06 August 2013

Why We Profile

In the outcry following the recent acquittal of Floridian George Zimmerman in the shooting death of an Afro teenager, many in the black community have voiced their displeasure.  Canadian graduate student Matthew Simmermon-Gomes is one: 

What I do know is what it’s like to be a Trayvon Martin. To be suspect. I do know what it’s like to be followed by staff in a nice clothing store; to be stopped by police for walking down the street; to endure the thousand micro-aggressions and the hundred fearful looks, the patronising astonishment coupled with quiet indignation at my education or erudition. I know, in other words, what it is to be a person of colour in a world that privileges whiteness.

While we must take this nearly Euro-looking young man from Ottawa at his word, we are left a bit bemused that despite his 'education' and 'erudition,' he is flatly unaware of basic statistics and probability.

We all live our lives based on probabilities. This gentleman's Afro father, for example, got itchy feet and decided to abandon life in beautiful but tiny Antigua (then under British rule).  Though he had the choice of over thirty Afro-run countries to emigrate to, he opted to take his chances in chilly white-run Canada. Why?  Easy: Statistically speaking, Euro-governed countries provide a better quality of life in nearly every way--rule of law, lack of corruption, solid infrastructure, plentiful white-collar jobs, generous welfare state, a cornucopia of material comforts. Mr Gomes took a chance--and was right.  Can we fault him that?

Antigua or Canada....Decisions, decisions...

We can't speak for Canada, but chance is also the reason U.S. Whites lock their car doors, clutch their purses, and cross the street in the presence of Blacks.  There is a folk knowledge culled from 400 years of disproportionate black crime in North America.  It can be seen in the statistics, in the anecdotes, in the earliest colonial writings.

Statistical probability is the wellspring of stereotypes.  It is what pushes us to avoid snakes, spiders, and scorpions; it is why Swiss clocks, German cars, and Jewish lawyers are so sought after; it is why the global South continually tries to emigrate to the global North.  Past performance is no guarantee of future success, warn the experts, but from our experience, we know it usually is.

So in response to Mr. Matthew Simmermon-Gomes, 'Why are Afros profiled everywhere they go?' is a question that has concrete answers.  Here they are.

I.  The disproportionality of Afro-American crime

'Why are we profiled? Our crime is not higher than any other group.'

Though they are widely available on the internet, the U.S. government's records on Afro criminality are still like a magical taboo, to be danced around but not named.

The plain fact is that for as long as Afros and Euros have co-existed on North American soil, the criminality of the former has been markedly higher than the latter.

Records from colonial times are sparse.  But from the Census's first incarceration data and throughout the post-Civil War era, in every region, the difference has been stark:


*     *     *

*     *     *

*     *     *

*     *     *

(Data source: U.S. compendia of the Census 1870, 1880, 1890,

(See also Steve Sailer's compilation of this data for 1997, in graph form and map form.)

National numbers for the 20th century tell a similar story:

(Data Source: National prison census data for 1926-1986, 1990, 1995,
2000, 2005, 2010, also 1979 and 1984)

(Curiously, we see that as institutional racism fell away, Afro crime did not in fact diminish, but increase.)

After fifty years of Civil Rights enforcement and affirmative action,  when black crime should be falling to the levels of white crime, this is what we find:

Diverse crimes, all races:

How much more likely Whites are to be victimized by Blacks than to victimize them:

What the relation is between your city's crime rate and its Afro + Hispanic population:

(Source: 'Color of Crime')

Having seen its ubiquity in the United States, let us consider high Afro criminality elsewhere.

II.  The omnipresence of Afro crime

'Why are we profiled? Our crime may be higher, but that's because slavery and colonialism made us act this way.'

1) Black criminality should be decreasing, not increasing

The common argument that 'your oppression of us makes us act out in this way' is not tenable.  As slavery and Jim Crow recede further into the past, Afro criminality is going up, not down.  Put another way, according to the 'oppression-causes-crime' theory, this is how black and white criminality should look over the 20th century:

In reality, it looked like this:

One is hard-pressed, looking at the empirical data, to find evidence for this theory.

2) Afro migrants to other countries commit more crimes

It is also belied by the fact that to wherever Afros migrate in the word, including countries that never enslaved and/or colonized them, their crime rate is markedly higher than the host population.


Hugues Lagrange found that in the same socioeconomic class, "teens brought up in families from Sub-Saharan Africa commit crimes at three to four times the rate of native French teens."

A 1999 study, the most thorough, showed that 40% of [French] prisoners had a foreign father...There are 2.7 times as many Sub-Saharan Africans in prison as their proportion of the general population.

(Native French/Europeans = 85% of the population; Black African = 3.5%)

 *     *     *


In 2010 for the first time was a statistic published which listed delinquency by nationality (based on 2009 data). To avoid distortions due to demographic structure, only the male population aged between 18 and 34 was considered for each group.

Eight of the top ten crime-committing immigrant countries are Afro-populated:

As we can see, in this country whose colonizing and enslaving activities amounted to roughly zero, Afros are still mysteriously pushed to commit more crimes.

 *     *     *


Sudanese and Somali-born Victorians are about five times more likely to commit crimes than the wider community, a trend that must be addressed to prevent [...] social unrest, police warn.

The most common crimes committed by Somali and Sudanese-born Victorians are assault and robbery, illustrating the trend towards increasingly violent robberies by disaffected African youths.

*     *     *

London, England:

The most immigrant-inundated country in Western Europe has begun to take stock of the results:

While a great many of these criminals are Jamaican, and may thus argue 'slavery made us do it,' it is to be noted that a large number are also Nigerian, and thus more likely descended from those who sold others into slavery.

*     *     *


Neither slaver nor colonizer, the Great White North has nonetheless struggled with an inscrutable Afro crime problem:

3) Afro-run countries are places of high crime

Unfortunately, our Afro brethren's organizational skills do not always allow them to produce reliable statistics on their societies.  When looking for information about crime in Afro-run countries, then, it is wise to ask the question to those who cannot afford to lie: The U.S. State Department Bureau of Diplomatic Security. The price to pay for blithely sending an ambassador off to a violent death in the streets of a foreign capital is high; we can thus count on this agency to tell us the truth. What do they say?

First, the oldest independent Afro republic in the world: Haiti threw off the shackles of colonialism just a few years after the U.S. did, so by all rights it should be a model for the Afro world, a sort of 'blacktopia.'  DOS 2012:


The United States government (USG) rates Haiti as CRITICAL in the threat categories of crime and political violence. ... The most frequently reported crimes against Americans in Port-au-Prince are carjackings, kidnappings, and robberies. .... Anyone visiting or residing in Port-au-Prince for more than a few days is likely to hear gunfire at some point during their stay. ...

The Regional Security Office at the U.S. Embassy recommends against walking or jogging on any street in Port-au-Prince... Embassy policy prohibits the use of any public transportation in Haiti for U.S. government employees. [...]
*     *     *

We may also observe large, relatively prosperous regional hubs such as, in the west, Nigeria:

The U.S. Department of State considers the threat from criminal elements to be “Critical.” Crime is a risk throughout the country. U.S. visitors and residents experienced armed muggings, assaults, burglaries, carjackings, rapes, kidnappings, and extortion.

U.S. citizens, as well as Nigerians and other expatriates, have been victims of armed robbery at banks and grocery stores and on airport roads during both daylight and evening hours. Law enforcement authorities usually respond slowly or not at all...Vehicular accidents remain common and frequently draw large, confrontational crowds....Public transportation is unsafe and discouraged.
 *     *     *

In the east, we have Kenya:

Kenya remains critically rated for both Crime and Transnational Terrorism.  ...   The most common crime in Kenya’s major cities, and in particular Nairobi, is car-jacking.  In virtually every instance, criminals use weapons to hijack a vehicle.  Victims are sometimes tied up and put in the back seat or trunk of their own car.  Criminals who commit these crimes will not hesitate to shoot a victim who is the least bit uncooperative ...

Violent and sometimes fatal criminal attacks, including armed carjackings, home invasions/burglaries, and kidnappings can occur at any time and in any location,...Street crime is a serious problem ... Walking alone is not advisable especially downtown, public parks, beach areas, and other poorly lit areas...

*     *     *

In the south, we have regional giant South Africa: Low-crime and orderly under apartheid, it has now thrown off white rule and basked in Afro governance for almost twenty years:

The Department of State's Bureau of Diplomatic Security rates Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town as “Critical” crime threat posts. ... Violent, confrontational crime is a major concern. Such crimes include home invasion robberies, burglaries, carjackings, street muggings, smash-and-grabs...

Regardless of the type of crime being committed, what distinguishes the crime in South African is 1) the level of violence associated with these crimes, as criminals are not hesitant to use lethal weapons, and 2) that crimes permeate the entire country, regardless of the socio-economic status of a particular neighborhood.
 *     *     *

We also have Afro countries that have never known the yoke of Euro colonialism, such as Liberia:

Monrovia is rated a high threat post for crime... The vast majority of crime that occurs in Monrovia is “crimes of opportunity” like pick pocketing, snatch-and-grabs, and scams. Travelers are cautioned when visiting the areas of greater Monrovia known as Red Light, Waterside, Congo Town, ELWA Junction, and all market areas. These areas are extremely crowded with a lot of petty crime  ...

Corruption hinders the development of the police, as bribes and extortion are frequent. Many criminal incidents are unsuccessfully investigated, removing any hope of an arrest or recovery of property.
 *     *     *

...or Ethiopia:

Pick-pocketing, “snatch and run” thefts on foot and from occupied vehicles, and other petty crimes are common in Addis Ababa. ... Public transport is unregulated and unsafe; if travelers do use public transport, they should use taxis, not minibuses or large buses, and ensure they are the only passengers in the vehicle.

...There have been reports of highway robbery, including carjacking, by armed bandits outside urban areas. Some incidents have been accompanied by violence. Travelers are cautioned to limit road travel outside major towns or cities to daylight hours and travel in convoys, if possible.

...we shall stop there.

*     *     *

Matthew Simmermon-Gomes's 'thousand micro-aggressions' and 'hundred fearful looks' may seem, in light of the above, if not pleasant to live through, at least not wholly unfounded.  On Planet Earth, Afro crime is high.  Period.  It is high in their homeland, Africa.  It is high in countries to which they migrate that were colonizers.  It is high in countries to which they migrate that were not colonizers.  It is high in countries to which they migrate that were slavers.  It is high in countries to which they migrate that were not slavers.  It is high nearly everywhere they are found on this third rock from the sun.  Idang Alibi, a Nigerian journalist, states it plainly:

Anywhere in the world today where you have a concentration of black people among other races, the poorest, the least educated, the least achieving, and the most violent group among those races will be the blacks. When indices of underdevelopment are given, black people and countries are sure to occupy the bottom of the ladder.

God himself must be frustrated with his black children. They must be an embarrassment to him. He has given us everything he has given to other of his children; why are his black children not manifesting their own gift?

Afro crime is very high relative to other groups. This is why we profile.

Why Afro crime is so high is an entirely different question--one we will look at shortly. Stay tuned.



JayMan said...

An excellent data-rich post! Great work! It's amazing how the pattern noted by Steve Sailer on racial crime rates by region in the U.S. seems to have persisted for over a century (i.e., considerably lower Black incarceration rates in the Old south, considering higher Black imprisonment rates in the Northeast and the Midwest, considerably higher *White* crime rates in the West).

Mustapha Mond said...

Damn you're good :)

An interesting idea for a follow-up post: look at the fate of those few Afro-Americans who actually relocated to majority black countries. A case in point: Randall Robinson, whose self-exile in the Caribbean is recounted in his book "Quitting America".

Maybe a dumb decision, but I have to respect people who put their money where their mouth is.

Anonymous said...

It's sad and pathetic that they take small portions of the ghetto and plop them down in white suburbia, you know, to spread the wealth, so to speak.

I live in the northern suburbs of Austin, a transplant from St Louis (yea, I know), and even down here there is a section 8 apartment complex just a mile away.

A tattooed neck negro works at the Shell (and wears a ski mask cap on his head in July in Texas). A tattooed neck negro works at the cell phone place. A tattooed neck negro works at the restaurant that I was going to frequent...

On a trip around Africa a journalist and generally curious man noticed all the violent rap music that blasts within every segment of society. These people are not forced to buy into a culture, they have fallen in love with a violent, white hating anti social music that represents them and their nature.

There is no country left on Earth, except Finland, Poland, Russia and a few other very lucky places that is without the gifts of Afrikanus ignoramus.

One only needs to look at the video footage on youtube of the techno-parade in Paris in 2009 I believe, to see them with bats and weapons and attacking young white girls and ripping their clothes off in broad daylight with hundreds of cowardly French around, to truly see what time it is.

They are no better than animals. I still feel guilty and terrible saying things like this, and I'm one of the vocal ones. Go figure. I guess indoctrination and emasculation is better than we thought...

-focal joker-

M.G. said...


Thanks, and yes I agree, the similarities are striking. Based on your comment, I've added links above to Sailer's 1997 state-level data.

Re: The West having very high Euro crime--I've been following with interest your posts on the different Anglo-Saxon immigrant groups that made up early America. I've refrained from commenting because I still haven't read 'Albion's Seed' (which is number #1 on my to-read list), but this is a fascinating topic to me. The broad-brush 'white American' is clearly made up of some very disparate groups.

Mustapha Mond--

Long time no see! That's a good idea for a post, Afros who back up the talk with action and move to black-run countries. I know a Gabonese woman (through work), one of her nation's cognitive elite, who refuses to come live in France like nearly everyone else in her family has. She complains about the traffic jams, the lousy infrastructure, etc, but says 'my country needs people like me and I'm not leaving.' Immense respect for that.

Simian Browse said...

What an excellent post. The 'legacy of slavery/history of colonialism' debunked with simple facts. Thanks for this one!

Mustapha Mond said...

MG - if you haven't read it already, I recommend David Lamb's book "The Africans." It has a chapter where he meets several black Americans who have relocated to Africa.

The book itself is an entertaining and rather depressing read. It dates from the 1970s I think.

Anonymous said...

Again, what a great article. Keep 'em coming please.

Anonymous said...

The western world is crying out for a burgeoning "Back to Africa" movement, and by that I mean literally back to Africa.

Once, Liberia was the shining hope for western hemisphere blacks and former slaves. Someone needs to resurrect that general idea and put it on shiny steroids and add blinding fireworks -- coupled with the backing of all stylish black community leaders, organizers, and politicians.

Make Back to Africa a reality long enough to keep any more cities from turning into Detroit.

Nelson said...

Lots of rich data here. While on the subject of racial profiling and TM/GZ, I ran into this article on the Christian Science Monitor with more relevant statistics (though its focus is on data from "stand your ground" cases).

For more perspective, this graphic shows the states with active "stand your ground" laws.

Ivan .M said...

I believe John Derbyshire once called every population divide other than Afro versus non-Afro "a bagatelle by comparison."

Hey, M.G., can you change the default background here? Though not terrible, it's used for plenty of Blogger pages already.

M.G. said...


Great to see you here, and thanks for the links. From the CSM article:

'Whites are significantly more successful claiming self-defense when their attacker is black than blacks are when fighting back against an attacker who is white, according to one study....[this] suggests that stand-your-ground laws have allowed perceptions of the black community – sometimes accurate, sometimes not – to become a legal justification for using deadly force.'

Of course, several paragraphs later they mention the fact that the Afro gentleman lying on the ground with a hole in him was more often armed and in the act of committing a crime, and that controlling for this variable, there is no difference in black-white success rates arguing 'stand your ground.' Also, this:

'Yet in Florida, some of the most ardent defenders of the [stand your ground] law have been black defense attorneys. The reason: Their black, often young, clients are the most successful users of the law. Indeed, data show that black defendants have a high success rate in invoking stand your ground in black-on-black violence. In fact, if all cases are taken into account, black defendants have a higher success rate in claiming stand your ground than do white defendants, and they attempt to claim stand your ground at higher rates.'

This article is quite informative, and a great example of Afros' desire to play the victim long after that social reality has changed. Once they were indeed subject to regular extrajudicial violence, but today that has flip-flopped and, per the chart above, they victimize Whites at disproportionate rates. It's a real failure of moral responsibility among Afro leaders and among those Euros that encourages this type of infantilizing.

Also that stand-your-ground map was interesting; I had no idea the law was so widespread. Thank you again for the links.

M.G. said...


Thanks for the book recommendation. I see it is available very cheap on Amazon; I will order it up. I'm very interested to hear those Afro ex-pats' stories.

Ivan M.--

Yes, that same sentiment was expressed by just about every 19th century writer I've read on the subject (as well as statesmen like Lincoln, Jefferson, et al, but that's gone down the memory hole.)

Re: the background--I'm a bookworm and thus very attached to it, but I'll think about it. If I were more computer-gifted I would whip up something original, but alas, it is not the case.

Robert in Arabia said...

Your pare background is not a problem for me.

AmericanGoy said...

Holy shiznit, batman!

The babe is back!

(You are a babe, right? Don't answer that, I want the fantasy to stay with me).


Much congratz to you and your writing.

Also, I think any and all racist White, Asian, or Conquistador White-Latino men (and babes!) will be impressed by one Thomas Sowell.

You can't help but think to yourself: There goes a Black MAN.


Artur said...

Bonjour MG :

You know it's funny, because if we didn't live in BRA, somehow this blog post would seem mean, mean-spirited.

In fact, it is not: it is simply the uttering of truth to power, with "power" these days being the sick, dystopian anti-white forces that enable an individual so obviously fraudulent as BHO to occupy the White HOuse.

In any case, it's cool to have you back.


- Arturo


ps: I posted on COTT today about an outrageous article published in the NYT Magazine featuring millionaire do-gooder whites uplifting negroes in Africa. Please check it out :


Sadly for these self-same white do-gooders, they will never understand HBD and Never Mind OBD (The One Banana Difference, i.e.: the "pseudo science" of phrenology that sought, as far back ago as the 1830s with Dr. Samuel Morton's "Crania Americana," to explain group differences in behaviour / achievement from a biological standpoint.)

It's white-hot stuff, as evidenced by Stephen Jay Gould's "Mismeasure of Man," and the still-virulent reactions that discussion of said tome generates to this day.

All Best,

- Arturo


M.G. said...

American Goy--

Great to see you around these parts again. Yes, I was on hiatus for a while and just got back. Thanks for stopping by.

Re: the Sowell video, to me it's more depressing than anything else. First, to see how far the level of discourse on news talk shows has fallen since thirty years ago. Second, to see how totally our culture has given in to the victimization religion today. There is just no audience for a Sowell, as he doesn't traffic in blame and pity. The larger culture has got to place certain expectations on Afros, and as long as it doesn't, their dysgenic spiral will continue.

Nicholas said...

M.G., you just don’t get it. In spite of Matthew Simmermon-Gomes bringing “all [his] eloquence to bear,” you don’t understand. You’re so married to facts. Facts are racist! Facts are a construct within a construct (whiteness)!

This “black” man has suffered under white supremacy since the moment he was born, when a racist, white obstetrician slapped him on the butt, just because he was black!

And it’s only gotten worse since then. As a child, he received daily beatings by mobs of murderous, racist white kids, who robbed him, while they were at it. His white teachers refused to let him speak in class, gave him low grades for his brilliant work, and lied about him, in order to give him undeserved punishments.

The same thing happened in college and graduate school, to which he miraculously gained entrance, in spite of white supremacy.

Nelson said...


You're welcome; glad I can contribute! On topic, here's some local news from my neck of the woods:

Judge Rules NYC's "Stop-and-Frisk" Unconstitutional; City to Appeal

(I wonder if the judge is a blank-slatist?)

Despite the judge's finding that NYC cops "engaged in racial profiling," not all blacks/Hispanics are in favor of reducing stops/frisks or eliminating the controversial measure. As an example, here's another local news article.

Californian said...

Excellent analysis.

Curiously, we see that as institutional racism fell away, Afro crime did not in fact diminish, but increase.

And we might also note that the programs which were supposed to reduce criminality, especially among the black underclass, have seen a correlation in rising black crime/incarceration. Civil rights legislation? War on poverty? Liberal supreme court decisions? Look at how with Clinton and the Democrats running the show in the 1990s, the numbers of incarcerated blacks rose considerably.

I've contended that much of black crime, especially of the black-on-white variety, has a political component. Black leaders themselves have confirmed this, with claims that the urban riots--from the Long Hot Summers of the 1960s to Rodney King and beyond--were really "uprisings" against The Man. We've seen some recent manifestations of this in flash mobs and Beat YT Night at state fairs. And one can extrapolate to the wave of black perpetrated farm attacks in South Africa-Zimbabwe, with ANC minions cheering them on as they chant, "Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer."

When you have a nonstop agitprop machine claiming that whites are "oppressors" and blacks are "victims," one outcome just may be a low level guerrilla war in which the "oppressed" strike back. In any event, the race hustlers have little hesitation exploiting cases like L'affaire Trayvon as part of a more general anti-white program.

The various civil rights programs just may be perceived on some level as weakness on the part of whites. And as been the case all too often in history, when one group weakens, others move in for the kill.

Anyway, keep up the good work.

Californian said...

Matthew Simmermon-Gomes as quoted...What I do know is what it’s like to be a Trayvon Martin. To be suspect. I do know what it’s like to be followed by staff in a nice clothing store; to be stopped by police for walking down the street; to endure the thousand micro-aggressions and the hundred fearful looks, the patronising astonishment coupled with quiet indignation at my education or erudition. I know, in other words, what it is to be a person of colour in a world that privileges whiteness.

Let me state the obvious points:

* If he does not want to live in a world which "privileges whiteness" then why does he not move to a country which privileges blackness? Say, the rainbow nation of South Africa, or Zimbabwe, or Haiti, or perhaps cross the border into the USA take up residence in a black majority city such as Detroit? If his father had the courage to migrate to a new country, why is Matthew incapable of doing the same?

* Note the use of the Orwellian term "micro-aggressions." He offers no evidence that he is being discriminated against by law, the schools or in employment. Nonetheless, because white people look at him differently than they presumably look at other white people, they are guilty of some thoughtcrime. Presumably, white people must goodthink about black people or are guilty of...something.

* Let's assume he is correct. Now what? Should white people have to turn their societies upside down to accommodate this fellow? Do we need even more "diversity" indoctrination, even more hatecrime laws? Do we convert every white country into a police state so he can walk down Main Street without suffering "micro-aggressions?"

* And I take it this works both ways? He is going to lecture blacks on stopping their macro-aggressions, such as flashmobbing, gangbanger drive-bys, and torture-murders in their own rainbow nations? Or is this going to be a one way street, as usual.

* Finally, if Mr. Simmermon-Gomes is paying attention, doesn't this show that multicultural societies just do not work? That they are going to inevitably become hotbeds of mutual suspicions, racial conflict, and police state measures to keep the lid on things? Or is the problem really his own attitude, his failure to confirm to the standards of a white society?

Something to think about as we march into the 21st century...

M.G. said...


Nice to see you again.

When you have a nonstop agitprop machine claiming that whites are "oppressors" and blacks are "victims," one outcome just may be a low level guerrilla war in which the "oppressed" strike back.

This is a critically overlooked point. I alluded to it in my post about the French 'antifa' who got killed. Civil wars come in all shapes and sizes. The stirring up of anti-white anger in the black underclass by (largely mulatto) Afro elites is unconscionable, and does indeed seem to be spawning a sort of low-grade race war that Colin Flaherty has detailed so well in 'White Girl Bleed a Lot.'

If he does not want to live in a world which "privileges whiteness" then why does he not move to a country which privileges blackness?

Nice rebuttal to Simmermon-Gomes, this point being the most salient. Afros' insistence that living around Euros is unbearable, all the while doing everything in their power to stay in white-run countries, cities, schools, businesses...It would be a piece of cake for any first-world Black with just a bit of human capital to emigrate to most of the over fifty Afro-run countries in the world. They make it very easy for Westerners to get in the door. But no. As always, if you want to know what a man believes, don't watch his mouth, watch his feet.

Mustapha Mond said...

MG, your thoughts please on the following.

I've been looking at crime rates for some cities in W. Virginia: Charleston and Huntington, to be specific. These cities are majority white with a small black population. However, their crime rates seem to be through the roof, almost Detroit-like. (This information is easily accessible on City Data if you want to look it up.)

At first glance, this supports the "poverty causes crime" claim, as WV is both poor and mostly white. What do you think?

M.G. said...


I was not surprised to see this judgement come down. There is a real civil liberties issue here, but what rankles the most, again, is Afros' endless victimization game. They howl that Whitey is racist for doing nothing while young Blacks kill other Blacks. Then when Whitey says OK, and sets up an effective anti-crime policy like stop-and-frisk, the howls start up again. 'How dare you target our young black men!' It would be comical if there weren't so many lives at stake.

It reminds me of the whole crack cocaine sentencing debacle. In the 1980s, the Congressional Black Caucus demands harsher laws, saying 'crack dealers are destroying our neighborhoods.' The white man obliges, passing extremely harsh penalties for crack dealing. Fast forward 25 years and boom, down the memory hole--some of those very same Afro Congressmen have the nerve to stand up in public and call 'racist' the exact laws they helped put in place! This cycle repeats itself endlessly, and is one reason racial huckstering is losing its steam.

From your second article in the comments, though, a self-identified Afro says:

Stop & Frisk is most certainly needed. I was once apart of the problem for a time period that plagued our communities and I am now apart of the solution. In a perfect world you will get perfection but we live in an imperfect world with humans governing it. When you look at the statistics of who is committing the crimes and who are the victims, would you prefer that blacks and latinos continue to kill themselves?

A rather realistic view of the situation.

Anonymous said...

an oddity in crack cocaine sentencing disparity is the reverse is true for meth sentencing: it's disproportionately white (the last time i checked, anyway:) may be of worth to look into. in any event it's hard to get people to understand this problem of overlapping normal curves for different groups. if nature had been kinder there would be no overlap, but the overlap makes things fuzzy, & then belief systems enter the fray. fantastic work, btw! thank you for your efforts.

AmericanGoy said...

Oh goodness ay can't hep m'self - hep me, hep me!

I have to ask - is the history of America the story of racism towards the blacks, or were other groups discriminated against also?

Say, wasn't it that long ago that there were signs "No dogs or irish allowed?" on bars?

Weren't the Chinese viciously discriminated against in the old West; "the coolies"?

Come to think of it, Asians are discriminated against even worse than Whites on college admissions today...

And what about my people - you wouldn't believe the quantity of "polak is dumb, hehe" jokes I have heard, both in public and in a work setting.

And I would venture to say that there is some bad sentiment towards the H1B indians (I work in IT, natch).

Then why is it that all these other groups, who were (and are!) discriminated against, have racist jokes against them, somehow make it in this cesspit called America - come to think of it, ONLY the blacks have such huge issues with crime, joblessness, mooching off the system... the latinos come second, but it is NOT a close second...


How is it that ONLY the black folks (and now suddenly "de gays") are the pet, protected group? Not even latinos (despite the race hustlers REALLY trying to organize the brown masses as an anti-White political movement, they are politically apathetic preffering to either work hard... or unfortunately, join gangs like the MS13... But the majority focus on their (rather large) family.

Come to think of it, this is a MULTI RACIAL nation - it si a fact at this point (misspelling was on purpose, for de joke).

So why is the "national dialogue" on race (such as it is, and as far as it can be called a "dialogue" and not, say, extortion) only showcasing the evil Whitey (of course) and the poor, oppressed black... and Asians, South Americans (incl. Mexicans) might as well not exist.

Why is that?

M.G. said...


At first glance, this supports the "poverty causes crime" claim, as WV is both poor and mostly white. What do you think?

Poverty is certainly associated with certain kinds of crime, as has been shown in many studies. Rather than 'poverty causes crime,' I would maybe say 'the character traits that cause poverty also tend to cause crime'....Things like low future orientation, low conscientiousness, low IQ, etc...

And re: criminal Whites in W. Virginia, of course every ethnic group has its dysfunctional layer. The question is, how big is this layer, how widely distributed, what effect do they have on the larger society?

Anonymous said...

Best pots I've seen on this subject.

M.G. said...


Yes, meth dealing sentences are, I believe, as harsh as for crack dealing, and fall overwhelmingly on Whites. This too is conveniently left out of the 'crack sentencing is racist!' argument. I think Heather MacDonald of the Manhattan Institute has written a lot on this subject (I read her stuff in 'City Journal' online). She's excellent.

American Goy--

That's the argument no one wants to hear, but it's true. What's especially amusing is Chinese and Japanese--who were truly discriminated against in this country, far more than Hispanics for example ever were--have life outcomes that in many ways exceed even Whites! Acknowledging this is of course thoughtcrime.

Cornelius Troost said...

While M.G. has dissected the West Virginia puzzle rather well, it wouldn't hurt for interested readers to get "Coming Apart" by Charles Murray. It's a detailed take on the downward spiral of lower class whites in these dystopian times.

Californian said...

In the 1980s, the Congressional Black Caucus demands harsher laws, saying 'crack dealers are destroying our neighborhoods.'

I once saw Congressman Rangel on the old Donahue show, berating libertarians for daring to call for the legalization of drugs. Well, Rangel demanded his war on drugs and he got it. How's that working for blacks?

This does reveal something about black politics (or perhaps politics in general?). People demand things not because they really want the logical outcomes, but because the demands are a form of agitprop to tear down white rule. i.e., no matter what white people do re drugs, it is de facto anti-black.

There may be a deeper conceptual issue: an assumption by black leaders that whites are so powerful they can make drugs disappear simply by fiat without realizing that to do so would require a, well, real war.

Might also note that the war on drugs -- demanded by many black leaders -- has seen the destruction of many actual civil rights via asset forfeiture, drug testing, roving wiretaps, no-knock raids, SWAT teams up the wazoo, and so forth.

Californian said...

Nice to see you again.

I enjoy your website. A very scientific approach to things.

Civil wars come in all shapes and sizes. The stirring up of anti-white anger in the black underclass by (largely mulatto) Afro elites is unconscionable, and does indeed seem to be spawning a sort of low-grade race war that Colin Flaherty has detailed so well in 'White Girl Bleed a Lot.'

Future generations may look back at this era as a sort of "Bleeding Kansas" writ nationwide. Thing is, most white people do not seem to realize that there is a low level insurgency going on against them. In this, the liberal mainstream media does its part to conceal black criminality. But we do have the Internet to get the "word" out.

Afros' insistence that living around Euros is unbearable, all the while doing everything in their power to stay in white-run countries, cities, schools, businesses...

Part of it is wanting to be accepted by white people as one of them (us). There are several reasons this will not happen, chief of which is the attitude of people like Mr. Simmermon-Gomes. You can't go around attacking a group (whites) and then wonder why you do not get invited to the parties.

It is a fact that blacks mass migrate towards white ruled places. This was seen even in the days of apartheid in South Africa. Or today with Africans heading for Europa and even Israel (haven't they been told that Israel is a terrible apartheid country?).

As always, if you want to know what a man believes, don't watch his mouth, watch his feet.


M.G. said...

Bo James Hancock--

Per the FAQ, the comments section of this blog is reserved for those who can see. But thanks for stopping by, and good luck on your journey.

M.G. said...

Per Californian's last comment, just wanted to drop a few links about the Afros-in-Israel situation, as it isn't much commented on in the Western press but is fascinating nonetheless:

'Israel admits Ethipian women were given birth control shots'

'Poll: 52% of Jewish Israelis say illegal African migrants a '"cancer''

'“My Hell in an Israeli Jail”: Israel Prison Population 90 Percent Black Africans'

Anonymous said...

Our white fore fathers fought died and suffered imeasurably to overcome slavery. Do we cry out for reparation? From the back of the bus to the oval office in but a few years and their still bitching. By Getoverit already.

Anonymous said...

"The price to pay for blithely sending an ambassador off to a violent death in the streets of a foreign capital is high; we can thus count on this agency to tell us the truth." Hahahahaha.... I guess they proved this one wrong, didnt they?

Anonymous said...

"If he does not want to live in a world which "privileges whiteness" then why does he not move to a country which privileges blackness?"
The answer to this is quite obvious....the white countries are superior in almost every other way. Would you want to live in Africa? So they live here and complain.