13 June 2013

Trayvon Affair à la française

Trayvon Martin (left),  Clément Méric (right)

(Before getting back to regular topics, excusez-nous, a brief dispatch on France.)

Those in the HBD-sphere may or may not have heard about the new Dreyfus Affair gripping the French public.

Media version:  Cherubic lefty minding his own business is stomped to death in broad daylight by band of neo-nazi skinheads.

Witnesses' version:  Group of 4 violent "antifas" (anti-fascists/anarchists) challenge group of 3 skinheads to a rumble, in the ensuing mélée a young lefty hits his head so hard on the pavement he dies instantly.

To wit:

A security guard who was present...has pointed the finger at the four anti-fascist militants, one of them in particular.  According to him, this young man, very agitated, had boxing gloves in his bag and egged on the others to fight the skinheads. The latter were trying to avoid a confrontation and to leave quietly.

...The witness added that Clément Méric stated, in regards to the skinheads, 'These people shouldn't even be alive.'

The incident itself, a banal gang fight with a tragic end, is of little interest.  The ensuing media tornado, however, has been nothing short of pure cinema:


Marches, banners, protests, headlines, TV shows, press conferences, petitions....Leftist politicians have called for a ban on all far-right entities, the President himself has sworn to find the offending 'nazi' group and 'tear them to pieces.'

All this before anyone has been charged with a crime.

We are almost reminded of a recent similar wave of emotion stateside:

Here, for our edification, are some examples of recent street crimes which have drawn no official reaction whatsoever:

Near Champagne:

François Noguier, 22, died Tuesday morning in Châlons-en-Champagne.  An engineering student in Paris, he was at the end-of-year school party when a fight broke out and he ended up in a coma.

[...] The attacker, of 'North African appearance,' fled after the incident.  He turned himself in Tuesday, admitting having violently beaten the victim in the face 'for a stupid reason, still unclear, maybe a cigarette refused,' explained the Châlons-en-Champagne district attorney.

In Toulouse:

When he was found by a passerby in the Saint-Michel neighborhood of Toulouse, Jérémy Roze's lifeless body was still bleeding.  The young pharmacy student had been stabbed in the heart while walking home alone from a night out.  Theft does not seem to have been the motive, as neither his wallet nor cell phone were stolen.

[...] Hicham Ouakki, 21, and Driss Arab, 22, have been arrested and charged with homicide. Each one accuses the other of having delivered the fatal stab.

Near Avignon:

Three men were taken into custody for the beating death of forty-year-old Thierry Simon in Bollène.  Kader Chadli, 24, Selim Bankhedidja, 23, and Mohamed Amallou, 19, are charged with gang assault and involuntary homicide.

They admit to having whistled at a long-haired person [Mr. Simon], believing it to be a woman. Realizing their mistake, they asked the victim for a cigarette, which he apparently refused.  Only Kader admits to having punched the man, and all three defendants claim to have fled the scene believing Mr. Simon "was only knocked out."

In Albi:

Film student Valentin Rivié, 24, died of his wounds yesterday after the violent attack he suffered last Thursday in downtown Albi.

The end-of-the-year college party was winding down when Rivié and his friend left the bar around 3:00 a.m.  Feeling festive, they offered a swig from their bottle of rum to two young men in the street. After sharing a drink, Rivié and his friend tried to take their bottle and leave, but the two strangers refused to give it back.

An argument ensued, and one of the strangers attacked the two friends with pepper gas.  The other used the bottle of rum to beat Rivié in the head, causing his death.

...They younger, who is seventeen, already has a long police record. The elder, Farouk Y., 22, has no record but is already under investigation in several criminal affairs.

In Montpellier:

The young man testifies: 'My girlfriend and I were coming home after a night out, and we walked by a group of guys who for no reason yelled out, "Whore, fucking French..." I tried to calm them down, but they ran after us...'  The young lady made it into her building, but when she came out a few minutes later, her boyfriend was on the ground, bleeding from his mouth and back, stabbed with a kitchen knife.

'Believe it or not, you were lucky,' says the prosecutor. 'The knife broke...otherwise you wouldn't be here today.'  The blade had in fact broken on the victim's sternum.

Bilal (21, with twelve prior convictions), Sofian (19, eight prior convictions), and Mickeal (26, twenty-seven prior convictions), identified with DNA, each blame the other for the stabbing.

In Bordeaux:

September 14th, a young man was brutally attacked during a heritage festival concert.  He was taken to the E.R. in a coma, doctors fearing for his life, but has since regained consciousness.

The victim was near the rear of the audience watching the music when a group of about ten youths appeared. Their request for a cigarette refused, two of them punched him so hard he fell and hit his head on the curb.  Many witnesses saw the attack, though the victim has no memory of it.

In Toulouse:

It was around 4:15 a.m. in the Rue des Couteliers as the couple walked home after an evening out with friends.  Suddenly four individuals appeared, asking for a cigarette, and then demanding their mobile phones.  Things escalated and the young man was restrained and beaten, while his girlfriend was dragged into a neighboring building and raped.

[...] The juvenile court jury yesterday condemned two young men for the assault and rape committed in April 2010. Only one of the accused, a 21-year-old Moroccan, appeared in court. The other, a 19-year-old illegal alien, has fled and remains at large.

Near Reims:

'I was walking down the street when someone whistled at me.  Mr. El Hattak asked me for a cigarette, I said no. He insulted me. I turned around and he grabbed me. While the two others held my arms, he punched me repeatedly.'  The victim is recounting his September 12th attack at the hands of Aazdine El Hattak, a local gangster with a long rap sheet.  Only 22 years old, he already has eight convictions, from theft to assault to hiding stolen goods.

The victim spoke with dignity, despite the trauma he'd endured. He'd been struck over sixty times, from head to toe, each blow carefully noted in the medical report.  He had to be transferred to an intensive care unit in Reims because of heart problems suffered during the attack.

In Dijon:

His uncle tells the story: Paulo, a young white Frenchman, was walking in the center of Dijon on August 19th, when suddenly a man asked him if he was the one who 'just scratched my car.'  A violent punch followed, knocking Paulo to the ground.  He got up and fled, followed by the attacker and twenty or so of his comrades.  Knocked down and kicked repeatedly, including in the eye, he heard someone shout, 'We're kicking some white ass!'

In Toulouse:

Video images were shown in court yesterday from a February incident in downtown Toulouse.  Two young men walking along the sidewalk are accosted by a man getting out of a car.  Words are exchanged, then one of the victims is violently kicked.  A second and third man get out of the car, raining down punches on the two victims, before fleeing with one of their wallets.

At the defense table, Abdelkader, Khaled, and Marouan are looking at their feet, like children caught with their hands in the cookie jar.  Unmasked by their own license plate, perfectly legible on the video, they confess:  'Yes we hit them, but it's because they insulted us when we asked them for a cigarette.'

In Paris:

In September 2010, a man was beaten in a Paris subway station by three attackers who shouted 'Fucking white, fucking French,' explained Naïma Moutchou, lawyer for the International League against racism and anti-semitism.

Only one of the attackers has been arrested.

In Paris:

The video was posted on Facebook by an anonymous policeman in December 2008.  In it we see a young man gratuitously and brutally attacked by a gang in a Parisian bus. Then several passengers try to intervene, and end up being beaten too.

The policeman was finally identified and suspended, and the French state has prevented Youtube from hosting the video. For this reason, it can only be found on Russian Youtube:

'Brawls' or 'fights' =  Media's frequent descriptions of these unprovoked attacks

'Unprovoked attack' = Media's description of the Clément Méric brawl

'Don't generalize!' = Chorus of voices after every Arab-on-Euro attack

'Generalize righties as dangerous!' = Chorus of voices after the Clément Méric affair

'Antifa, Hunters of Skinheads,' documentary from the 1980s

*     *     *

The funny thing about civil wars is that one cannot always tell when they have begun.  Our minds jump to images of lined-up ranks of soldiers at Antietam, firing muskets at each other.

But what does one call a country in which one part of the population regularly attacks the other with car bombs, killing up to 100 per week

What does one call a country in which one religious group persecutes and attacks another so regularly that its members flee in dribs and drabs until near-total 'cleansing'?

What does one call a country whose foreign-born citizens are allowed to commit the most heinous crimes upon the indigenous citizens, in near-total impunity?

Civil wars come in all shapes and sizes.  An entire country can be 'ethnically cleansed,' but then, so can a city.   So can a neighborhood.  So can a single housing project:

Iliass, Faouzi, Jawad, and Mohamed, all aged 21, are in court to respond to a number of charges going back years in the city of Chastre [Belgium], including car theft, extortion, and assault.  ... Many of their victims have been white. ... The prosecution asked for sentences of 6 to 38 months for the accused.  According to Mohamed, in any case, life is good in his housing complex now, since the 'fucking whites' are all gone...

When those who wish us gone outnumber us, do we flee? Do we fight?

Or do we welcome ever more of them in, with open arms?


'Nationalism is war,' socialist president Francois Mitterand famously said.  His reign ushered in the forty years of open-door immigration that is currently bringing France to its knees. 

Last month, pundit Eric Zemmour (himself prosecuted for crimethink) took to the airwaves and asked the question more and more Frenchmen wake up with every day,

'What if multiculturalism is war?'

What if indeed. 

If it is, we know what side Clément Méric was on (the 'antifas' are well known for their love of open-door immigration).

'Clément M. assassinated by fascists' / 'Mixed-race movement of the people against fascism'

And we know how he felt about war:

'This is combat, not a debate'

French writer Renaud Camus probably sums it up best:

In any case, this is the first time our good souls on the left (and those on the race-replacement right) have seen fit to spill their tears over a native son killed by an immigrant. [Esteban Morillo, the accused skinhead, is of Spanish descent.]  If this idiotic death weren't so tragic, that would be almost heartening... 

Still and all, the skinhead and antifa violence which is throwing the government into a panic only causes one death every ten years.  It's a bad joke compared to the violence by the hoodie brigade [reference to Arab and Afro aggression].  Every single day this violence drives half the country up the wall, it attacks trains, terrorises their passengers, ethnically cleanses neighborhoods, blurs the lines between organized crime and guerilla warfare, rips entire swathes of territory from the Republic, and, by its grip on the [drugs] black market, adds to our widespread stupor...

The ethnic sickness that is pushing North Euro peoples to extinct themselves ('the Great Replacement', as Camus calls it) is not just an American problem.  If this is a war--a war of or against self-annihilation--then Western Europe is ground zero. 

To keep an eye on.


Anonymous said...

By creating a violent crime problem and then refusing to do anything about it the political elite are ethnically cleansing their own population by stealth.

It's plainly genocide.

Anonymous said...

nb For anyone English-speaking who doesn't know about it there's a site that has stories from France.


JayMan said...

First of all, welcome back!

Second of all, I have a friend in Norway, young guy, who, a few weeks ago told me he was jumped and beaten up by some guys in Oslo – completely unprovoked. He said it was his first experience with violence in his life. Two of the guys were apparently Pakistani. It's a sad situation to watch, especially since it is, in principle, 100% preventable...

Mr. Rational said...

<golf clap>

I've long been awaiting the return of TWCS.  You did not disappoint.

M.G. said...


Thank you! I've been many months away from the internet, so I'm trying to catch up on all my favorite blogs. So don't be surprised if you see comments from me start to pop up on posts you wrote three months ago...

Re: your friend, it seems to me that Swedes and Norwegians are two of the most suicidal peoples in Europe at this point. The reporting coming out on the recent Stockholm riots was like something out of Opposite World. (Rioters left alone, Swedes arrested for defending their neighborhoods) If you do an archive search on 'Norway' at Gates of Vienna, there's a treasure trove of news articles translated into English. They paint a picture of a people rushing head-long over a cliff.

M.G. said...

Mr. Rational--

French street crime is a bit of an out-of-the-way topic, but I thought there were some interesting parallels between these two cases (Trayvon and Clément).

We'll be back to posting more hard data soon.

Thank you, as always, for reading.

JayMan said...

"Thank you! I've been many months away from the internet, so I'm trying to catch up on all my favorite blogs. So don't be surprised if you see comments from me start to pop up on posts you wrote three months ago..."

No worries, I hear you, and look forward to your comments! :)

You many want to start reading here though when do you cruise by my blog (you're mentioned in the post):

100 Blog Posts – A Reflection on HBD Blogging And What Lies Ahead | JayMan's Blog

Anonymous said...

"Witnesses' version: Group of 4 violent "antifas" (anti-fascists/anarchists) challenge group of 3 skinheads to a rumble, in the ensuing mélée a young lefty hits his head so hard on the pavement he dies instantly."

These leftists talk tough, mostly because they're spoiled rich kids throwing a tantrum,but they're inherently inferior. They're inferior constitutionally, morally, and mentally.

In any direct conflict like this,not random unprovoked assault, they get beat down like the circus freaks they are.

My people,we can beat them,it won't even be a challenge, but before we can win a fight, we must begin to fight.

Anonymous said...


Californian said...

If this is to be the Dreyfus case of the early 21st century, then the political right needs to mobilize in support of the skinheads.

M.G. said...


Indeed, as it stands, the conservative party in France (like its American counterpart) has jumped whole-hog on the 'anti-racism' bandwagon.

While no one is publicly defending 'neo-nazis,' many on the ethno-patriot right are loudly criticizing the media whitewash of the events (the supposed 'aggressors' were in fact defending themselves). The 'neo-nazis' involved are meant to be members of the Nationalist Revolutionary Youth, a far-right ethno-patriot group. The President has declared he will ban them promptly, but apparently won't touch a hair on the heads of the far-left anarchists (themselves admittedly violent) who provoked the brawl in the first place.

It's by no means a perfect parallel, but the emotion, disgust, and cynicism (hundreds of comments on internet news articles, with the debate at a fever pitch) are comparable. The whole affair is playing out within the bigger debate that's gripping France: Will our current levels of immigration destroy us? 'Nationalist youth' are first and foremost for a white Euro France, and 'antifa' anarchists are for open-door immigration. This debate is one that absolutely everyone has a strong opinion on, and for me calls to mind the 'brother-against-brother' nature of the Dreyfus hulabaloo.

Artur said...

Bonjour MG :

Sorry I can't remember if I already posted a "bienvenu de retour!" comment. (I've been on Benadryl and it kind of zaps my RAM).

A biggest Welcome Back TWCS in case you missed my previous.

Man, you dropped out of the picture right around the time Laurence Auster did. (Did I ever tell you about that time that I met his famous author cousin, Paul, at Shakespeare & Co., which was right down the street from my Paris apt of ten years?).

Oh well all well and, good: Laurence Auster won't be coming back, you, thank the bloggy stars, have not done a disappearing act on us.

All Best,

- Arturo