27 February 2018

Posting a bit late this month...Please stay tuned!

We're very close to publishing a timely, data-filled new piece, but the vicissitudes of life have thrown us a curve ball--so the date will be pushed back just a bit.

Sorry for the delay, and thanks to all of our regular readers for your endless patience. Please stay tuned...


Zabo said...

So sorry for your loss! My animal means the world to me. That’s got to be devastating. Horrible!

M.G. said...

Oh dear Zabo, our lovely cat is still among us--happily, the vicissitudes in question were not pet death-related. The pic was just a metaphor for how hard life is treating us at the moment.

I'm happy to report that all canine and feline presences in the house are still very much alive and kicking.