12 January 2016

Movin' Time

 We are hard at work on a piece examining the roots of the West's current suicidal out-group altruism-- but also near suicide ourselves due to a house move that has dragged on faaaaaaar longer than expected.

A hearty thank you to TWCS's readers for your patience. We hope to be back online promptly with more HBD data to share with any who may find it of interest. Happy New Year!


rzg said...

GL with the move!

I hope you find the courage to not shy away from the Frankfurt School factor.

It's distasteful, and it's not the whole story, but no serious analysis of our suicide can avoid a factor so important as the role played by our (((hostile elite))).

Anonymous said...

(((hostile elite))) indeed.


What happens next?


Lawrence1978 said...

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Lawrence1978 said...

Off topic: The SHITLORD HUB aggregates almost 100 feeds for ALT RIGHT blogs and sites, allowing you to check their latest updates in a convenient, time-saving way. Give it a look, bookmark it, spread the word.

Anonymous said...

MG, I hope that your forthcoming analysis will at least raise the question as to why Germanic tribes adopted the church's ban on cousin-marriage so readily and to such a degree. When the Church started banning cousin-marriage(around 600AD)it did so according to different degrees of relatedness, presumably taking into consideration what was reasonably achievable. Germanic tribes were given the largest degree of separation (6 or 7). hbd*chick mentions on her blog that Germanic clan-ties were already loosening prior to the church ban so it would be interesting to learn more about that and any thoughts on why Germanic clans started disaggregating.

Good luck with the move, hope it's to somewhere relaxing!

M.G. said...


Sorry I missed your comment, I was offline. Great job on the site, what a wonderful tool. I've added it to the blogroll here under 'Food for Thought.'


It's an important factor, one I won't shy away from, and will come into play in my next piece which will be the 'Part II' to this 'Part I.' Thanks as always for your support.


Thank you for the well wishes and yes, that is a factor I will definitely mention in my next piece on the roots of this phenomenon. I believe outbreeding in Europe, which HBD Chick has done so much work on, is a big piece of the puzzle here.