03 December 2014

Posting a bit late

Having done our level best this year to publish at least once per month, we beg our readers' pardon for the current delay. November has been a doozy.  We very much hope to post a new piece before Christmas.

Thank you as always to the readers of this blog for your patience and encouragement.

M.G. Miles


Anonymous said...

Don't apologize for anything. You do a lot of work in preparation fro your awesome posts and they are worth the wait. Are you going to cover riots from the past up until Ferguson?

Unamused said...

Hello friend! We like you and your posts.

P.S. The 'Park is back up and running.

Anonymous said...

Worth the wait.

Anonymous said...

I came here feeling that everything was


...and now I see that both M.G. *and* Unamused/the Park are functioning...

...so now I can drop the initial G from the above.

M. Falkenberg