22 March 2012

The Guilty Party

Olave d'Estienne has been kind enough to post this leaflet which lays out the plight of Blacks and Hispanics wronged by the tech industry.

Although they are 12.6% of the population, we are told, Blacks make up only 1% of internet company founders and 1.5% of Silicon Valley employees.   The latter, in addition, are subjected to a humiliating yellow badge-wearing regime which bars them from riding company bicycles.

The leaflet also shares with us the troubling facts that (1) Blacks' higher melanin content makes it harder for face-tracking software to sense them and (2) the disproportionately high crime rates in black ghettos tempt U.S. pedestrians to avoid them, with technology.

Who shall pay for these sins?

The detectives at OnlineITDegree.net claim to have sniffed out the culprit:  Its name is 'tech' and its weapon is 'racism':

Tech is Racist
Created by: OnlineITDegree.net

We at Those Who Can See are not so sure.  We thus present a counter-hypothesis, also in leaflet form.  Could it be we have found the guilty party?

(Because we here at Those Who Can See are among those against whom tech is racist, we are unable to publish our counter-leaflet in one bloc.  But we'd like to.  We would welcome counsel on the subject from someone who has won natural selection's I.T. lottery.)


White Innovations said...

Brilliant! Mind if I repost it on my blog? (Assuming it's also released under a Creative Commons license)

M.G. said...

Please do! And if you can manage to post it as all one 'bloc', better still (I couldn't figure out how to do it on Blogger--that's why it's in five chunks).

Olave d'Estienne said...

Again I must compliment you, both on the design and the choice of topics. It would be wild to print out both flyers in the same size, with maybe a 2:1 ratio of mainstream/anti-white flyers to M.G./race-realist flyers, and then distribute them somewhere.

Hail said...

Terrific work.

The only problem is, your site is not ThoseWhoCanSee.com -- a site which, as best I can determine, does not exist.

Hail said...

I really like the "U.S. Population" pie chart they have. They list three categories:

(1) Black
(2) Hispanic
(3) Other

Now that poetically describes how our Ruling Ideology sees it, does it not?

M.G. said...

Thank you. These 'everyone and everything is racist against blacks' memes usually just roll off my back, but this one piqued my ire. That snazzy template deserved better.

I agree they'd be fun to print off and leave sitting around, like Unamusement Park does with his race-realist fliers, but I'd also like it to be free for the taking for any HBD-aware folks who find the original in their in-box and want to shoot back a snappy response. I have a feeling the original is going to be making the rounds (don't know who sent it to you), as it's just the sort of ethno-self-flagellation that gets modern SWPLs all tingly.

M.G. said...

I didn't lie when I said tech was racist against me too--I can't even figure out my own URL. Thank you, I've corrected it.

Now that poetically describes how our Ruling Ideology sees it, does it not?

Indeed. More and more these days I'm drawn to the Soviet parallel, despite its top-down vs. our bottom-up route: how the least able were pedestalized, and the most able were vilified, persecuted, exiled. I know that's a fraught comparison, but as you say: Today those who created this amazing nation are "other", while those who live off its fat while contributing very little are not only named but pandered to.

Unamused said...

Outstanding. I lol'ed. And I cried.

Needs more kittehs tho.

JL said...

Well done.

Zimri said...

This is amazing. Thank you.

Hail said...

"Please repost liberally".

Ironic pun?

For some reason that really makes me smile. My metaphorical hat is off to that.

Olave d'Estienne said...

M.G., to tell you the truth I don't know who sent it to me either. Some named Jen Rhee. My unstudied guess is that she is a young Asian woman from near the Silicon Forest and/or Silicon Valley who thinks that pro-white bloggers are out to get her, y'know, because all those evil white supremacists are always denying that Northeast Asians score higher on IQ tests in the United States, or maybe because we prefer Americanized Chinese food to duck and taro root, or because we never got that taste for kim-chee....

Okay, I give up. I have no idea why any NE Asian would be against white advocacy. Hence not trust my guess. (But deep down I know the reason is that all Americans are exposed to the same anti-white propaganda, and the Asians just aren't immune to it.)

M.G. said...

I couldn't resist.

From the Asian Exclusion Act to Asian Privilege Flyers in less than a century. You've come a long way, Jen Rhee.

Olave d'Estienne said...

I found the source of the flyer, or at least another place where it was posted.

Olave d'Estienne said...
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