites are both shot by cops consistent with their overall arrest rates.

But if he didn't deny it, then he'd explain it by the increased aggressive tendencies of blacks over other races.

This probably explains why Blacks tend to have more interactions with cops overall. This study gives their % of the population as 13%, while being 29% of all arrestees and 32% of all those shot by the police.

But since our white lout has exactly those tendencies, he doesn't get any "white privilege" at all from being white.

He'll have a dysfunctional life no doubt due to his lousy genes, but he might get some 'white privilege' all the same. This is where group-level assumptions come in, which is unfortunate, but that's how we all survive on this planet. White Sociopath and his three buddies may not have people crossing the street to avoid them, such as will more often happen with Black High Achiever and his three high-achieving buddies.

In this sense, in a multi-ethnic society, White Sociopath does get a 'boost' from being white, and Black High Achiever gets a 'ding' from being black. It's not fair, and it's one reason many Blacks actually used to favor separation / segregation.

Thanks for your thoughtful comments, I appreciate them, and I'm glad you found something of interest here.

dc.sunsets said...

While I grasp the tongue-in-cheek subtexts here, I can't help but see the apex anti-white sentiment of "white privilege" as both a naked rationalization for endless redistribution from the genetic "haves" to the genetic "have-nots" and a veiled threat to strip those "haves" of the very DNA that makes them who they are.

Yep, this means I see the "white privilege" meme as a naked threat to exterminate my kids, grandkids, etc., or to make of them chattel slaves.

Those most embedded in the cognitive dissonance of speaking anti-racism while acting race-aware cannot be cured. They, not the totems of their religious devotion, are the existential threat to my family.

TWCS is a one-stop-shop for a complete understanding of the epochal phase change we have the pleasure of experiencing. After rotating at ever increasing speed to the left for centuries, the underlying ethos for Western Civ is slowing, and seems prepared to actually reverse to the right. Those fully dependent upon the fruits of the Left Spin, from people whose economic livelihoods depend on government spending (i.e., welfare for rich and poor alike) to those addicted to the dopamine rewards of (h/t to Angelo Codevilla) confessing the sins of others, then humiliating them and hurting them, will not change their minds. The zealots of the Old Narrative will fight, rhetorically, legally and ultimately violently to prevent Cthulhu from reversing from left-turn to right-turn.

Armies cannot resist an idea whose time has come. The long lift spin will slow, stop and reverse and a new fad will take over (because throughout human history, the underlying ethos is always a fad...it's fads, all the way down.) The duration of the trend change promises little in common with the apparent tranquility that preceded it.

dc.sunsets said...

BTW, I do love my white privilege.

High IQ
Low time preference
High investment in parenting
High devotion to marriage & monogamy
Properly channeled impulses
High grasp of logical consequences
Commonweal predilection
Willingness to confront precedent (a necessity for the development of true science and innovation, seemingly lacking among most if not all Asian cultures and my explanation for why China had a technological civilization for thousands of years longer than did Western Europe, yet it was the Western tradition that invented science and developed essentially all of the scientific marvels of the last 500 years. IQ isn't everything. To this day, China's engineers excel at reverse engineering far more than innovation, which is why China's political state invests so much energy in stealing Western firms' innovations, and why Japan, Inc. still digs itself ever deeper into a hole by the lunacy of one arm of its government--their Central Bank--being the main buyer of government debt.)

High Arka said...

God bless you M.G., but d.c.sunsets says it best! Whites should enjoy their long list of natural privileges that M.G. and other knowing flatterers remind us of! Sell that ye have, and give alms; provide yourselves bags which wax not old, a treasure in the heavens that faileth not, where no thief approacheth, neither moth corrupteth.

M.G. said...


My impression was that pro sports, especially football, had sorted itself into a pretty raw meritocracy based on the varying mental / physical strengths needed at each position. I don't really follow it myself, but I try to keep up with Steve Sailer who writes about this a fair bit.

In track and field--another anomaly is how while the East Afros win the distance runs and the West Afros (gene pools) win the sprints, the world record is still held (since 1998, an extraordinary length of time for a record to stand) by a North African Arab

Are you talking about 'the world record' in long distance? In marathons, it looks like the top timer is a Kenyan, followed by three other Kenyans, an Ethiopian, and a Moroccan? There's definitely a big gap in West Afro dominance of sprints (95%) and East Afro dominance of distance (only 50%).

In Berkeley, CA ...the consequences have been exactly the opposite of what was desired: self-segregation by race and chronic underachievement by the groups the policy was supposed to benefit.

I strongly feel that real re-segregation is coming back to the classroom, and that it is black leaders who will be at the forefront of the movement.

M.G. said...


I don't mean to make light of a serious situation, of course. A little tongue in cheek makes the medicine go down easier for some of us.

I can't help but see the apex anti-white sentiment of "white privilege" as both a naked rationalization for endless redistribution from the genetic "haves" to the genetic "have-nots"

I've long thought that when the 'Eureka!' moment comes in the geneticist's lab, and HBD (re-)becomes mainstream to the point where it's accepted science, affirmative action will go on largely as it has. We'll slide seamlessly from 'Society has short-changed us, so give us stuff,' to 'Biology has short-changed us, so give us stuff.'

...this means I see the "white privilege" meme as a naked threat to exterminate my kids, grandkids, etc., or to make of them chattel slaves.

There is a chilling parallel with Soviet-style communism, or even worse its Chinese or Cambodian variants, which sought to destroy the intellectual / material / cultural 'haves' and elevate the 'have-nots.' But still I feel the whole thing is coming to a sort of paroxysm in the West. When you see things like this or this, you sense you're getting to that point in the witch trials where the Grand Inquisitors themselves were being accused of witchcraft. The snake begins to eat its tail.

Armies cannot resist an idea whose time has come. ... The duration of the trend change promises little in common with the apparent tranquility that preceded it.

Exactly. We are living an epochal moment in Western history, no doubt about it.

Gazoo said...

China understands that IQ is an essential component of national greatness. The country is working hard to determine the genetic basis of IQ and will have no compunction about engineering a new generation of ultra-intelligent Chinese. The IQ gap between Asians and everyone else is sure to widen over the next several generations.


Albert Barkley said...

This is true that comparing with other perspectives during previous decades and years, we can see that education level is continuously increasing in blacks and I believe that this is due to education awareness.
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Chris W said...

The evidence shows those with the privilege are blacks, for example they get in college with lower SAT scores. The main stream media hides their high crime rates, they can say only black lives matter while we can not etc etc

blacks are the ones with the privileges

they are artificial privileges created by self hating white liberals but they are privileges none the less.

Happy Housewife said...

Oh, look. Again.


Zabo said...

The myth of White Privilege exists only because of the reality of black dysfunction!

Caviar Vending Machine said...

This is a great one.

Anti-Gnostic said...

"One hundred years ago, progressives referred to people of color as 'backward races,' 'degenerate and unprogressive,' 'non-adults.'"

No, it was not "progressives", radical conservatives who sought to preserve their own culture.

"People of Color, they are now saying, in fact have little agency, are near-prisoners of their instincts, and thus can't be held to the same standards as other ethnies."

People of all colors may lack agency and may be near-prisoners of their instincts. That is why we are called "human beings".

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to comment on one thing:

"Here again, we've been surprised to see that our progressives have so little faith in actual Afro achievement that every February they've no compunction in trotting out 'Black' icons who are of three-fourths (or more) European blood."

That is ironic, but at the same time, I don't think it means what you (and many, many others) think it means. For how you argue liberals of today are essentially unchanged but manifest their beliefs differently (I agree to an extent), why should the people who engage in race mixing today be that different? I have seen this time and time and time again- people assume that mixing occurs between individuals of their respective group averages, that is, whites with average IQ are going to be mixing with blacks of 85 IQ, when most likely it would be between individuals of similar IQ. That is exactly what we see today, "assortive mating". White women who have children with black men have lower average IQ's. There is for all intents and purposes no reason this was fundamentally different in the past. For some reason, despite how widespread white admixture is in african-americans, it's relatively unknown how it happened, but it was most likely on the part of poor whites and slave whites. Madison Grant likewise noted this: https://www.amren.com/features/2011/12/nordic-man-comes-to-the-new-world/

"He writes that miscegenation has generally been the result of crosses with “the lowest and most unintelligent type of white servant.” “Those admirers of the Mulatto who boast that he carries in his veins the blue blood of the aristocratic families of the South,” he adds, “would do well to read the actual records . . . .”"

So I think these examples that are often trotted out aren't as reflective of what you think they are. You would do well to make a better case than a study from nearly 100 years ago that predated modern genetics by decades and was likely built with this assumption of "high IQ whites mixing with blacks of much lower IQ".

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