30 November 2012

A brief pause

Due to an unexpected period away from home, we at Those Who Can See are very unhappily obliged to put our blogging temporarily on hold.  Thank you to one and all for the encouragement, debate, and for reading and sharing any data here that you find of interest.

The goal remains to open the eyes of as many of our fellow travelers as possible: when minds change, policy changes.

Do take a stroll through the right-hand blog list from time to time (auto-updated), where there is much hearty food for thought.

To those who can see, to those who cannot, and to those whose eyes are just beginning to open: Thanks for stopping by, and good luck on your journey. We'll be back online as quickly as we can.


bopberrigan said...

Don't stay away too long...

M.G. said...

It's not easy not being able to blog every week; I'm sitting on a lot of interesting data. Stay tuned and thanks for reading.

bopberrigan said...

Looking forward to your new data.

Some day you may want to look at the info that the NSF has on USA's diminished role in basic research. To make a long story short, it's gone downhill since the 80s despite additional funding and more researchers. In contrast, scientific output from Japan and other Asian countries have increased dramatically during the same period. China is going great guns in all aspects of basic research.

ladylike said...

Just letting you know - interested reader patiently waiting!

Artur said...

C'mon MG.

Get back on the horse and post again soon, Please.

Sincerely amd HNY,

- Arturo

Artur said...

MG : We are demanding your return to the alt-rightoshpere.

Have you been silenced ?

Why are you not posting?

You have achieved in a short amount of time a large number of followers.

Please Post Again Soon !


- Arturo

ps: this is a bit interesting : I Goodled the phrase "the prognathic and scowling visage of Michelle Obama", which I have used more than once to describe - accurately, I dare submit - the "First Lady".

And guess what? That search of "scowling" took me not only to the forum where I posted it (i.e. Hunter Wallace's OD.com), it also led me - incredibly - to a site called "rstdt.com," whose mission as stated is :

Another installment in the FSTDT saga, a collection of the most vile, hateful, and sometimes hysterical quotes from racist fuckwits all over the internet!"

Source : http://www.fstdt.com/QuoteComment.aspx?QID=90594

[Sorry MG, I'm too lazy to figure out how to embed that site without a simple sopier/coller].

Here's an example of on of the Great Minds on rstdt commenting on my "scowling and prognathis" comment :


From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michelle_Obama, Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama's academic history goes like this:

-Elementary school: high grades, skipped second grade, put into gifted-students classes.

-High school: honor roll all years, AP classes, salutatorian.

-Undergrad: Princeton, major in sociology with a minor in African American studies with honors, senior thesis entitled Princeton-Educated Blacks and the Black Community (obviously relevant to her own life experience).

-Grad School: Harvard Law, JD; worked with the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau providing legal assistance to low-income clients.

So Michelle Obama's academic credentials are just about as impressive as her husband's, although they trained for and practiced different sorts of law. Barack Obama's education focused on political science and constitutional law, appropriate for his choice of career, while Michelle Obama's focus was more on court law and real estate cases.

She is a quite intelligent and well-educated woman, and to all appearances the equal of her husband.

Arturo / Degeaube Fail Social Studies Forever.

Also: "dumb-as-fuck Princeton" is an oxymoron. It's a very good school, although perhaps with a bit too much conspicuous consumption.


And here MG is my original comment on OD, which inspired the said outrage :

"Please God :

I cannot stand another four years of the scowling, prognathic visage of Michelle Obama, she of the dumb-as-fuck Princeton dissertation, “Whitey Be Bad An Sheet”.

Please please I cannot bear to watch any more. I’m going to bed now.

PLEASE do not let me eake up tomorrow 7 Nov to another 4 years of Michelle.

PLEASE GOD (Zombie Apocalypse emphasis, screams).

- Arturo

Degeaube, Occidental Dissent 17 Comments [11/10/2012 5:49:16 PM]:


You gotta admit MG that that is pretty interesting. People are paying attention after all, I guess.

Anyway, I hope you get back to posting soon on TWCS. A lot of other people hope so, too. So open that laptop and start posting about the accumulated Data you have !

Happy New Year,

Bien à vous,

- Arturo

New Orleans

Artur said...

MG : Please post again soon.

Your absence in the alt rightosphère se fait sentir.


- Arturo

Nelson said...

Hello M.G.: I hope you're doing well. I know it's been a few months, but I *finally* got the ball rolling on my Hispanic HBD series; here's the first post:

HBD: An Abbreviated History of Quisqueya and the Rise of Today's Dominicans (and Haitians)

In case you missed it, here is the introduction to my Hispanic HBD series from a few months ago:

Hispanic Bio-Diversity: A Primer

Artur said...

MG : So first GOV goes missing, then Half Sigma throws in the towel, before that onestdv dropped off the radar, never mind the sad fate of sasucks.com and later mikesmithpolitical commentary.

Sarahmaidofalbion, also, hasn't posted anything since 18 November MMXII !

MG: Please tell me you're not dropping this blog ?

It's too valuable a resource for the sphere.

Let me know what's going on,


- Arturo in Nola

Nick B Steves said...


AWC said...

Here's a new blog: Occam's Razor


It has multiple bloggers and will include topics: HBD, politics, history and economics, immigration, etc.

We are still working on blogroll. If we do not have you added, please add us, leave comment or email, and we'll add you.


Anonymous said...

Damn!! I just hate vicissitudes!


Artur said...

Oh putain !

Trop triste que vous ne postez plus !